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  1. Sorry, Zack was not off screen ! Rewatch 3 x 23 and 4 x 11. And in 7 x 9 it was settled Penny and Zack married during a funnyThanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas
  2. Penny dated (and married!!) Zack after breaking up with Leonard ( Lunar Exitation 3 x 23 - New Year´s Eve 4 x 11) , she asked Mary Cooper to help her to choose clothes for dates in 5 x 6 and she left the SPA with Glenn, Bernie´s ex boy friend, in 4 x 13.
  3. IMO, Amy is one or two years younger than Sheldon In one episode, I think season 5 Sheldon says in1989 he was 9.
  4. Amy Farrah Fowler-Cooper and the children"Cooper-Fowler"
  5. 1000000000000% Agree!!! ILY, Kazzie, and thank you for all you give us! I love your SHAMY love!!!
  6. Why? Sheldon really understood that Amy is the woman he loves and he doesn´t want to lose her.
  7. Shamies, I was rewatching Spoilers SHAMY season 7 thread and in page 100 (Dec 7 2013) I found a post written by me and I can´t belive I wrote it!!!!! I am not a prophet, but......... our shamy is going to be happy for ever!!!!!!
  8. I like Dave, but best man in SHAMY wedding..... IS TOO MUCH!
  9. I am here again! Now I can post!!! No words, you have said everything I feel about our SHAMY! Kazzie, you are great! You deserved a lot last episode! I wish you all the best for your health. Have a nice tape next week! Shamies, we are happy now! (I never stop my love for SHAMY! E V E R!!!)
  10. On Mondays, they usually pretape scenes with heavy make up (like Troll) and out doors scenes.
  11. In last Christmas episode, Amy´s hair was different, and also in Champagne (beach scene)
  12. LOL, Kerry!! ease.... easement.....easiness? May be one of these words involve and/or wrap our SHAMY tonight!!!
  13. Ref 9 x 8: in Romance Resonance ( 7 x 6) Amy is dressed more or less the same.
  14. The reason Amy wanted the break is clear like water in her words to Sheldon during the skype chat at the end of season 8.( At least for me!) Please recheck every word she says to him. Then, a lot of lack communication and misunderstanding came to confuse SHAMY, the gang and us. But SHAMY will be OK, I´m quite sure!
  15. Please, Monique, if you remember: How was Amy dressed during the "aquarium scene". Thank you!
  16. This kiss is more or less the same Leonard gave to Amy in the hallway ( 5 x 3 )while Sheldon was playing with trains in 4A !
  17. .....tion? .....ation? explication? explanation? "The Earnest Explication"?
  18. Tomorrow Thursday is new episode on air! First of November sweeps Am I correct?
  19. But they are friends again. May be they skip the BF/GF now....
  20. Next 9 x 10 is SHAMY fourth anniversary of "hereafter boy friend/girl friend", when they signed the RA.
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