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  1. My early SHAMY top five episodes: Herb garden, Isolation, Zazzy, Lunar and Alien Parasite.
  2. Now we go for Opening as winner. Vote thinking in SHAMY in today´s round! (Ducks is a brave oponent vs. Opening. Please think before voting) Thank you again Kerry! You are great!!!!
  3. Happy first tape! and enjoy it a lot those lucky people going there!!!!
  4. I remember Howardette wedding. It took the last three episodes of season 5 but important things happened to SHAMY and Lenny in those episodes too, and the whole gang was involved , including Kripke, Wil, Stuart, Bernie´s father, some boys of comic book store and the unforgettable Debbie- Carol! Amy wants to be Penny´s maid of honor, and in the car, she told Mary Cooper about the people attending the wedding. IMO, the re-do will take more than one episode, and SHAMY will have an important rol in it, as all the gang too ( I M O again)
  5. IMO, the best part of D & D (6 x 23) episode is " Before I met you....." Amy IS the first person Sheldon consider to be intimate. And he tells her!!!!!!!
  6. Spittoon is my number 4. Let´s see the Top five now!!!!!!
  7. I voted the mutal" I love you" and the following kiss as my number 2 in my SHAMY top 10
  8. No!!!!! Tiara is ONLY AMY´S!!!!! Only Amy can use it!!!
  9. and less than a week for first table!!!!
  10. Next round is four vs four, the next two vs two and then the finale.
  11. The tea-vixen scene of Herb Garden is one of my SHAMY top five!!!! SHAMY glows in that episode!!!!
  12. A scene I love is when Sheldon goes at night to Amy´s apartment in Workplace. Workplace is one of my favorites, may be not in my top ten, but I love that episode a lot!
  13. I was at the beach (on holidays) when the train kiss was taped and I was not on chat! When I read SHAMY thread several hours later... I ALMOST DIED!!!! Same hapened with the Prom episode, I was not on chat because the chat was broken, but with Opening, when I read Kazzie tweet, I DIED!!!!! (Thank you, Kazzie!!)
  14. IMO episodes 2 or 3 will be big SHAMY
  15. I M O the writers are going to give us a big surprise about Amy´s father. May be no soon, but I think it is a card they have in chest. We´ll see..... Thank you Kazzie for all your information! I hope you can attend some episodes during S 10
  16. And we don´t have to forget the plot about Howardette baby. May be SHAMY will have a nice part in it.
  17. I want to see Amy wearing the tiara again, ONLY in her wedding!
  18. I´m inside Spoilers SHAMY Season 10!!!!!! So happy!!!
  19. Happy and calm hiatus to all of you, Shamies!
  20. Big Bear was in my place a few mins ago. Adorable on big tv screen!!
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