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  1. I just need advice on a particular scene. Can I message you?
  2. Hello my fellow shamy shippers! I dunno if this is the right place to post it, but I'm going back to writing fanfics and I was wondering if there's someone here who'd be interested with helping me in one of the scenes I'm working on
  3. OMG i just saw you post a new story! I'm really not a shenny fan but I was so ecstatic to find you writing again! :D
  4. I've been away from the fanfiction world for some time now, but i've always checked the forums regularly, and your Moving Pictures thread has always been updated. When I stopped seeing it on the feed, I wondered why and only just found out this sad piece of news. I hope you're doing better tx-fictionqueen. I'm pretty much a stranger to you but like everyone else here, if you need someone for a listening ear, I'm here as well
  5. I would love it if Raj found his complete opposite: a butch-type girl who looks like a boy BUT is really really pretty (kinda androgynous)
  6. while we wait, i wanna ask you guys something: 1. What's your favorite thing about Sheldon? 2. What's your favorite thing about Amy? My Answer: 1. The quirky way he talks. There's always some kind of rhythm in his speech if you observe carefully. 2. The way she gets excited about things like "we're wearing the same orthopedic shoes!"
  7. Btw, I just saw the clip with Sheldon and Penny talking. maybe it's just me, but jims deep voice is kinda sexy
  8. oh wouldn't it be nice if Sheldon kissed amy against the wall?
  9. Howardette seems to be in a standstill at the moment. Though I guess that might be because they have been granted really big plots (wedding and space) the past seasons. I'd like to see some kind of shake up between them to be honest. Like maybe seeing Howard's dad!
  10. Oh my... I didn't even know it's been four days... I can't even count the days anymore... it's all so blurry... @[email protected] edit: as soon as I get my hands on that SIK gif or pic im sooo gonna change my pics in my sig to the real one!
  11. Sorry, I just had to share this somewhere, I don't know who made it but it is awesome
  12. Coz no one's saying it, Imma just place a random number: 7.18! Happy New Year folks!
  13. HAHAHAHA I literally burst out laughing at Amy's line. When I heard Leonard's line saying things are better left to the imagination, I could already tell it's gonna be an Amy joke hahaha!
  14. Horray for new members~! I hope you enjoy the forums~!
  15. I didn't even know people made one for Big Bang Theory lol, who starred sheldon?
  16. I'm so glad to hear that~! :D Happy Holidays~!
  17. The fact that Sheldon is hiding something like this to other people says a lot. His personality has been characterised as somewhat childish or child-like. If we think about it, most kids who like a particular girl dislikes being made fun of because of it and would oftentimes pretend that he doesn't like the girl that much. I think that's what's going on with Sheldon. With that in mind, I wonder what other stuff he does in secret. Does he dream about her? Does he fantasize about her? How often does he think about her? all of this is so making me melt.
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