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  1. Happy holidays to everyone! It's been busy lately so I wasn't around but I saw something about Shamy resolutions so I thought I should join in! Actually there is one thing I reallyyyy want to happen and that is Shamy working together! If that happens I will be the happiest shipper ever!! Also I would love to see Amy and Penny in 4a having breakfast in their pjs!!
  2. Oh that gif!! Just wanted to say that Chloe is my hero and the reason I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with my eyes glued to a screen!!
  3. I just watched it (earlier than I thought yeah!) and I am speechless!! Having read some comments this morning I was really disappointed about the cuddle being cut BUT now that I have watched it I am so so happy!!!! I loved everything about it and LMAO for the "a few hours later"!! Shamy had fun (for hours!), they are happy and the best of all on the same page!! I loved Amy saying "this works for me" and it would be funny if the girls thought she would be sad but turns out Amy is honestly fine with it. I am definitely crossing my fingers that Amy won't take that back and starts pushing and we get the same dynamics again! But I hope that won't happen and the the will find a clever and sweet way to show us that they will be doing that sooner than later!! The cold open was purely genius!!! Since there are no gifs, words or anything to convey my happiness right now I will stop now!!
  4. ^This is how excited I am right now!!!!! They are so adorable!!!! Also I didn't expect to watch anything before the episode AND BTS stuff!!! Thanks to the people who posted!! And let me add that Amy is simply gorgeous!!!! I am not sure how I am going to keep a straight face when I am watching that with my unspoiled sister!!(and manage not to be embarrassed by hardcore fangirling)!! Poker face on the outside while this is happening in my mind!!!!!!! Man I will suffer no ending teasing but hell it's worth it!!!!!
  5. Oh I would love it if Amy was in Ravenclaw cause that's were I am too!! But Sheldon doesn't stoke me as the bravest of all I think he could be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin.
  6. Oh I am so in love with that gif!! The way they look each other seems so erotic to me. It really makes me think that this is an important moment for them and that makes my heart beat a little faster..
  7. @jena once again sorry for failing to quote you but I usually post using my phone so I try to quote as less as possible and I won't refer to specific parts of your reply. First, of all I appreciate that you did reply. The truth is I disagree with some things you said but I don't know how to respond without using Sheldon and Amy to project my own views. As you specifically said that you don't want and won't discuss your personal views (rightly so this is your call and this is not the place to do that anyway) I think this is a good point to let it go. I didn't want you to think that I just ignored you though. So, sorry if I made you (or someone else) uncomfortable it wasn't my intention. Also Dave referring to Sheldon as you-know-who. I love HP references!! The Hufflepuff comment made me wonder in what houses the others would be!!
  8. Yeah it's taping day!! Technically I will read it tomorrow but this is so exciting anyway!! Well I have a wish which is Shamy working together but I know that this is not happening at least not in the next episode!! So I would be perfectly happy with a FWF episode as someone said!! And Sheldon welcoming her after she returns as someone else said!!
  9. I will begin with the second paragraph I quoted. Even though I don't agree with everything you wrote until there I agree with your conclusion. I very much liked the fact that both of them decided that they want this relationship unconditionally because above all they love each other. About the first paragraph (and this is not Shamy related so excuse me for that) I just wanted to clarify something. I identify myself as a feminist and though I always had friendly sentiments towards feminism I just started learning more and trying to realize where I personally stand. You said that although you believe in equal rights in many aspects you are "not a feminist by any means when it comes to relationships". I am bit confused by that cause I always thought that one either is a feminist or they are not. For example (and I know that this is reallyyyy extreme I am just trying to make a point) I had a friend who told me "I am not a racist in general but with (insert a nation) I really am". I told her that you either are a racist or you are not there is no middle space. Again sorry for the example but that's how I see feminism too. As I understand it feminism is about women having equal rights and chances in everything and having the freedom to choose their lifestyle without having to answer for it period. If a woman wants to be submissive to a man in her life, then feminism supports her in that decision. If a woman feels that she would never want children, then feminism supports that decision too. I think that feminism is against gender based roles such as having to be submissive because you are a woman or having to want children because you are a woman. I don't mean to speak on your behalf but the way you spoke about it (clearly stating that what you mention is something a woman wants) doesn't strike me so anti-feminist. Sorry about the rant and the off topic conversation.
