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  1. As always with SHAMY, we are in the same page. Go bolding dear SHAMY!!!!
  2. SHAMY may have a great SHAMY scene in any of this sets. Bt the way, IMO we don´t have any clue about SHAMY in 23 x 9.
  3. IMO, Laurie Metcalf will be in person on 9 x 24. She has just finished her Broadway play. Beverly was invited to Sheldon´s birthday, so Mary may be invited to Lenny´s re wed. She loves Penny and Leonard !I see the ring as a cliffhanger and a long and beautiful honeymoon for Lenny SHAMY alone for one or two months will be great for them. I go for a wedding party for Lenny, a celebration for their first aniversary. I repeat I M O!! And what about if it is Amy´s proposal?
  4. I think the "coitus second time" is the new big cow the writers have. They are playing a lot with the audience imagination with the subtle lines they give to us!
  5. IMO, 9 x 23 will be a lovely SHAMY episode.
  6. Shamies: It all depends if there is season 11...!
  7. Sheldon to Amy (from the blue) : Please, be my wife!
  8. It has always been one of my two ideas about Amy´s father
  9. During the nine seasons of the show, every character has manipulated his/her significant one, at least two or three times. Plse rewatch!
  10. Soft Kitty is not a SHAMY song. It is related to Sheldon´s mother and Penny acting like Sheldon´s mother. I don´t want Soft Kitty in SHAMY relationship!
  11. In Spoilers Alert, three years ago Amy said to Sheldon" I,ve signed your RIDICULOUS contracts!" I think she liked the RA at the begining but now she is tired about it.
  12. I think the cliffhanger will be a Lenny one with some Shamy stuff.
  13. I like Dave, but I don´t want him interacting with SHAMY again.
  14. IMO, Mayim and Melissa are going to write something together, an script or a plot for a movie or a show. I repeat IMO!
  15. I think they´ll give some hints, but in a subtle way. May be brief comments about the episodes already taped, but not aired yet, but not a great deal about what is going to happen in the last ones. I M O
  16. IMO, a BIG SHAMY episode will came after the Paley Fest, 21 or 22. I feel it....
  17. IMO, next episode about SHAMY sex life will be taped AFTER Paley Fest, (one of the last four) J M O!
  18. According to Sheldon´s own words in Valentino episode, the break up helped him to realise how much Amy means to him.
  19. Sweeps episodes: Meemaw, Valentino, Pregnancy and 200th.
  20. 5 x 13 has one of the best Shelnard scenes IMO
  21. I´ve just seen the episode. I LOVE IT! !
  22. I haven´t seen the episode yet, but I trust you, dear Shamies!
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