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  1. Sheldon´s nephew and Meemaw together in next tape???
  2. Sheldon´s mom was with Amy in Zazzy and in 8 x 23 Mayim was absent because of her dad's death when they taped the mom´s episode. When she returned, Beverly and Mary were not available. Amy called Meemaw to ask about the Christmas cookies. At least, they are in touch by phone. And the ring belongs to Sheldon family. Mary and Meemaw seem not to be away from Amy.
  3. Jim is nominated and the show is nominated! Sure he will be there!
  4. If TBBT wins tonight, will our SHAMY be together on stage??
  5. Happy New Year, dear SHAMY Family!!!
  6. Merry Christmas to the SHAMY family all over the world!
  7. My beloved Herb Garden is second since last night! My beloved SHAMY will always be inside my mind! FOR EVER!!!!
  8. I NEED A POST COITUS GIF! P L E A S E!!!!!!!!!
  9. Proton: Do you love this girl? Sheldon: YES! ADORABLE!!!!!
  10. SHAMY FOR EVER!!!! with love and in their adorable and unique way!!!!!!
  11. 100% agree!! SHAMY (both of them) are happy and in love now!
  12. In TENURE, (Season 6) Amy suggests Sheldon marriage and family !
  13. Amy always used her watch on her right hand, since 3 x 23. Before Mayim´s accident (august 2012), she currently used her right hand. According with 9 x 11 promo, Amy run quickly for wax when the girls tell her Sheldon wants intimacy with her. Her date with Dave was only four or five days before, so what do you think? IMO she didn´t think about sex when she invited Dave for dinner! (I love Mayim´s nomination for Critic´s Choice Awards)
  14. You are mine, only mine!!!! (Amy to Sheldon, Sheldon to Amy)
  15. Ross and Rachel had relationships, marriages( and babies) behind them. SHAMY is first for everything about romance. That´s the difference!
  16. ALL OF US! And accordingly with Kazzie, Amy´ nightgown is white! Plse look at them in bed: Both are in white!
  17. I´ve just finished watching the whole episode: E P I C!!!!!!!! Jim and Mayim: S U P E R B!!!!!! (EMMY for them, PLSEASE!) Our SHAMY: A D O R A B LE!!!!! The writers: G R E A T!!!!! (soooo SHAMY) We deserve all of this!
  18. I´ve just rewatched through WB Channel " The Cooper-Kripke Inversion"(S 6) ..."She enjoys my genitals".... "It´s a possibility!".... Now, it is true!!
  19. Stuart is in TBBT since season 2. He is part of the show, like Wil and Kripke are. Dave is the male version of Alex. He was the" tool " to make SHAMY together again, as Alex was for Lenny to make them stronger. I like Dave, but IMO, he is done with the show.( I repeat, IMO).
  20. Howard and Bernie are sleeping together since season 4 and we had seen them in bed no more than 7 or 8 times.
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