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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so so sooo happy with this report! Amy swooning over the Relationship Agreement, Sheldon being proud of his relationship, them knowing that they are the true Alpha Couple on the show, flirting, FOOD SHARING (this is the mixed nuts all over again), a throwback to my favourite off screen Shamy moment (the six and a half hour of silence, Sheldon's "magical evening") as there is literally nothing better than the domesticity that goes with comfortable silence and doing your own stuff in the same room, and finally it is out there in the open: Sheldon knows that Amy is happy just the way they are and that she only wants traditionally romantic things because of societal pressure. I can't. I'm crying legit tears. This is the best Shamy episode we've had in a year or so. I am over the moon.
  2. You know, I was just thinking - of the million things Sheldon could have said to make sure Amy didn't listen ("Biology sucks and so do biologists," "I want to marry you, Leonard," "You, Penny and I should have a threesome," etc), he went with I want to have coitus with Amy. Why? It was a very risky choice - had Amy been listening, what would have happened? They probably would have had to have a discussion about it, maybe he would even have gone throught with it. He would rather Amy thinks he is ready for coitus than she knows he failed big time on the rails. That's, like - I can't even wrap my mind around it. Having or not having coitus isn't as important as disappointing Amy and looking like a fool before her. Legit starting to believe that the reason he hasn't slept with her yet is that he is afraid he won't be good enough. Mindblowing.
  3. And he never even left the train stations lmfao WHAT A SUCCESSFUL TRIP INDEED I'm cackling. Yeah, that's my main problem with the Shamy in this report, but it's better than I expected so I'm letting it slide for now. Especially since Amy is finally saying that she doesn't enjoy it one bit. I had missed my Backbone!Amy.
  4. 1) Failure isn't my word - it's the writers', it's Sheldon's, and, like it or not, it is very much in character. Sheldon is harsh on everyone around him, but he is even harsher on himself. The way he refused to let his mistake go at the beginning of the seventh season even though it seemed at first that it had been a happy mistake is very significative. 2) wtf are you even doing in here? You don't see us trolling ShennyHQ do you? jesus
  5. I am very happy with this episode Shamy-wise so far! I definitely wasn't expecting a kiss nor a hug, so no disappointment here, and it sets up a dynamic that I hope they will expend on. Sheldon not wanting Amy to know he failed is huge - it is, all wrapped together, both an acknowledgement of the fact that he does fail, at times, and confirmation of the fact that he holds Amy in a higher regard than he does Leonard. He doesn't mind failing in front of Leonard - failing in front of Amy is an entirely different thing. It is also going to shut up every single Amy hater out there, as her "you don't have to be perfect, Sheldon" shows once and for all that she is not the one putting pressure on him - he's putting that pressure on himself. I find this quote especially moving when you put it up against my favourite Shamy moment from Season Seven - I like you for who you are. Quirks and all. Sheldon can accept and love and embrace Amy for everything she is, and now he needs to learn to accept and love and embrace the fact that just like her, he is human. Once he's done that, everything will sail smoothly for these two, I'm sure of it.
  6. I was such a buzzkill a few days ago but I'm now bubbling with excitement. This is the first time we've ever gotten acknowledgement from any of the writers that they DO realise Amy is suffering in her relationship, and that she deserves better. This is huge. I was ranting against them not caring about her last week, but this interview shows me that they do care about her, and gave us an insight of Sheldon's feelings that was well needed. I'm also relieved to see that Sheldon's trip will not have been for nothing and that he will come back a bit changed, even if not too much because, hey, this is Sheldon after all. I am very excited to see Sheldon in a different mindset but still being himself. I'm also relieved to read that if they ever do have coitus, it won't be because he finally gave in - it'll be because underneath it all, their hearts beat as one, and what makes her happy makes him happy too. This is the closest we've gotten to the glorious Shamy days of S4 and S5 in two years. And given how last summer Molaro was all about Shenny in interviews, and we did get a ton of S/P friendship in S7, this gives me high hopes for Shamy in S8. I hope they don't disappoint - they just set the bar quite high for me!
  7. Leonard never tried to change Sheldon, actually. It has been canonically stated countless time that Sheldon was the one trying to reprogram Leonard to his own liking. Sheldon did change between the flashback and the pilot, but that's because he loves Leonard (and I do believe that, taking Leonard out of the picture, Sheldon will return to his previous self. As he has stated at numerous occasions, he has no desire whatsoever to expend his social circle, and only accepted Stuart in for discounts at the comic book store). That's how I knew in S4/S5 that he also loves Amy, because he was changing without Amy pressuring him. The difference between Sheldon changing for Amy and Sheldon chaning for Leonard was that changing for Leonard came with his bag of perks that go in hands with their being roommates. If I'm nicer to Leonard, we'll have a more pleasant drive on the way to the university kind of perks. Whereas changing for Amy was always a completely free and selfless gesture. It frustrate me how little people understand how important the "Couple costumes is one of the only advantages of being in a relationship" quote is. For the first time, Sheldon has literally nothing to gain out of his bond with someone, and yet he still chose to actively pursue that bond. Bottom line is, Amy is strongharming Sheldon into doing things he used to do on his own accord. How is that progress? @Dena: I too have a fear of heights. It's actually really bad, I can't even look out my bedroom window, and I'm only on the first floor. Someone begging me to climb atop something "for them" is someone I would cut out of my life. Ignoring my phobia just because it's something that would make them happy would be a complete disregard of my feelings and a very selfish thing to do, imo. "It's called the comfort zone for a reason."
