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  1. This episode was amazing... "I'm Batman".. LOL. Sheldon rules the world. I also loved the Penny/Sheldon interaction about secrets. It's so funny that Sheldon moved to protect her secret because he couldn't keep it living with Leonard. Truth above all.
  2. FaithOnMars


    LOL... well, I had a similar experience when the radio played a song by The Calling, called Wherever You Will Go... it got big success here in Italy years ago, when I was still at school. And they said it goes back to 2002... I mean, I feel old! 11 years gone so fast!
  3. Elvis Presley, no doubt. He was just The King of everything, I guess. A more actual choice would be Jared Leto for me. I'm a huge fan of 30 Seconds to Mars and I think he's a great actor and also a great singer. I'm not a teen anymore, so... well, I just like his way of being eclectic.
  4. Sheldon sick = death. OMG, the worst patient on the globe. Poor Penny, I would have killed Leonard in her shoes... Anyway another great episode. Jim Parsons is amazing and I loved the guys' reaction after the news of Sheldon's illness. Worldwide disaster coming, run away faster than light!
  5. Criminal Minds has been my fav show for years. But lately, when Paget Brewster/Emily Prentiss left... I don't know, it lost something. I like the new agent, Blake, but still there's something about the whole show which makes it no more brilliant and breath-taking as it was before. My favorite characters are JJ and Morgan. I think I could marry both. :D
  6. I'm a huge fan of The Mentalist. Can't wait for the new season premiere, which airs this Sunday. Things are getting bad for Red John, Jane and Lisbon are very close to him. Waaaa, this is going to be awesome, I know. Anyway, I'm a Jane/Lisbon shipper, they are very different but I think they complete each other. My favorite character is Lisbon, she's a strong woman but she can be also sensitive. Plus, the Jane-Lisbon bickering adds some pepper to the show... amazing.
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm already enjoying posting and reading. This is a great fansite! hehe hi Mars! :D Great planet that we share, LOL. Thanks again, you're very kind!
  8. I absolutely loved Buffy. Well, my favorite character was Faith - that's where I got my nickname. I think it was a great show, drama, comedy, romance. Everything was just great. I miss this show and I watch reruns everytime they air on tv And...Angel, oh my Angel. <3
  9. Sheldon & The Cuba Libre: epic moments. Big discover: Raj can talk to women after drinking a bit. I finally understand why in season 6 (the first season of BBT I watched) he always drinks beer or something like that, especially when he must talk to women. LOL, thanks Penny for giving him a chance for what concerns relationships! Sheldon and "the princess"... he can be such an alien sometimes, gotta love him.
  10. I think that was the best line of the whole episode. LOL I love that Sheldon can be so funny without even knowing that he is.
  11. Thanks everyone! You are very kind. Well, I'm watching season 1 right now and I have to say I'm enjoying it sooooo much. Sheldon is amazing and I like him more in this season than in season 6, but I've only watched 6 episodes of s1 so..maybe it's better to share a more detailed and data supported opinion later, when I will complete it. Thank you again!
  12. Well, I loved the episode. Even if it was hard for Penny and Sheldon to let Leonard go. But I think that Penny has to stay strong because she has also to take care of Sheldon, and... sometimes I wonder why the writers won't show her a little bit more weak when she has to face situations like this one, but then I realize that Penny loves Leonard in her way and that doesn't mean she doesn't love him. She's just stronger. I also loved the party scene but I'm worried for the poor Raj, even if he talks to girls now.. without beers Can't wait for the season premiere!
  13. Hello everyone! I'm Alessia and I'm from Italy. I fell in love with The Big Bang Theory a week ago and I'm watching season 6 right now. Anyway I need to catch up with the past seasons because I'm sure they are awesome. I mean... it was love at first sight! My favorite character is Dr. Sheldon Cooper, well... I think there's no need to tell why. He's just special. Have a nice day everyone, xoxo.
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