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  1. Okay but who are these critics exactly? Because every single reviewer for the show I follow has their head so far up Shamy's ass they're almost bigger shippers than we are. (Almost only, because, come on :P) Like, I even have a whole tag on my blog dedicated to the A.V. Club reviewer's boner for Shamy, Amy, and Mayim. The only reviewer I can think of who doesn't like Shamy is the IGN guy. So, okay. You got one critic that likes the "early stuff" of the show better, whatever the hell that means (more on that later). And since you seem so keen on reminding us of Jim's Emmy wins, this is your fri
  2. Tell that to Mayim, Kaley and Simon's Critics Choice Awards. Shennyland, that place where reality keeps eluding you no matter the topic.
  3. Except that Meemaw was kinda of a b-word??? I mean I get that she looks out for Sheldon, and that's sweet of her, and I could have gotten her being a bit cold towards Amy, but going as far as insulting her was just over the line. Amy had her reasons for breaking up with Sheldon, and they were not all invalid. Meemaw doesn't know anything about their relationship other than what Sheldon wants to tell her, which, for all we know, might very well be biased. Saying "She broke up with me" is one thing Sheldon will definitely tell his grandmother — saying "She broke up with me because I was rude to
  4. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! "showing affection" omg baby :(( I wasn't trying to say that I'm better because I've been watching the show longer, this is ridiculous. I was by no means amongst the first fans of the show, that would be truly rich for me to act like I was. I was just saying that most of the people who are fed up right now have been watching the show for a longer time, and people who are newer to the fandom and happy about the show should remember that this exhaustion isn't just us being upset over four episodes, which seems to be the thing that gets thrown in our faces every tim
  5. I've been agreeing a lot with you lately, but this isn't one of those times. Saying Sheldon will never be able to show her he desires her is just wrong. I think, in his own way, he already has. I mean, we've all seen him leaning back in for more kissing. We know he's pestering her about children. He calls her a vixen, a hotsy totsy. He literally told her she was so hot he had a panic attack. I think Sheldon is trying to show her. The problem is that Amy isn't understanding the message. She focuses on Sheldon talking about the Flash rather than Sheldon wanting to kiss her. Amy wanting Sheldon
  6. Well I don't think it comes from Amy not feeling too attractive. This is a fanfic trope I want to see die with fire because Amy thinks she's smoaking hot. But Amy is a virgin in her first romantic relationship, so of course, she's unsure what the protocol is in these kind of relationships. And, people tend to forget it because she's often written as the straight man in her relationship with Sheldon, but she is like him and she can't read a room or people. I mean, Amy is the person who tried to console Bernadette by asking her if she wanted to have sex with her cousin to get back at Howard. Amy
  7. The only thing Shamy never communicate about is physical intimacy, I agree. Which is why when people say this break up isn't about sex, I just don't understand. Because Shamy talks about everything else. They even sat down and debated what kind of pet they should adopt. They agreed to try to move to Mars together. Their first ILYs came from a mature, adult conversation. But Amy won't flat out ask Sheldon if he desires her. She just implies things. And Sheldon won't tell her if he's not asked, that's just not how Sheldon works. Which brings us back to the fact that as long as we won't know wha
  8. Yeah... no. The writers have clearly laid out that these were the problems in the Lenny relationship, but they were never resolved properly. Ever. Having sex on a pile of money isn't resolving the issue. Their sex organs didn't magically make the money disappear. Leonard being manipulated into agreeing Penny should audition for a movie isn't healthy. Leonard's cheating came out of nowhere and the way it was resolved put half the blame on Penny which is just literally mind-numbingly dumb. The idea that Lenny are the kind of relationship Shamy should aspire to be is ridiculous. If you want to se
  9. It can't be determined that she doesn't love him like he does her, but it also can't be determined that she does, because four episodes in, all we know on Amy's side of the story is that she doesn't want to tell people they broke up. Which, sure, could be interpreted as her being in her own brand of denial about it, but could also be her not wanting to go back to "Sad Amy who will die alone" in the eye of her facebook friends and family members. At this point, both these theories are valid because the writers won't tell us what the hell is going on in her mind. And sure, they could do that nex
  10. The more they show Sheldon broken-hearted, the hardest the make up will be. I feel like Sheldon is burnt so badly right now, he's going to take such a long time to trust her again. It's gonna be months of him saying yes to everything because he's scared that if he doesn't, she's going to leave him again. How this can be seen as "growth" is beyond me. It's the literal opposite of growth. Even what's happening now isn't growth: Sheldon wishing he was back to being a robot isn't growth, it's literal regression. Four episodes in, I still fail to understand what the hell is the point of that break
  11. Well "people who are going on and on" are clearly me, since I did, but to be fair, I DID read it. I wasn't sure how I can have misunderstood something like that, and turns out I didn't: someone who was being a spokesperson for you guys told us about the couch (confirmed here) Clarifying that just so I don't get accused of putting words in other people's mouths because I'm mean or something.
  12. I clearly remember people saying they were on the couch and Penny was straddling Sheldon... who the hell started that rumor??????? I've been worried about a nonsensical sexual assault dream for three weeks?? WHAT IN THE WORLD THIS IS TOO MUCH I'M LAUGHING SO HARD
  13. I'm honestly confused??? if this is the real footage they're gonna be using it makes even less sense than the couch scene because Penny clearly isn't enjoying it. Leonard is so guilty about kissing another woman he dreams about his best friend sexually assaulting his wife? What the hell kinda fucked up dream is this???
  14. There's a difference between telling people how to feel (which you and some others are the champions of, don't even try to deny it - and yes these "some others" also include Tensor, so honestly, seeing two people who do that on an almost daily basis arguing that they don't is hella rich), and telling people that maybe they need to realize no one cares about their ongoing feud and their pathological need to always have the last word. I'm not telling you to stop arguing about it - I'm telling you to stop being selfish and hijacking a post that is meant to be for everyone, not just three people w
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