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  1. I really enjoyed how caring and supportive Amy was in this episode. She worried about his food getting cold, offered some advice on his career crisis, put him to bed (when it would have made for sense for Leonard to do it as he actually lives with Sheldon)... It was a lovely reminder that Amy is still very much present for him, and it was also much more subtle than the Sheldon/Penny scenes, where Sheldon went as far as spelling out that "Penny pointed out that what I'm going through is essentially a break-up." The haircut scene was absolutely adorable. The way Sheldon was so eager to hear Amy's opinion on his hair, then got visibly disappointed when she got mad, and finally agreed that "she's right, I'm too hot" was simply excellent.
  2. "I have desires" is like my favourite Jim quote of all times. He is such a shipper, bless his heart. Jim is one of these actors who really, truly get their characters. It's actually amazing. It reminds me of how Rupert Grint knows Ron Weasley better than the movie scenarist did.
  3. koops ‏@jesterkoops @susanpevensies "You're my girlfriend and I care about your well-being." #preciousbond Reply Retweet Favorite More queen marina. ‏@susanpevensies Protected Tweets 27m @jesterkoops "Her efforts are causing me to have affectionate feelings for her at inappropriate times." #preciousbond Details Reply Delete Favorite koops ‏@jesterkoops 14m @susanpevensies "I'm quite fond of Amy" #preciousbond Details Reply Retweet Favorite More queen marina. ‏@susanpevensies Protected Tweets 6m @jesterkoops "Amy, will you be girlfriend?" #preciousbond Details Reply Delete Favorite koops ‏@jesterkoops 4m @susanpevensies "Our relationship is based on trust and on mutual admiration" #preciousbond Details Reply Retweet Favorite More queen marina. ‏@susanpevensies Protected Tweets 1m @jesterkoops "You insulted my woman, and I'm here to defend her honor." #preciousbond CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP.
  4. Koops and I are having such fun on twitter rn. queen marina. ‏@susanpevensies Protected Tweets 19m "You keep saying how much Sheldon changed all of us, but you've clearly had an impact on him." said Raj to AMY FARRAH FOWLER #preciousbond Details Reply Delete Favorite koops ‏@jesterkoops 13m @susanpevensies Hahaha! Love the hashtag! "She had a huge impact on you" #preciousbond Details Reply Retweet Favorite More queen marina. ‏@susanpevensies Protected Tweets 10m @jesterkoops "Before I met you, I never had any interest in being intimate with anyone." #preciousbond Details Reply Delete Favorite koops ‏@jesterkoops 8m @susanpevensies "Amy has made me a more affectionate, open-minded person." #preciousbond Details Reply Retweet Favorite More queen marina. ‏@susanpevensies Protected Tweets 7m @jesterkoops "The truth is, I don't know how I feel, but I know what kind of man I want to be." #preciousbond Details Reply Delete Favorite koops ‏@jesterkoops 2m @susanpevensies "Ain't she great?" #preciousbond Details Reply Retweet Favorite More queen marina. @susanpevensies Protected Tweets @jesterkoops "By any standard, Amy is more similar to me than anyone I've ever met." #preciousbond Reply Delete Favorite koops ‏@jesterkoops 2m @susanpevensies "We are a couple. And I like you the way you are. Quirks and all." #preciousbond Details Reply Retweet Favorite More queen marina. ‏@susanpevensies Protected Tweets 4s @jesterkoops "It's like you said. You're my girlfriend." #preciousbond Details
  5. I wish the writers remembered why and more importantly how they brought Amy into the show's equation in the first place. Amy was meant to be Sheldon's equal in every way (intellectual, emotional, social). We lost that in S6, got it back in S7, and now it looks like we're losing it again. It's maddening. I know that there's nothing interesting to tell when a story goes smoothly and that shows need conflict between their main relationships, but it looks like TBBT has forgotten how the Shamy's conflicts work. I keep going back to Season 5, but it's my favourite for a reason. Everything was much more well balanced. Amy had started to change enough to provide some conflict (she was already hinting at her sexual desire for Sheldon) but it wasn't hammered in our and Sheldon's faces the way it's been ever since. Their fights felt real, had real, deep-rooted reasons, and had quirky and satisfying resolutions. Now we see Amy get annoyed at Sheldon for a career related problem when she was supportive for goddamn video games and gave him crap for not taking her work seriously enough in The Shiny Trinket Maneuver, all of that because the writers have forgotten how to write conflict for the Shamy. To their credit, it looks like they're finally trying to distance themselves from that terrible "the only Shamy conflict now is sex" vibe that we'd been stuck in since the beginning of the sixth season, which is a relief, but they're still going at it the wrong way.
