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  1. In VD FWF episode, Amy is wearing her "old date dress", the blue jumper. Last time she used it was in Fort episode, 8 x 20.
  2. Shamies, in what page of the DT is the TR, please?? THANK YOU!
  3. Batman, Leslie and Beverly in SHAMY engagment??? Why??? Leslie and Batman in a potential second Lenny wedding??? Why????? I ´m starting to see ep 200 more or less like ep 100 and 7 x 11 (Cooper Extraction) I M O
  4. Via Skype, like in "Cooper Extraction"
  5. Why not Mary Cooper, at least on Skype?
  6. By the time of PaleyFest, only 4 episodes left to the season finale. IMO, by this time, they will be sure if season 11 is coming.
  7. Camelliayao: The blue dress Amy wears in 7 x 19 is her traditional "date night dress" FWF on VD was a date night also, or she considers it as a date? Thank you, you did a wonderful TR!
  8. Amy wants to be with Sheldon FOREVER, on Earth or in Mars!
  9. Thank you VONMAR! I asked WHEN. Tks again!
  10. "198"? With an arrow!? May be the days SHAMY lived broken up? They were celebrating their fifth aniversary and they broke up two days after. ( Their first met was one Saturday at the end of May 2010) And they reconcilied one Saturday at the beginning of December........ I know it is a crazy, crazy idea, but ...ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!
  11. I was quite sure about Mayim! Hope next is EMMY
  12. Bill's " french" tweet: SHAMY watching a french movie together? By the way: Molaro was in the script/story of Alien, Herb Garden, Spittoon, Launch Acceleration, Love Spell and others big SHAMY episodes.
  13. Thank you Hazel! I adore the tissue stuff! IMO they had the talk. SHAMY off screen scenes are great!
  14. About the ring... it seems to be an important heirloom in Sheldon´s maternal line, from mothers to daughters... so, why it isn´t in Missy´s finger????
  15. About children on screen in TBBT: In season 2 a little girl named Rebecca talked with Sheldon about birds and monkeys (it was a funny scene!) In season 5, the Tiara episode, children interacted with Bernie and Howard (another funny scene) In season 7, Amy, Penny and Bernie shared a fancy vintage tea with a group of little girls dressed up to the nines.
  16. Plse enjoy the taping! IMO it will be AMAZING!!
  17. A mix of a traditional/geek wedding would be wonderful!
  18. When Mayim posts IG with things ON set, things are related to the episode: Prom, Troll, last Christmas (8 x 11), her messed hair, Sheldon with box in 9 x 2 etc. I don´t know why but I feel 9 x 14 is episode 200 taped out of order.
  19. But this boy is dressed like a mini Sheldon, and his sizes are for a two years old boy (Sheldon´s nephew age)
  20. I m quite sue! The boy IS Sheldon´s nephew!!
  21. Quite sure about that!!! May be SHAMY in Texas!!! Jim has two nephews, one more or less same age! IMO they are given a lot of hints for next tape. May be this tape in the 200, taped out of order.
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