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  1. IMO, 9 x 11 will be show on Dec 15, next taping date
  2. I think I posted Romance Resonance, without photo. I love that episode!
  3. I´ve posted here the same just when I saw it
  4. Seeing Sheldon with the flowers, and giving them to Amy put tears in my eyes! The way he looks at her...!!!
  5. I am so glad I never lost my faith in the writers and in our SHAMY! The break up was really necessary to put our SHAMY where they are now: one in each other arms, totally aware about their mutual love and deep feelings! A wonderful awakening for our beloved couple! SHAMY is stronger than ever!!!!
  6. I M O, Amy´s father is an officer dead in war when she was a little girl, or a British Earl or Duke ( she was born out of wedlock)
  7. According to Kazzie both wore white for their first time. Both are traditional.
  8. I see their wedding in Texas. I think Sheldon is more traditional than Amy, the ring is an example
  9. She wants a traditional Christmas, a Vintage one. She likes weddings. She wanted to catch Penny´s flowers(9 x 1)
  10. Amy wants a traditional wedding. Please rewatch season 5, when they planned Howardette wedding. Sometimes, she felt like she WAS the bride (ep 8, 16, 22) Episode 24 "It is not the wedding I want!"
  11. Shamies, Friends is a SitCom and Monica and Chandler HAD a big wedding (last two episodes of Season 7), with relatives, parents, friends, wedding dress, party, dance, bride maids and everything! Why our SHAMY couldn´t have one of these?
  12. 3 x 23 Lunar Exitation and 5 x 23 Launch Acceleration
  13. Kazzie, you are G R E A T! Thank you!
  14. Shamies: Thanksgiving (aquarium) Nov 26 (ep 9) Amy´s birthday Dec 17 (ep 11) IMO episode 10 is between DEC 3 - 10, more 10 than 3. I love you all, SHAMY lovers from the whole world!!!
  15. Kazzie, I love you!!! How was Amy´s face when she saw Sheldon with flowers for her? Red flowers????
  16. Thank you Kerry and Great friend! AMAZING!
  17. Plse I beg you, I need the TR. Thank you!
  18. I never stoped my trust on the writers. EVER! and I always saw the break up in a positive way. SHAMY will be happy forever!!! OMG!
  19. 4:55 a.m. in my place. Sweet night to all of you!!!
  20. I can post now! My laptop is not working well, but I am SOOOOOOOOO happy! Last 12 was my birthday. This is the perfect gift SHAMY (and the writers) gave to me! MY SHAMY is FOREVER!!! Kazzie is G R E A T!
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