  6. I'm still hoping I'll get to see my Top 3 Physical!Shamy wishes: 1) forehead touching (like Francis and Mary do in my icon) 2) falling asleep together on his bed after playing D&D 3) palm kiss (like this)
  7. That'd be such a good cliffhanger, Chloe. We'd spend the whole summer wondering how 1) Sheldon felt taking things this far 2) Sheldon is feeling being somewhat rejected 3) Amy is feeling the realisation that in spite of all her words, she's simply terrified/not quite there yet 4) they're both living this inversion in the dynamic of their relationship Oh my!
  8. That is so much better than The Locomotive Manipulation. In a single episode we have S4/S5 Friendship and Support, and S7 Physical Intimacy. This is the best scenario for both a post first SIK episode and a second SIK ever. I just literally can't deal.
  9. So, if I understood it well, he rewrote the RelAg to include kissing at the end of Date Nights? I'm not crying there's just a Kissing Clause in my eyes.
  10. And then Sheldon kisses Amy. (And then the Shamy fandom has a breakdown.)
  11. this is just me posting a third post to be allowed to get into the chat because Chloe asked me there
  12. Chloe told me you guys have been talking about me. I'm not staying - the reason why I chose to leave the forum in the first place was that it was too toxic for me and that it got on my nerves way, way too easily, and after reading this conversation, it looks like nothing has changed here. Full disclaimer - while koops's points make a lot of sense, I'm with Lio on this one. I am deeply offended by this line and the smack. I don't think I need to explain how "fetch me a beer" and a smack is sexist in a general context, but in the context of the Shamy, it's still pretty terrible for me. I am tired of seeing an Amy so desperate for affection that she'll take about anything - even some aggressive redneck attitude. I didn't like Fish Guts either, for the exact same reason. I don't see a relationship where the man gives little scraps of affection as he sees fit and where the woman is so thirsty for love that she'll put her brain on pause as soon as she gets a little something as an example of feminism. Unrelated, but not completely: I absolutely agree with Raz - a woman should decide what rules she feels are best for her and draw her own limits. But Amy is NOT a woman. She's a fictional character written by a bunch of men who probably don't have the first clue about feminism - giving Bernadette a higher salary than her husband's doesn't make your entire show a model of feminism, I'm sorry. This is where that whole thing doesn't sit well with me - especially since it doesn't get any resolution. The show has been sexist more than once over the years, but it always managed not to outrage me because it always came back to bite the sexist guy in the butt (except in Egg Salad which is making my blood boil just thinking about it). Had Amy come back with a beer and poured it on his lap, I would have been less angry. But there we have a bunch of men making a female character submissive to a drunken asshole (that's something else that is baffling me, btw: the whole "He's not himself, he's drunk" vibe I'm getting from some posts. A guy who drives drunk and kills a kid is 100% reponsible of his acts. It's the same with Sheldon) So there. This doesn't make much sense, and I apologize. When Chloe told me about this conversation, I just wanted to come and check for myself. I wouldn't have posted because I felt like Lio was doing a very good job at explaining why she had hated the scene, but after reading other people's posts, I wanted to tell that I am absolutely disgusted by some of your remarks. No one "chooses" to be offended by sexism and I lost any respect I had for those of you who felt the need to tell Lio to "calm her tits" or "not get her panties in a twist" implying that she was just being angry for the sake of being angry. I find telling a woman expressing her anger at sexism that she needs to chill because it's played only for laughs ten times more disrespectful than the smack itself and I will not stay silent on such a passive aggressive condescension. Oppressed people don't choose to be oppressed and thinking that they do is... I don't even know what it is, that's how utterly disgusting thinking that is. I haven't been missing this forum save for a few people and remarks like those are the literal reason why. Now I'm back to being an angry man-hater in a corner of the Internet that doesn't include this forum. <-- why weren't you there when I used to live here??? you're the most perfect thing ever. ♥
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