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  1. Umm hey guys... long time no see? Anyway, Wil's going to be back again. :D https://twitter.com/wilw/status/453944193480523777 Edit: you beat me to it Chloe!
  2. Thanks for the report! Sounds like a good episode.
  3. *sidles back into forum after being away for a fortnight* So umm hi everyone, I guess you're all over the excitement already (? ), but another SIK? Niiiiice. I'm loving how it sounds!
  4. The episode turned out a lot better than I thought it would be - I LOVED the hand-touch. (If anyone could gif that in slow motion they'd be my BFF.)
  5. Just leaving this here... http://johnrossbowie.tumblr.com/post/77613652242
  6. The impression I get from the promo is that the writers are trying to address the few people who think that Sheldon should stay like "Sheldon" (whatever that even means!). They made the point of Sheldon becoming a more affectionate, open-minded person, and developing a personality that's more than the TV shows he likes. So they're saying, yes, he has changed, but he is a better person now and that is only a good thing. It seems to me that they're becoming more decisive about it all, which hopefully will lead to some great things for Shamy.
  7. Ahhh that's where I knew her from!
  8. Fun fact: a girl I used to go to school with just tweeted "amy and sheldon are my favourites". I had no idea she watched BBT; it's always nice to see shamy shippers out of the blue.
  9. I really want Sheldon to Vulcan kiss Amy and for her to not know what it means, so she asks Penny. Comedy from Penny knowing what it is (I remember a funny reaction from her sometime about knowing a nerdy thing), and then freaking out after she realised. Comedy all round, but nice romantic Shamy stuff too!
  10. From the official Facebook page Edit: ahhh Chloe you beat me to it!
  11. Your posts are quite possibly the highlight of this thread! Along with the gifs of course.
  12. The video statistics updated so I'm just gonna leave this here... 5 years
  13. 3 years... and that only counts up to last Saturday!
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