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  1. I actually think there may have been something off screen that happened between them, especially since we didnt hear from amy after that scene I actually think there may have been something off screen that happened between them, especially since we didnt hear from amy after that scene
  2. I'm actually curious as to what Sheldon might've done after they went in the room. there mightve been something before Amy left? am i the only one thinking this?
  3. condolences dena, we're here for you
  4. Hey Kazzie, sorry it's late, but I hope you can still put this in I know it's not what you asked for, but i hope it can still contribute
  5. guys, i dunno if anyone's asked this before, but where can I watch the SNL episode of Jim Parsons? The NBC website is absolutely slow.
  6. try musikat18's as well! she has a number of stories I love :D
  7. Hey guys~! Since people are sharing awesome shamy fics, i thought i'd share mine as well: https://m.fanfiction.net/u/2594132/ please let me know what you think~! :D
  8. Go for it Thing~! I asked for advice before when i first started my own fic and im gonna parrot it back to ur question: write what you like and what suits your fancy~! As long as you enjoy it, im pretty sure there would be other lennys who'd be interested as well. though im more of a shamy, i am loving the lenny as well and i think ur idea for a fic is a fun one~! Go for it~!
  10. After about 3 months of hiatus, I've finally updated~! I hope there are still people reading >___< https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9767325/3/The-Compatibility-Algorithm-Her-Story
  11. i cant seem to find this, where is it? i wanna see too! :D
  12. Maria I dunno what you're talking about. I'm not saying your other story is bad, but I actually think this story is an improvement over your first one! You're getting better at this. I absolutely love it! I am so looking forward to your future fics
  13. OMG miso, i absolutely love sheldon's speech about not sacrificing each other's happiness! I am so filled with feels!
  14. Guys I'm still a Shamy, but I just became a Lenny because of this episode. I absolutely loved Penny's reaction when Leonard gave her the keys. It was just precious and sweet. I can see their love story turn from "the geeky guy pines for the beautiful gal" to "the down on her luck girl being supported by the guy who loves her"
  15. Guys I've been dying for a Shamy dream, but what I got instead was a Jodd dream! Jim and Todd @[email protected] I dont remember the details but they were in some kind of fight or drama but they made up and I remember things being really sweet
  16. I don't normally post here, I just read some posts most of the time. I just want to say a few words: 1. I love this thread Yes, I love this thread. I may have said back in the positivity thread that this thread has some negativity thing going on but what I meant was not the overanalyzation, but how people respond to conflicting opinions. Guys I love all your opinions, the good and the bad. I'm a grey too. 2. I prefer if we agree to disagree than to fight and force our opinions on people Guys, like the previous posters said, this is a Shamy thread and we are free to discuss anything, good or bad. We should accept the fact that we all see or want to see the Shamy in different ways and it's all okay. Let's not hate on each other. We're a fandom family. 3. I actually go here because of the analysis Never had I thought of half the things I read here about the Shamy. It's a good food for thought for me. It helps me make a more convincing Shamy fanfic and also makes me contemplate about my own relationship and how I interact with others. It actually gives depth to a light hearted show. 4. The positivity thread is there for a reason Look guys, if you don't like the analysis, the positivity thread was created for that purpose. I don't believe that it is better in comparison, but it was created for people who rather not analyze everything. 5. Love, not hate! Let's also not bash threads. Let's be civil. let's enjoy the Shamy in peace! Jim and Mayim wouldn't want us fighting.
  17. i believe the tag wasnt to necessarily show that stuart ends up alone, it was to show that even though he only wrote it on his hand while everyone else put it in their phones, he was the only one who remembered lol
  18. i bet it was funny but i kinda feel sorry for stuart. i hope he has a happier life
  19. where did u guys hear that there will be more kisses? where did u guys hear that there will be more kisses?
  20. Hey guys, I sincerely apologize for saying something inappropriate. Here's a Shamy video for your troubles: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qon2VcaHXbk Love you guys! :-*
  21. I absolutely love the good vibes in this thread. Whenever i checked the other one, it was either TLDR, or someone fightin'. Props to the person who started this
  22. omg you did? Thanks! :D and yeah it's for her side. I hope you like it
  23. Thanks for the people who offered help! I already asked Chiany but I'm glad you're willing to help as well stardust :D
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