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  1. That's a very cogent, and well reasoned argument..... I reject it completely. Just kidding ! But that's what Sheldon would have said. I take your points, but wouldn't you rather the show ended too soon, and was still great, rather than went on too long, and turned into crap ? 10 seasons is, as you say, arbitrary, but I reckon they could wrap up the big issues by then. A TV show should leave questions unanswered when it ends. Personally, I think we should never know for sure if Sheldon and Amy have sex. The writers can drop hints, but I think as an audience we are better of not knowing, and making up our own minds. It's like they say about politics, it's better to go when they want you to stay, than stay when they want you to go. Personally, I'd rather they cut it off a bit short, if the alternative was letting it go on too long and get stale. I think the show has evolved and changed (as is reflected in the characters' relationships) in a very believable, but also enjoyable way. The relationships have actually added much more to the comedy than they've taken away. I thought TBBT was slowing down in parts of season 4, but really picked up in season 5-6. Season 7 hasn't come out down here (in NZ) yet, but I've seen some clips on youtube, and they're hilarious. so, in conclusion, while the show might have enough momentum to carry it for 12 seasons, I would rather it finished at 9 and be a classic television series of unparalleled and continuous brilliance, than out-live it's use-by date. QED
  2. Going to have to go with a top 5...aw crap, turned into a top 10 ! As you can see, I'm a fan of Howard-Bernadette and Shamy, Leonard and Penny are cool, but I just don't find them quite as fun - and after a while I just feel sorry for Raj. Anyway, these are in no particular order. 1. Sheldon's Domino orgasm, that may have been the best sequence for Sheldon Cooper, ever ! 2. Amy breaks Penny's nose, that whole exchange between Bernadette and Amy 3. (on a similar note) Bernadette, on why she should be Cinderella. 4. Howard's D&D voice impressions 5. Raj and Stuart's bossanova moment. 6. Howard imitating Bernadette's voice at the Halloween party. 7. Sheldon Cooper's council of ladies ! 8. All the "ummms" when Penny and Sheldon have to try and explain why Leonard/Amy can't live with them. 9. All of Leonard's "show off " experiments that woo Penny 10. Last.......but definitely not least, the gang giving their versions of the contents of Howard's father's letter. That was one of the best whole-cast moments of the entire show, and maybe a turning point....well maybe not. I've always thought the central theme of the show was friendship, so actually, maybe a return to first principles. cheers.
  3. I take your point about Frasier and Moonlighting, although I don't agree. Personally, I find the whole "will they, won't they " thing just tedious (I loved the sarcasm of Frasier, but really got sick of Niles' pining for Daphne after season 3 !) Probably what makes "Castle" watchable is that they resolved that issue at the end of season 4, which is probably the right amount of time. IMO But at the same time, if the answer is "will they" the writers really have to handle it well.....which I think TBBT's writers have done. As you said, it is a comic goldmine. Let's hope TBBT's writing staff continue to get it right. cheers.
  4. Hi folks, Some TV shows die before their time (like Firefly !) others are allowed to carry on long past their "use by" date, and lose all the freshness that made them worth watching. e.g. Supernatural, should have finished at the end of series 5 (which is when the series creator left). No Star Trek TV series lasted past 7 seasons, which was a good length. (except Star Trek Enterprise, thank goodness they killed that one after 4 seasons !) Fringe only lasted 5 seasons but finished on a good note, Lost, kind of meandered its way to 6 seasons. Two and a half men is still going and should have probably ended when Sheen left. Anyway, that's all IMO. But how long can TBBT keep delivering really enjoyable and original stories. Sooner or later they're going to start re-visiting old ground, and not in a good way....it's one thing to pick up an old story thread or have recurring characters ( like Leonard and Sheldon's moms), but eventually even TBBT will start to struggle. Personally. I think it could do well to finish after 8 seasons, maybe 9, but at the absolute most 10. I don't know, maybe 200 episodes (so 10 seasons would be 240), but no longer. It's been fun watching the guys grow as characters, and the amazing change the girls have made in their lives (and the girls have undergone plenty of character development too, Amy is almost a different person, and Bernadette has mellowed. Actually, Penny has probably changed the least. But, it's the fact that the characters have grown and developed with time that's kept it fresh. Anyway, enough about what I think, what does everyone else think ? How long should TBBT go on for ? Cheers !
