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  1. Well it’s good to read people are enjoying the show and willing to spend some of their creative energy to think of new episodes for TBBT. It’s fun, isn’t it? Here is mine: ) Episode Title: Mrs. Wizard Does Science For Dummies Plot: Penny gets a call from her talent agent about a nightclub opening for a ventriloquist show. Desperate for any kind of acting job, she spontaneously lies to him and says, “Sure, I can do that!” But as soon as she hangs up she realizes the truth of her deception and panics. She runs over to the boy’s apartment and pounds on the door. Sheldon answers and s
  2. BBT is Hovering and Needs a Boost 6.0 By CitizenCritic, Yesterday What I enjoyed about the past seasons of 'The Big Bang Theory' was the diversity of set locations such as: a Las Vegas bar, a hotel seminar, the desert, the Antarctic expedition, Howard ('Rocket Man") in space, etc. These 'away from home' adventures made the show more interesting and different and the comedy seemed to flow better too. In the 7th season premiere, Leonard's sea expedition was too short although Sheldon's dream sequence was funny However what I'm sensing now is the characters are starting to get dull and the
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