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  1. I know she wore the tiara on Howardette wedding, it was at the end of season 5. Sheldon has given her the tiara a few months ago, and she wanted to use it in a wedding, even at City Hall.  I think now she wants to use the tiara ONLY in her own wedding with the man she loves! 

    The tiara is Amy´s icon.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, heres2U said:

    I don't remember seeing the tiara. But the wedding tape was shown once and moved very quickly.  I think I would have noticed it if she'd been wearing it!

    Thank you, you are great !

    I want Amy wearing the tiara ONLY in her wedding

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  3. 25 minutes ago, Judith said:

    From the tr it sounds like it will be funny, what with Amy's overreaction and Mary trying to stop her. I don't think it's a joke at Amy's expense...She just really, really wants to get married :icon_cheesygrin:

    Of course Amy wants to marry Sheldon!! She wants since season 6 (rewatch Tenure)

    Imo, the writers were wise about not mixing Lenny re do wedding with SHAMY engagment.

    Two very important things to put together in the same episode. Premiere had to be Lenny episode, no doubt.

    Sheldon proposal will be "whimsically inventive"  (If it is not Amy proposal!!) It is the next cow the writers have.

    (May be Molaro is giving us a message)

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  4. 8 minutes ago, shamour said:

    Thank you so much heres2U for all the infos! I have a question as well: In the last episode of season 9 Sheldon didn't seem to get the references that Malfred may have become a thing. But now all of a sudden he's into all this sex talk about them? What happened in between? Someone (Amy perhaps, because for Leonard it must have been too embarrassing) must have given him a clue? Oh how I wish all those off-screen moments might become visible:-)

    In the tag of 9 x 24 Leonard and Sheldon realized about the Mafred thing when they tried to phone their parents, while Penny laugh a lot

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  5. Just now, kerrycec03 said:

    Hell yea!!! No gripes, no anxious feelings, shamy paradise is grand for me too and really enjoying the ride!!

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    Kerry, as always, you and I are in the same page!! SHAMY is UNIQUE!!!!!

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