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  1. I remember Howardette wedding.  It took the last three episodes of season 5 but important things happened to SHAMY and Lenny in those episodes too, and the whole gang was involved , including Kripke, Wil, Stuart, Bernie´s father, some boys of comic book store and the unforgettable Debbie- Carol!

    Amy wants to be Penny´s  maid of honor, and in the car,  she   told Mary Cooper about the people attending  the wedding.  IMO, the re-do will take more than one episode, and SHAMY will have an important rol in it, as all the gang too ( I M O again)

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  2. 6 minutes ago, brilliantfool said:

    I love the D&D scene, but I can't help but feel overwhelmingly awkward for them every time I watch... and not my fav feeling, so for me not top 10 , but just IMO ))

    D & D scene is SOOOOOOOO SHAMY!!!!!

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  3. I was at the beach (on holidays) when the train kiss was taped and I was not on chat! When I read SHAMY thread several hours later... I ALMOST DIED!!!!

    Same hapened with the Prom episode, I was not on chat because the chat was broken,  but with Opening, when I read Kazzie tweet, I DIED!!!!! (Thank you, Kazzie!!)

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  4. 2 hours ago, I Miss Dan said:

    It would be neat if they had an episode where Penny & Leonard went to a minor Sci-Fi  convention with Penny's "Serial Apist" stardom, and Shamy went to a flag convention as the power couple of vexilology.  Also, at SDCC, the panel did seem  interested in what the fans wanted to know about Amy's family.  She is the only cast member with limited family info. and we only saw her mother once on Sykpe in Season 4.  The writers seem to find comic gold in the cast members' families, so maybe they do plan to flesh out her story.

    I M O the writers are going to  give us a big surprise about Amy´s father. May be no soon, but I think it is a card they have in chest. We´ll see..... 

    2 hours ago, kazzie said:

    I can't believe this hiatus is almost over.. Its gone so fast (for me anyway). The BBT panel was so fun! Although they were not really giving up any major hints for S10 apart from casting. 

    Someone asked if they know how they will finish the show.. Molaro answered that there are a few ideas going around but they haven't got there just yet. To me this is a big big hint that S10 will not be the last.

    Thank you Kazzie for all your information! I hope you can attend some episodes during S 10:icon_razz:

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