  10. Even though I agree with wow about the break up period and the way Amy handled it ultimately it comes down to what koops said. I didn't care about both of them dating or pursuing other people (Sheldon also did try to pick up that girl and her grandmother -lol ) and I am not even convinced about the break up itself at the moment it happened but I am willing to let that go because the way they got back was so good for me. About Dave I will admit it that part of the reason I didn't mind him there is that I find him absolutely adorable and funny. Also, I know this is just in my mind, but I thought that having what is practically a Shamy shipper right in that moment is like a little teaser from the writers. Not what really happened but I like to thin about it. Now about the show itself (and not my wishful thinking ) I think that this date was a way for Amy to react to the rejection trying to convince herself that the break up was a good call and that if Sheldon never wanted her back she could move on with her life. Finally,as koops said I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Amy and Sheldon that in the end they wouldn't have been serious about anybody else (physically or otherwise).
  11. I finally got to watch the episode last night!! There were some things I didn't know about it so there were some surprises, humor and of course Shamy!! I loved Lenny with Sheldon!!! I loved Dave!! I don't think there is anything left to be said except that I loved the whole episode!! Them saying how much they love each other!! The kissing!! I read all your remarks about it but one more thing that made me love it was the way they hold each other. It's in a very intimate and loving way suggesting that this is home and safe and where they would like to be most in the world. Whenever I see these gifs it just gets me..Every single time..
  12. Oh I love that!! Bonus points for Sheldon paraphrasing Amy and going like "Not many people can make said disease sound romantic but somehow you do" - eye coitus moment - and then Sheldon turns to the others saying "How much does that girl love me!!" only to receive freaked out faces!! When I read the first spoilers I could not imagine that Sheldon would name an asteroid after her!! I honestly thought that the new taping would help me stop thinking about the episodes to come and calm me down but the only thing I can think of right now is that there are these Shamy episodes out there and cannot watch them right now!! I am incredibly happy that we don't have another Table like episode but instead we got them happy and loving saying how much they miss each other , naming asteroids and talking about children ( LOL about that deal!). Also as someone already said yeahhh for Amy dealing with work!!!
  13. I am so happy with the spoilers! I liked it that they put some space between them and have them miss each other! I believe that in an upcoming episode we will find more about their physical relationship but at the moment I like it that they are exploring their feelings.
  14. Thanks to the people providing the spoilers! Sounds like a nice episode!!
  15. That is really sweet!! I hope to see them be quirky and happy in the backround having a great time!! @koops first of all get well soon!! I loved your post! That's exactly how I feel about the subject!! Thanks for weighing in and I am going to need these three essays about Amy's evolution please!!
  16. I think what miss was trying to say was that releasing too much on the promo didn't actually cause the numbers to fall so releasing too much now might not be a bad move at all. I don't think the op meant that the numbers where high because of Shamy scenes on the promo but despite of major episode scenes on the promo. I could be wrong maybe the op could clarify?
  17. @jena sorry for replying without quoting but I am afraid I might mess up. My disagreement with you post is about the same section Kathy quoted. I don't think there is any sign that Amy was aware of their relationship being actually romantic at the time and surely not manipulating him. I think I would hate that because it would feel that she was not being completely honest with him. As Kathy said on their first encounter Amy seemed to be really aloof not really wanting to be there but doing it to get her mother off her back. I also think that Sheldon was way more smitten than her cause finally he found a human in a world of dogs (I think that is something Sheldon said or someone here once wrote but it's definitely not mine) so he grabbed the opportunity. For Amy I think it was a chance to have a friend and then an opportunity to finally stop meeting random people out of a dating site. Anyway Amy especially back then is bland and deadpan, with an arrogant streak and never afraid to throw the truth in Sheldon's face. Also a strong indicator for me that this was friendship for her also is when she grabbed his hand. She seemed not to be affected in the same way Zack affected her. I think the turning point was Herb Garden. I think that's when she started falling for Sheldon. And after the kiss everything started falling into place for both of them. And still I think both were honest about rebooting their relationship because it was a lot to handle for them both. Did she start realizing it was romantic? Probably but so did he. They were still pretty equal except for the fact that Amy could admit it easier. Also one thing I think is very telling about the date that she used her "bag of tricks" to accelerate his affection is that she told him explicitly what she was going to do. No manipulation at all. Actually, the only time I think she did manipulate him (train episode aside) is the Table episode. Which I hate. I think that then she ignored a serious problem Sheldon had and maninipulated him into staying in the relationship and it finally caught up with her. I really believe Shamy works better when they are honest with each other and IMO that's part of the reason why their relationship was so functional from the first time. Anyway,that's just how I see Shamy of course and Amy in particular.
