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  1. Now that the series is over what are the plans to keep site and forums going into the future
  2. I wonder if Kaley got anything for Johnnys' birthday? Seems like these two, for some reason, are not on the same page anymore.
  3. especially their closeness at the peoples choice awards. made me wish sovery much that Kaley had put #mydate #dating instead of #my date #notdating on her instagram page under her normancook instagram acc. Agree, but there is a reason as to why they make note to saying they are not dating. You can speculate for now, but someday ??????
  4. Agree, Why don't you think that Johnny has not married in the past 10+ years, or has even gotten into a relationship, where thoughts of marriage was even brought up with say the likes of Kelli G, whom seems to be his longest relationship during this time frame.
  5. It was stated earlier that the risk of losing their friendship, would be too much for either of them. But , in my opinion, not taking that risk, both of them could be denying each other and themselves, a life time of fullfillment and happiness. Other than the timing right now, ie. divorce not finalized, both of them for the past 9+ years have had time to have a relationship with each other (which both said was a hugh part of the lives) , date others, get married, and yet, still have that chemistry for one another today, that there is just no denying that together this is what they both seem to want to have in life. 9+ years of dating, working together, seeing others, etc. and still being together, is just worth the risk, if this is what they want. At this point, in my opinion, not taking that chance is a bigger risk for something that both seem to want.
  6. The CCF had to go This allows the elimination of this set on stage and possibly enable them to build the set for L/P's new apartment .
  7. How about the Thanksgiving de-coupling. Who thinks they are dragging out the Lenny relationship to see what coincides with what is happening with Kaley's relationship/engagement with Ryan.
  8. With kaleys current situation with Ryan on getting married and wanting to have babies. And from going that we are too busy right now to plan the wedding to now planning it seems for ASAP (tomorrow). I would think that the L/P relationship may be taking a back seat for awhile. It has to have some effect on the other cast members as we'll and not just Leonard (johnny) Kaley being in the news so much lately has got to have the writers going a little crazy
  9. NO, not saying that they dont know their own minds, but something, I dont know what or why, says that one or the other or both still have romantic feels for one another, and would want to get back together. Something seems strange to me about their current relationships, especially Kaley, for some unknown reason
  10. Do you really believe Johnny has moved on, even though he is dating Kellie. Do you think an engagement announcment is forth coming soon for these two. On the other side do you really believe that Kaley has moved on, or is it just in her nature to be in some type of a relationship since Johnny is.
  11. After reading the latest taping about Season 7 Episode 6 "Romantic Gesture", I have a hard time not believing that these 2 are not still together in real life. Maybe one day it will happen again I know they have each moved on in the lives today, but I believe that there is still strong feelings between them today.
  12. Also, the fact that Kaley has been in and out of several relationships the past year or so, getting quickly engaged time and time again, than breaking it off, makes me feel she is a little envious of Johnny,and would want to get back with him, but would not do anything to destroy Johnny and Kellie relationship at this time. Is this just wishful thinking. Am I reading too much into this.. Would Kaley want Johnny back Would Johnny want Kaley back. Sursonica, or ANYONE, Your thoughts, (by the way, I dont know why this has bothered me lately. I never felt that these two belong together more now and ever, than before this even during the past couple of years)
  13. Thanks, and I see your point. I dont know why that I feel that one or the other or both want to get back together again. I guess it is just the romanticism between these two and the romanticism part in me.
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