  8. The whole point of Amy/Shamy is that she is Sheldon's exception. That's why she was introduced on the show, that's how their relationship was written for the firt few years. Sheldon would never have changed for anyone but Amy. Of course without her he would never have changed, of course if she were to "disappear" he would go back to the way he was before.
  9. I don't. The paradox crap was already too old by the beginning of S7. There is literally nothing nice in seeing someone strongharm someone else into something they don't want to do. S4/S5 Sheldon was changing for Amy, not because of Amy. There's a huge difference there, imho. One is healthy. The other... not so much.
  10. I feel this calls for another one of my famous #Bolaro twitter fics... Chloe's gonna be happy about it!
  11. This is absolutely horrible. I understood it to say that basically, Amy won't ever get what she wants out of her relationship, that she won't ever be happy, and they're too cowardly to tell us so. Basically, what I'm getting of this is "you know that thing you're craving? It'll never happen, but we can't say it, or you'll stop watching our show." This is terrible. Amy has been on the show for four years now. There have been more episodes with Amy and Shamy that there have been episodes without. And yet she's still treated as damaged goods. They still don't know what to do with her, they still don't know why they brought her into Sheldon's life. A Sheldon who is ready to make compromises for Penny to live with Leonard and him but who won't make compromises for his girlfriend. A Sheldon who wants to be with Amy, just "not on her own terms." Why does he even want to be with her? Are they even clear on that? If he really doesn't want to have sex with her, that's one thing, but what about the caring and compassion he used to display for her and hasn't for over a year, now? Amy's feelings don't matter. It's all about Sheldon, about how Sheldon feels and what Sheldon wants. What Amy feels and wants is only there to fuel his own character. Shamy storylines are never about Amy anymore, they're all about Sheldon - Sheldon losing his interest in his job, Sheldon wanting a video game, Sheldon wanting to break up with her What happened to Amy Farrah Fowler? How did we go from her having Sheldon wrapped around her finger to her crawling at Sheldon's feet? How did we go from Shamy being the most well balanced relationship I'd ever seen on on TV to it being a re-heated version of Lenny where one wants more and the other doesn't? Shamy has become downright abusive, and the writers know it, but they won't admit it because they also know that they would lose money. They are about to throw away their most popular pairing and their most recognized actress (three Emmy noms and a SAG nom, god fucking dammit!) and they know it and they keep quiet about it to keep us strining along so they can get our viewership and money up until the end when they'll be like "Hey, we never promised anything." Well I'm done with this. Amy Farrah Fowler deserves the sun, the moon, and all of the stars, and if they can't see it, they I won't be there to watch their show crash and burn.
  12. We're starting a new phase of the fic as Penny tells Sheldon of the events that transpired over the summer. The first chapter of this phase is called The Tex Mex Inconsistency. Thank you to everyone who keeps coming back to read, and extra thanks to those of you who even take the time to review. It means a lot. x
  13. New chapter is up. Thank you everyone for reading and reviewing x
  14. Here is the new chapter, featuring Sheldon, Penny and, as usual, a cliffhanger.
  15. Yes, they are my OTP as well. It's something I struggled with a lot in the beginning, because Ron and Hermione had been my OTP for nearly ten years before I started watching The Big Bang Theory. And I was like, oh my god, I can't love another ship more, what is this Shamy thing you speak of, what is happening to me, WHO AM I HEDWIG? People on tumblr were all like it's okay, you can have more than one OTP, but I'm quite anal about the fact that you can have only one ONE True Pairing. I mean, it's in the freaking name. But then I had to face the truth, I love Shamy more. Ted and the Mother came close to overcome them, tbh, especially since I was so frustrated with the direction the Shamy was taking. But the HIMYM finale destroyed my spirits more than the weird version of Shamy Molaro has been serving us ever did, so they're still first. Although these two ships definitely have a pattern. Ted: Shouldn't we hold out for the person who doesn't just tolerate our little quirks but actually kinda likes them? Amy: His quirks just make you love him more. Sheldon: I like you for who you are. Quirks and all.
  16. I figured I would open a topic for my story here, for those of you who would want to leave feedback but aren't fond of fanfiction dot net review system. I could also answer questions here, if you have any, and constructive criticism is welcome as well. Here is a link to it, it has five chapters so far and I try to update fairly often (that's why the chapters are so short): The Absence Repercussions It's from Sheldon's point of view after his return to Pasadena, and will feature the whole gang, with Leonard, Penny and, later on, Amy having bigger roles. All canon pairings, even though it may not look that way in the beginning.
