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  1. And I highly doubt the writers will skip the milestone they have with SHAMY engagment and wedding. With baby steps, as all SHAMY things are.
  2. SHAMY is the couple that has given more clues and hints about the possibility of having children.
  3. Alyssaemily, welcome to our SHAMY thread!
  4. The tiara is not easy to wear in ordinary episodes, but it is a SHAMY symbol, like the little "space" star is for Howardette and the heart locket is for Lenny.
  5. I see Amy in a beautiful vintage wedding dress.
  6. I know she wore the tiara on Howardette wedding, it was at the end of season 5. Sheldon has given her the tiara a few months ago, and she wanted to use it in a wedding, even at City Hall. I think now she wants to use the tiara ONLY in her own wedding with the man she loves! The tiara is Amy´s icon.
  7. Thank you, you are great ! I want Amy wearing the tiara ONLY in her wedding
  8. Of course Amy wants to marry Sheldon!! She wants since season 6 (rewatch Tenure) Imo, the writers were wise about not mixing Lenny re do wedding with SHAMY engagment. Two very important things to put together in the same episode. Premiere had to be Lenny episode, no doubt. Sheldon proposal will be "whimsically inventive" (If it is not Amy proposal!!) It is the next cow the writers have. (May be Molaro is giving us a message)
  9. In the tag of 9 x 24 Leonard and Sheldon realized about the Mafred thing when they tried to phone their parents, while Penny laugh a lot
  10. Heres2U, last question: Amy wasn´t using the tiara, was she?? (I hope not!) and THANK YOU A LOT!!!!!!
  11. Do you rememer when Sheldon said to Kripke about Amy in season 6 episode 14: "She enjoys my genitals!"
  12. Heres2U, I wish you the best! Enjoy the tape and think that our SHAMY is in a really good place now!!!
  13. Same Kerry. IMO our SHAMY episode will be 4 or 5 (6 will be taped during Jewish Holidays, so I guess few Amy). I expect today a bit of SHAMY cuteness. In one minute a lot of things may happen! Happy taping day!
  14. As we know about 10 x 2 and 10 x 3, Amy is not upset at all. We´ll see what happens in 10 x 1.
  15. Kerry, as always, you and I are in the same page!! SHAMY is UNIQUE!!!!!
  16. Our beloved SHAMY is UNIQUE, not a regular and ordinary couple. SHAMY love story is awesome! Let the writers surprise us! They created SHAMY, they know SHAMY much better than us. Don´t worry and enjoy our SHAMY !!!!
  17. Except season 7, episode 10 has always been a great SHAMY episode. Hope the same this season!!
  18. Mayim has just posted on her IG talking about Amy´s hair.
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