  5. In my former career as a teacher I taught several children with Asperger's syndrome. One of them had Sheldon's mannerisms, his speech, and even his inability to see things from other people's point of view. He wasn't a physics/maths genius, but instead he was artistically gifted. At 8 he could sketch and draw better than most adults. No doubt he'll grow up to be an artist of some renown. So people like Sheldon are out there, and I suspect Sheldon's personality traits are drawn from Aspergers - which means that he's suffering as much as all the irritation he inflicts on others. He's not just being difficult, he really cannot relate to other humans, and that would be exhausting and stressful. Gives you a different perspective on Sheldon, when you realize that while he is a giant pain in the ass, at the same time he's really struggling inside. That doesn't mean its any less funny, and we shouldn't feel bad about laughing at his pain. Laughter was the way that the kids I taught with Aspergers dealt with their issues. I think TBBT actually is quite sensitive, and realistic about how some people with Asperger's view the world, just part of what makes it the best comedy on TV. cheers
  6. Okay, there are too many to have just one.... ....so here's my top 10. 1) from the classified materials turbulence (season 2), the moment when Stuart tells Leonard that Penny said his name, and Leonard does a dance outside the comic book shop 2) from the Classified materials turbulence (season 2): Raj " If you want to clean up your karma, go get my frickin' latte." 3) from the Closure Alternative, (season 6): When Sheldon compulsively finishes his tic tac toe, jack-in-the-box, birthday candle blow-out, national anthem, and dominoes. 4) The "Thus spake Zarathustra" moment from Season 1 5) The mime the boys do when first playing with the time machine from the "Nerdvana Anhillation" season 1 6) From season 2's The Griffin Equivalency, Sheldon's smile. "We're here to congratulate Raj, not kill Batman !" (season 2) 7) Amy's reaction to the tiara from season 5's "Shiny Trinket Manuver" "knock, knock, knock, Penny." " Knock, knock, knock, Sheldon!" from the season 2 finale. 9) Raj and Bernadette's Bollywood dance number ! 10) Howard and Bernadette's wedding sequence from season 5's finale "the Countdown reflection" I know there are at least 20 more moments that I really loved, there's usually at least 1 every episode (e.g. Howard's reaction to the Hooker in the Vegas Renormalization Raj; " That hooker was exactly his type.....a hooker. or Howard and Raj teasing Leonard, during one of his and Penny's relationship breaks "Do 'our children will be smart and beautiful' that always makes me laugh.") The truth is, I have loved this show from day one, while its evolved with time (so that its not quite the same as is was in season 1) it's been an evolution that works. While I love TBBT, I hope they end it while its still fresh, and wrap up the various characters' plotlines on a high note. I reckon 8-9 seasons tops, before they're going to start re-covering old ground. However, by that time I'll have a top 100 moments list ready.
  7. At first I thought adding extra characters (i.e. Amy and Bernadette ) would ruin the show. However, I have been pleased to be completely wrong. Both actresses are superb, and their characters are well written. The best thing about them both, is that they have been part of the evolution of the characters. That's what makes TBBT a far superior product to Two and a half men - the characters don't always stay the same, they evolve with time. The fact that the characters have grown as people over the years, but the show continues to be so funny, is a testament to how well it's written. In fact, those relationships have proven to be the source of many more laughs, because just like in real life, they have their smooth, and crunchy moments. I'm a huge fan of Bernadette, and the Howard -Bernadette dynamic is a terrific one that can carry an entire episode, they just about need their own show. But, this is about Amy, so I'll stick with her. Amy's character has changed significantly from her first appearance, but it's been fun to watch her develop as a person. And Mayim Bialik's comic timing is superb, and she does that crazy Amy-face so well. The Sheldon -Amy dynamic was at its absolute zenith in season 6, during the "closure" experiment. It was hilarious, and great to see Amy put the acid on Sheldon for a change. ...also, the Cooper-Kripke inversion, where Amy hugs Sheldon as he's crying about producing inferior work to Kripke's , that was great. So IMO, Amy needs to stay ! In fact, I think a great ending to the show would be Amy and Sheldon's wedding. I can understand why people don't like the character, and why they feel that the boys' relationships have diverted focus from what the show was originally about - science-fiction, social-awkwardness, and physics. But I think the real charm of the show, has been that its really about friendship, and friendships evolve over time, as such, so must the show.
  8. Why do the Boys never mention ....the following TV shows .... the Flash TV series from 1991. .....the 1966 Batman TV series .....the TV show Fringe.... (come on, that just has to be right up the boys' alley ! It's got arguably the best mad scientist on TV, besides Sheldon and Sheldon would have loved the Observers) ....the TV show Supernatural.... If they have mentioned any of these, please let me know. But, as far as I know, the boys have dodged these shows, which seems a bit odd, although I suppose they'd have to bring them up in a way that's funny. cheers. .....
