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  1. For posting a full size image, you could copy the image and then paste it here. I did that with the Will hot pic
  2. OMG, it's just me or Will looks so hot on pic 8: Poor Penny, with all that hair on her...i've got to admit, it looks realistic
  3. Me toooooo!!! I think the Shamy are gonna have a lot of kids
  4. I really hope that they treat her better than we assume, because it would be awful, especially from Penny.
  5. Thank you so much Kazzie for all the effort you're making for us. I hope you feel better
  6. What the hell? Penny is Amy's friend and she doesn't care??? How can they do this to Amy?
  7. hahaha! good one. I...just...wanna...slap...Sheldon (a little)
  8. Maybe season 8 will start with Sheldon growing up (a little) and trying to win Amy again (I really hope he make his best effort because he was a jerk with her). To be honest, Sheldon is my platonic love but leaving Amy was TOO MUCH.
  9. Thank you kazzie!!! You're awesome At least we now we know that effectively the comic book rumors are true. First Sheldon's mom, later his carreer, then professor Proton dies, Leonard and Penny getting married and now the comic book store...it's like the writers were trying to "murder" old Sheldon 80
  10. Poor Sheldon, his sheldonian calendar is gonna have to change
  11. You're right, of course! Although what about the collectables and the comics? Mmm...
  12. What it's going on :O!!! Is this a joke???? OMGGGG Poor Stuart, what is he gonna do now? I hope he has some insurance .
  13. My sincere condolences cassidyeden , I'll pray and I'm sure you all are going to get through this.
  14. Thanks anyway Chloe PS: I know that this has nothing to do with the 7 season, but I need to announce to EVERYONE for the first time in my life I won a contest Warner Latin America and I gave the first 6 seasons of TBBT on blu-ray . If they had been autographed, you could die in peace. I hope one day to travel to the U.S. and see a taping
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