  18. I think that is pretty accurate. Same with wow's and koops's posts. During seasons 4 and 5 before they were an official couple no one really thought they were just friends. I love the example you used here! I always found that incredible sweet how he thought they weren't a couple but compared the two of them with couples. Also when Leonard mentioned that he doesn't like Amy so he shouldn't bring her home he argued that saying how he put up with his female companion Penny. If I am not mistaken it was the same when they were talking about Priya at season 4 finale. He asked Leonard "don't you like Amy" while they were talking about Leonard's girlfriend. Just like it's incredibly sweet that he stopped correcting people who referred at Amy as his girlfriend after she kissed him. I guess the reason why I loved them so much is because they proved to me that it is possible to have a profound, satisfying, romantic relationship with someone without having to be physical with them. I remember talking to a friend a little before I discovered the Shamy and how we both thought that what separates a friendship from a romantic relationship is the sexual element (not that the relationship couldn't be deeper than that just that it gave sense to the different nature of each relationship). And then I came across the Shamy and they totally swept me of my feet and made me realize that being someone's soul mate can work in so many different ways for different people. They were happy together, having fun and they felt that someone really got them. In their own way they were so intimate with each other being able to just be in each others presence without feeling awkward (parallel play is what Shamy does best! That and making people feel weirded out like hell!! ) that I personally didn't feel their relationship should be physical. Having said that I enjoy very much the turn their relationship will take and adore how they will explore their sexuality together. Anyway I think I got a little carried away with that! About the second part of you post I only have to say -- Oh yeah!! I would love to see that!! Them being turned on by something random like an amusing factoid about flags or a very cool idea in which they could combine physics and neuroscience ( I am throwing some hardcore wishful thinking in the mix)!!!
  19. Yes please!! They absolutely should shoot a FWF episode as a couple again! And pretty please let the be the odd couple weirdingweird in everybody out (is weirding a word or I did just make it up?). But now that you mentioned Pamy in pjs I want that so much!!!! I want my Pamy episode asap!!!
  20. That so much!! Frankly, I still don't believe that the break up was necessary and think that it was ill timed. I was really anxious about how tptb would handle this. Turns out they did so in a way that was fine with me. Especially the Aquarium episode when she realized that she can hurt him too, what was the she really wanted and that she cannot come in and out of his life as she please. It turned out to be a lesson for both of them. Even the fact that she wanted to be with him first and he didn't was a great lesson for them. So, it's actually more about each step they take and that's what we are going to judge. As far as Dave is concerned I never really hated him. True, I didn't care about Amy dating but more because I didn't want Shamy making up to be because she couldn't do better. But she had other dates and Dave was ok. In his first appearance admittedly he was hilarious. Plus now he is hardcore Shamy shipper so what's not to love?? I wish we could see more of him!
  21. I saw the Instagram post this morning, experienced a massive freak out cause I was at the university during a break and knew that eventually I would have to get back to class, nearly cried when that exact moment my phone battery died and sat there boiling that Shamy goodness was out there and I couldn't see it... Anyway now I am good (obviously :D ), can't get myself to stop singing Christmas carols cause this is totally like Christmas to me and can't help but mention how I love the kiss and the way they crush into each other's arms like there is a magnet pulling them together!! Seriously it's like an explosion of love!!! And the way he looks at her!! To quote Sheldon "Boldly go Sheldon Cooper"! (Yes I realize this is probably cheesy but obviously now I am person who says things like "explosion of love" so there you have it!)
  22. Yes this is it, this is exactly this! I know I had my issues with the season finale but with that episode they definitely nailed it! Jim and Mayim did also an excellent job conveying all this sentiments!!
  23. After seeing the flower photo last night I did NOT expect a VIDEO!!!!! Omg I freaking loved it!! Also I loved professor Proton!! Ohhh and koops is back yeah!!! That gif is positively killing me!! Don't stop!!!!
  24. I can highly relate to that! I totally understand what you're saying.
  25. LMAO wow!! It was perfect! ! I love Shamy being arrogant like that so much!! Plus points for using "lothario"!!
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