  18. How is just offering a shoulder to cry on revolving around someone???????????????????????? I just???????????????????? Leonard and Penny are happy, you'd think they could use some of that happiness to help out the woman who has always been there for them - especially Penny. But no, no, we need to pick flowers and a wedding cake, like these things can't wait!!!! It needs to be done right that minute because wedding cakes will all be gone tomorrow!!!
  19. The problem isn't that they let Sheldon go - it's that they couldn't be bothered to be there for Amy. After everything she's done for them, admit it: they just plain suck.
  20. Yeah we did, and Penny and Leonard ask Amy to gtfo even though she's feeling like crap just because they're busy planning their wedding. Sounds to me like they got rid of Sheldon at the first opportunity, and now they're getting rid of Amy. Leonard and Penny truly do bring the worst out of each other. Actually every single one of these characters bring the worst out of their friends. All I can read in this report is jealous and selfish people trying to up their so-called friends with bigger, better news, or sweeping their friends' problems under the rug because they have better things to do. None of these people deserve Amy Farrah Fowler, this is a fact.
  21. The most upsetting is that I started shipping Shamy because it was the first truly balanced relationship I had come across in a long time. This relationship stopped being balanced two years ago, but I powered through. But this? This is taking it too far. I have no interest in watching yet another abusive relationship, especially not when said abusive relationship is presented as being normal, and we are told that the abuser isn't responsible for his actions because "he is just being Sheldon, you know?" My heart is breaking for Amy. In the Christmas episode, she spent her time standing up for Sheldon, and this is how he treats her. And L/P can go step on a thousand legos. Do I need to remind Penny that her Bestie was here to let her cry on her shoulder when Leonard started dating Priya? Do I need to remind Leonard that Amy was the one to cheer him up when Priya went back to India? I'm done. I was saying a couple of weeks ago that it's obvious Amy is the one who loves more in all her relationships - I didn't expect her to be the only one to love at all.
  22. I now only sporadically post on here so I can't really welcome newbies, but as someone who used to be on this forum a LOT (under another username), I can say that every time I come on here there are even more Shamy shippers than before and it makes me just very happy because it shows that those of us who have been here for quite some time and were told that we were dumb and that the Shamy would never appeal to a lot of people haven't stuck through all of this for nothing. Shamy is as appealing as ever, no matter how frustrated some of us can get sometimes. In season 7, we got to see Sheldon and Amy kiss twice, with an implied regularity, we got to see them treat their problems like adults, we got to see them evoke a planned future, we got to see them support each other, we got to see the impact that Amy has had on Sheldon even more, we got to see them shamelessly flirt, we got to see Sheldon look at her with that look of adoration he doesn't have for anyone else (except maybe Zazzy ) more often, we got to see them addressing sex, aka the tweepadock in their room, in a proper manner, we got to love them quirks and all. Season 6 may have been the season of Leonard/Penny, but Season 7 was definitely the Season of Sheldon/Amy. Here's to a great year, and PLEASE. PASS. THE. BUTTER.
  23. S3!Sheldon was such a grown-up man. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  24. I'm too lazy to read back or to keep up to date with this forum in a regular way, so this has probably been adressed before, but the fact that it's called The Status Quo Combustion of all things makes me very hopeful for the Shamy. Because most of us agree that the show's biggest problem is the status quo, and the fact that The Table Polarization is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with Big Bang these days: they just won't progress things. Howard almost went back to space but then he didn't, Shamy almost broke up but then they didn't, Leonard almost got the table to stay but then it didn't, Penny was almost in a movie but then she wasn't, etc. And the Shamy is now kissing but the relationship is still fairly unbalanced, so it's like, the Shamy is evolving but it really isn't, and it too is stuck in that stillness that has taken over the show. But we're now reaching a point where things are finally moving, where LP already had their big moment this season (well, it's been taped already), where Raj's storyline for next year (his new romance with Emily) seems on the right path, and HB have been too small of a bleep on the radar this season to pretend to steal the finale, and this point comes after two episodes where Sheldon is told to open up to the people in his life and that "Amy is the key to [his] happiness". So I'm guessing that the fire at the comic book store is going to cause Sheldon to re-evaluate his life in some way, and that this is going to lead the status quo he's in with Amy to "combust" too. Now, what I'm not sure of is how, exactly. At this point I think it really could go either way, as (like koops said when we were talking about it elsewhere a few days ago) we've been watching two versions of the Shamy lately (the united, in love, strong one we saw in The Indecision Amalgamation, The Mommy Observation and The Relationship Diremption, and the stuck in time, almost dysfunctional Shamy we saw in The Table Polarization and will see in The Anything Can Happen Recurrence), but whether it is a break up or a new step on the way to sex, I don't care. I just want things to start moving and I'm hopeful that the eighth season will give us that. Unless The Status Quo Combustion just really refers to Stuart's collection of albums by the band Status Quo bursting up in flames with his comic book store - he does live in it, after all.
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