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  1. Happy holidays to everyone! It's been busy lately so I wasn't around but I saw something about Shamy resolutions so I thought I should join in! Actually there is one thing I reallyyyy want to happen and that is Shamy working together! If that happens I will be the happiest shipper ever!! Also I would love to see Amy and Penny in 4a having breakfast in their pjs!!

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  2. I just watched it (earlier than I thought yeah!) and I am speechless!! Having read some comments this morning I was really disappointed about the cuddle being cut BUT now that I have watched it I am so so happy!!!! I loved everything about it and LMAO for the "a few hours later"!! Shamy had fun (for hours!), they are happy and the best of all on the same page!! I loved Amy saying "this works for me" and it would be funny if the girls thought she would be sad but turns out Amy is honestly fine with it. I am definitely crossing my fingers that Amy won't take that back and starts pushing and we get the same dynamics again! But I hope that won't happen and the the will find a clever and sweet way to show us that they will be doing that sooner than later!! The cold open was purely genius!!!

    Since there are no gifs, words or anything to convey my happiness right now I will stop now!!

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  3. tumblr_lox5wxFqhA1qbuptc.gif
    ^This is how excited I am right now!!!!! They are so adorable!!!! :cry: Also I didn't expect to watch anything before the episode AND BTS stuff!!! Thanks to the people who posted!! And let me add that Amy is simply gorgeous!!!!
    I am not sure how I am going to keep a straight face when I am watching that with my unspoiled sister!!(and manage not to be embarrassed by hardcore fangirling)!! Poker face on the outside while this is happening in my mind!!!!!!! Man I will suffer no ending teasing but hell it's worth it!!!!!
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  4. 13 hours ago, Tripper said:

    Hi, I'll look into this but unfortunately phone issues are notoriously hard to diagnose. Which phone operating system and browser do you use? I'll try recreate it and see if there's anything I can do. Unfortunately, the text editor that's supplied with the forum isn't really something that can easily be changed or modified.

    My operating system is Android 4.3 "Jelly Bean" and I use the Google search app. At least I know it's not the phone's fault! Thanks anyway!! :) 

  5. 2 minutes ago, cutiepie said:

    Sheldon - Gryffindor
    Amy - Ravenclaw
    Penny - Slytherin
    Leonard - Hufflepuff

    I also hope some Fantastic Beasts references in the future :shy:

    Oh I would love it if Amy was in Ravenclaw cause that's were I am too!! But Sheldon doesn't stoke me as the bravest of all :p I think he could be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

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  6. Hello Tripper!

    I have a problem when posting using my phone. While I am writing the cursor jumps back to a random point and it creates a mess. It's really difficult to write especially long posts. Of course it could be my phone's fault but this is the only site this happens (didn't happen with the old page) so I figured I should let you know!

  7. @jena once again sorry for failing to quote you but I usually post using my phone so I try to quote as less as possible and I won't refer to specific parts of your reply. First, of all I appreciate that you did reply. The truth is I disagree with some things you said but I don't know how to respond without using Sheldon and Amy to project my own views. As you specifically said that you don't want and won't discuss your personal views (rightly so this is your call and this is not the place to do that anyway) I think this is a good point to let it go. I didn't want you to think that I just ignored you though. So, sorry if I made you (or someone else) uncomfortable it wasn't my intention. 

    15 minutes ago, cutiepie said:

    Any HP references makes me smile. My favorite is when Sheldon said Muggles.

    Also Dave referring to Sheldon as you-know-who. I love HP references!! The Hufflepuff comment made me wonder in what houses the others would be!!

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  8. 2 hours ago, April said:

    Anyway... It's taping day! Last taping of the year, even! Any thoughts, wishes or speculations about the next episode??

    Yeah it's taping day!! Technically I will read it tomorrow but this is so exciting anyway!! Well I have a wish which is Shamy working together but I know that this is not happening at least not in the next episode!! So I would be perfectly happy with a FWF episode as someone said!! And Sheldon welcoming her after she returns as someone else said!! 

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  9. 11 hours ago, jenafan said:

    The bold part is the reason why my views seem to rub others the wrong way.  While I believe in equal rights for women in politics, culture, socialism, economics, and personally, I am not a feminist by any means when it comes to relationships.  I am a strong independent woman with a solid career.  I believe there is nothing wrong with a woman wanting or being submissive to a man in her life to feel complete, as long as she's doing it for the right reasons and making a purposeful choice to cling to the right one who will guide and support her rather than settle for the sake of wanting a physical relationship or not being alone.


