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  1. This is my Shamy scenario: After all the crazy things happened (lenny proposal, comic store burnt, etc) Sheldon would walk past Amy's office and find Burt asking Amy out. This is the last straw. He waltzes in and tells him straight up that everything around him is falling apart and Amy is the only thing that's keeping him together and he is not gonna let anyone take her away. He can get past everything else but not losing her in his life.
  2. what if amy's lack of reciprocation during their kisses was because of the RA Saying she cant touch him yet?
  3. I'm going spoiler free for the finale~! This is gonna be a long month >.< Nice to meet ya guys~!
  4. ERMAGAHD... I dunno if i should stay spoiled or unspoiled for the finale @[email protected]
  5. http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130530120626/glee/images/c/c0/Penny_oh_my_god.gif
  6. my oh my... so many posts in one day all coz of the taping report that shook the shamies @[email protected]
  8. I can absolutely relate to what you just said. Shamy is my very first sitcom ship and I've only shipped anime before (syaoran x sakura, winry x ed, etc.) I also agree about what you said that it's the little moments that makes us crave more. I guess that's the part about anime that you can see in the Shamy. It's very slow in terms of progress. It teases the audience with little tiny pinches of sugary sweetness. I think though, if it came to the point that the shamy gets really lovey dovey, I think I'd appreciate it more after seeing the years of progression they went through to get there.
  9. I just have to say this is the best episode of the season for me. There are many scenes where I laughed out loud. Almost all of them to be honest. The promo summary in a website was very misleading though. I thought there was a nerd showdown between Sheldon and some nerd.
  10. I just watched the latest episode just now (I know I'm late) I just want to say that was the best episode of the season so far for me. In literally every scene I was not just smiling or chuckling a bit I was laughing out loud at everything!
  11. Me too. Take your time tx. Art cannot be rushed~!
  12. I have this theory for the finale. With all the stuff piling up, Sheldon might have a meltdown, and this meltdown can lead to shamy goodness! It could be: 1. Sheldon isolating himself and only letting Amy talk to him 2. Sheldon's mom coming over and having a talk with both of them 3. Hopefully this doesnt happen but I'm putting it out there. Sheldon get's overwhelmed by stuff happening that he breaks up with Amy (but realizes he cant live without her a few episodes after or maybe within the episode itself) 4. Sheldon gets overwhelmed, does something crazy like get drunk and confesses everything to Amy.
  13. Guys, wasnt that last scene, the part where sheldon says "yes, yes!" similar or came from that fan video posted here a few weeks ago?
  14. As always Koops, you point out things I didn't even think of~! You have a lot of great points and I absoutely agree, especially on the last bit about their feelings. I don't think Amy has initiated anything, maybe except hand holding. I think Amy has this underlying fear of rejection stemming from her childhood. We've seen how Amy acts towards people important to her (like Penny) how she'd do anything so they wont be mad at her and cast her aside. She's gotten more confident with Penny, but not with Sheldon because, as koops pointed out, their relationships are different. I am really hoping for a heartwarming season finale.
  15. I see a lot of posts about how sloppy the writing of the latest reported episode is, and I do agree to a certain extent. i do think that what Amy meant by Sheldon not opening up is him not being able to fully show his vulnerable side. I'm pretty sure there are people saying "him complaining is already a sign of vulnerability" and "have you seen the other episodes? they are absolutely close!" yes, but i have several theories about what Amy meant: 1. Penny & Sheldon closeness I'm not sure if I'm the only one who notices this, but if you compare Sheldon and Penny to Sheldon and Amy, there are several differences in the way they interact. First off, Sheldon almost always talks to Amy about intellectual topics while Sheldon usually talks to Penny about things like her career or relationship with Leonard or casual things. Have we seen Sheldon actually ask Amy about her family or something not related to anything intellectual? Yeah they do talk about her career, but never about more personal things. Maybe that's what Amy's jealous of. 2. Psychics Basically, I think what Amy meant by her not getting Sheldon to do anything might mean doing something outside Sheldon's comfort zone. Observe the things Amy has made him do. Talk to his newborn nephew, make a hot beverage for people who are upset, apologize for being annoying. At a certain extent, it is outside his comfort zone, but not to the point that it is ridiculous to him. Psychics are the kind of things Sheldon thinks is ridiculous, yet Penny got him to go anyway. That's what I think makes her jealous. She couldn't get him to do things outside his comfort zone, particularly things regarding intimacy. Yeah they held hands, they kissed and the list goes on (which i must add, took years) but I'm refering to other types of intimacy like their dating escapades. She had to trick him just to get him to a valentines day date. Alot of things had to do with Amy outwiting Sheldon. Sheldon just went ahead with Penny (psychics) knowing what was in store, not being tricked. 3. Feelings In another theory, I think Amy senses that Sheldon is hiding his real feeligs for her, and that's what she meant by him not opening up to her. He has made great progress when he told Amy he likes her, quirks and all, but they've never been as open about their love as Howardette or Lenny. Amy craves that. Anyways, that's my 2 cents. I hope I made sense.
  16. what made me melt even more is the fact that they're both smiling as they kiss.. omg why is this... omg the feels... more feels than the first SIK... why is this happening? *hyperventilates*
  18. omg i just realized this was sheldon and leonard's apartment! wrong thread to post but i thought it looked really nice!
  19. Happy Birthday Miso! if I had to pick, Marry Leonard, Screw Sheldon, Kill Dooley
  20. OMG that sucks! X___X Why can't they just go away and do somethin else =___= for cryin out loud!
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