  9. That's exactly the point real-life comic fans have been ripping into each other about - which is why I think the trunks issue would be funnier to see the BBT boys argue about. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground, people either loved it or hated it. However, since you raised it. True, Supes isn't a man, he's a god-like alien. But, by that token, so was Zod - how do you stop an angry, and possibly insane godlike being from wiping out humanity ? I loved the film, but strongly believe people are entitled to their own opinions. I would never try to convince you that you were wrong (if you didn't like it......which is very un-Sheldon of me, as he would be unable to accept anyone not seeing his point of view.....or is it that he can't see things from anyone else's point of view, probably both. Anyway, since Superman is such an important character to the boys, I would be very surprised if we didn't see some mention of the film in an upcoming episode. But since Chuck Lorre's not taking my calls anymore, it's unlikely to be my "red trunks " idea. Sigh. Thanks for posting. I'm really curious to hear what people think. cheers.
  10. yes, the movie certainly divided the nerd-verse ! Which is why it would make such great material for a TBBT episode. I've been a fan of the character since I watched the old black and white George Reeves TV show as a little kid. I loved Chris Reeve's Superman, and was anticipating hating Man of Steel -for precisely the reasons you laid out. But, instead I loved it, because it was a reinterpretation of Superman. The Chris Reeve films were amazing back in 1978-80's but Superman had to change with the times -and I think this iteration of the character was spot on ! That was what Superman should be in the 21st century, a bud-drinking, football watching, dog-loving, chest-hair sporting, t-shirt wearing farmboy who loves his mom. In terms of not saving people, that argument has been done to death, but I'll just touch on it. Superman not saving anyone, causing lots of destruction......hmmmmmm, yes the Kryptonians and Zod only showed up because he was on Earth, but he didn't intentionally bring them here and then did everything in his power to stop them, once he learned of their dastardly plan. Also Superman destroys the World engine = prevents terraforming of Earth that would of wiped out humanity, ergo number of people saved 7 billion. Superman kills Zod = ah-ha ! say the critics, he killed Zod to save that family, there had to be another way. Hang on, Zod pretty much told Superman he would only stop if he was killed (and given his state of mind at the time, arguably had a death wish) so Superman didn't kill Zod to save the family, he Killed Zod to save the rest of the human race. So yes, Superman did contribute to the destruction, but not really by choice -given the Godlike might of his opponent. You can tell I've had this discussion before. But in an imaginary world, Sheldon and Leonard probably have debated the very same thing. But it's a bit grim. I think the trunks debate would be much funnier on the small screen. thanks for your post. cheers.
  11. Good call ! the Batfleck thing has set nerd-dom on fire with anger and excitement.
  12. Come on people, they've had Steven Hawking and the voice of Leonard Nimoy, the time is well due for the man himself....William Shatner, to appear ! Who agrees ? Who disagrees ? What context should the Shat show up in ? (BTW I met him back in 2011, when he was visiting my poor little country, and he was amazing, really funny, especially when unrehearsed, and very inspiring ! So I guess you can tell what my opinion on whether to feature Shatner or not is ). On that note, I wonder if they thought about having Henry Cavill make a guest appearance, since he was dating Kaley Cuoco for a while (and apparently he's a huge fan of the show) and of course, is Superman !
  13. That would be awesome. The Six Million Dollar man is the kind of classic sci-fi that the guys would be into. I bet they would have the opening narrative memorized "Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive....." I'm sure they've mentioned the Incredible Hulk TV show at least once. It would be great to have a bit of a laugh at the Bionic Man's expense (although when I was 6, I thought that show was [email protected]#ing awesome). great idea !
  14. The influence of Sheldon Cooper...... today at law school, in Property law class, the topic was bailment, something I immediately recognized from one of Sheldon's crazy tirades, from "The Work Song nanocluster" when he takes delivery of Penny's materials from the courier. Later the lecturer mentioned contra proferentem, a concept in contract law, and how did I know about that (as our lecturer left it out of the course last year to focus on calculation of damages ) because Priya used it against Sheldon in "The Agreement Dissection" (in season 4). so a big thank you to Sheldon Cooper PhD, for his contributions to my legal education. (true story !)
  15. Given that comic books are a huge part of the guys' lives, and Superman probably gets more references than any other comic book character ( plus of course Sheldon's ubiquitous Superman t-shirts) it stands to reason that Man of Steel would have a profound impact as a talking point. Personally, I see an episode where half the gang love it and half the gang hate it. Maybe call it the " Red trunks discrepancy" in reference to Superman not wearing red trunks over his tights anymore (the changes in the classic Superman costume). Anyway, what do people think. OUt of the gang, who would have liked Man of Steel, who would have hated it. I see Sheldon and Raj hating the film and Leonard and Howard loving it. Sheldon would be stuck on orthodox elements of Superman that were changed for the film, whereas Leonard would see not wearing one's underwear on the outside as an advantage. Anyway, what does everyone else think ?
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