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  1. Oh, thank you all for your very helpful tips!! Now I know that they don't have any distinctive regional accents in this serie! I will listen carefully when Sheldon's mom talks next time I watch, so that I can hear some kinds of Texas accent! Your stories on regional accents and dialects are very interesting and I've got more and more interested in knowing different accents in the US and Canada I will search some video clips on YouTube relating English accents! Thank you so much for your help!!! Have a nice weekend! :o)
  2. Hello everybody, I am new here and very glad to find this wonderful forum on Big Bang Theory! I have a question regarding the cast's accent or dialect. My native tongue is not English and that is why I can't hear where a person is from based on his accent (except for Raj's ). Can you hear which kinds of accent the cast members have or do they have any specific accent/dialect? Those who I am particulary interested to know are: Sheldon Leonard Penny Howard Bernadette Cripky It would help me with studying English at a higher level as well as I can be even more familiar with those lovely characters Thank you in advance!
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