    What makes this so beautiful is they get each other and end up back together in spite of their individual misgivings, Amy not knowing it they will ever be physically intimate and Sheldon not knowing if he will get hurt again.  On their own, they realize that with each other is where they belong and the wait/risk is worth it.

    I will begin with the second paragraph I quoted. Even though I don't agree with everything you wrote until there I agree with your conclusion. I very much liked the fact that both of them decided that they want this relationship unconditionally because above all they love each other. 

    About the first paragraph (and this is not Shamy related so excuse me for that) I just wanted to clarify something. I identify myself as a feminist and though I always had friendly sentiments towards feminism I just started learning more and trying to realize where I personally stand. You said that although you believe in equal rights in many aspects you are "not a feminist by any means when it comes to relationships". I am bit confused by that cause I always thought that one either is a feminist or they are not. For example (and I know that this is reallyyyy extreme I am just trying to make a point) I had a friend who told me "I am not a racist in general but with (insert a nation) I really am". I told her that you either are a racist or you are not there is no middle space. Again sorry for the example but that's how I see feminism too. As I understand it feminism is about women having equal rights and chances in everything and having the freedom to choose their lifestyle without having to answer for it period. If a woman wants to be submissive to a man in her life, then feminism supports her in that decision. If a woman feels that she would never want children, then feminism supports that decision too. I think that feminism is against gender based roles such as having to be submissive because you are a woman or having to want children because you are a woman. I don't mean to speak on your behalf but the way you spoke about it (clearly stating that what you mention is something a woman wants) doesn't strike me so anti-feminist. Sorry about the rant and the off topic conversation.

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  10. 54 minutes ago, ShLe94 said:

    If I think they were friends back then? Yes, absolutely. They still are. Friendship doesn't rule out 'romantic' attachment, IMO. It's a kind of love, after all. They are friends that love each other now! That's why I love someone's idea (koops, if I remember well) to bring back 'the old Shamy' and mix it with 'Shamy 2.0', that with the more mature and deeper bond. That's what I'm looking and hoping for! :)


     That is really sweet!! :)I hope to see them be quirky and happy in the backround having a great time!! 

    @koops first of all get well soon!! I loved your post! That's exactly how I feel about the subject!! Thanks for weighing in and I am going to need these three essays about Amy's evolution please!! :)

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  11. 4 hours ago, Tensor said:

    As an example of what?  That releasing the promos caused the ratings to be high?    All you mentioned was the high ratings and the release of all the scenes.  I'm not sure what else to take from your post that Skull answered.   

    I think what miss was trying to say was that releasing too much on the promo didn't actually cause the numbers to fall so releasing too much now might not be a bad move at all. I don't think the op meant that the numbers where high because of Shamy scenes on the promo but despite of major episode scenes on the promo. I could be wrong maybe the op could clarify?



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  12. @jena sorry for replying without quoting but I am afraid I might mess up. My disagreement with you post is about the same section Kathy quoted. I don't think there is any sign that Amy was aware of their relationship being actually romantic at the time and surely not manipulating him. I think I would hate that because it would feel that she was not being completely honest with him. As Kathy said on their first encounter Amy seemed to be really aloof not really wanting to be there but doing it to get her mother off her back. I also think that Sheldon was way more smitten than her cause finally he found a human in a world of dogs (I think that is something Sheldon said or someone here once wrote but it's definitely not mine) so he grabbed the opportunity. For Amy I think it was a chance to have a friend and then an opportunity to finally stop meeting random people out of a dating site. Anyway Amy especially back then is bland and deadpan, with an arrogant streak and never afraid to throw the truth in Sheldon's face. Also a strong indicator for me that this was friendship for her also is when she grabbed his hand. She seemed not to be affected in the same way Zack affected her. I think the turning point was Herb Garden. I think that's when she started falling for Sheldon. And after the kiss everything started falling into place for both of them. And still I think both were honest about rebooting their relationship because it was a lot to handle for them both. Did she start realizing it was romantic? Probably but so did he. They were still pretty equal except for the fact that Amy could admit it easier. Also one thing I think is very telling about the date that she used her "bag of tricks" to accelerate his affection is that she told him explicitly what she was going to do. No manipulation at all. Actually, the only time I think she did manipulate him (train episode aside) is the Table episode. Which I hate. I think that then she ignored a serious problem Sheldon had and maninipulated him into staying in the relationship and it finally caught up with her. I really believe Shamy works better when they are honest with each other and IMO  that's part of the reason why their relationship was so functional from the first time. Anyway,that's just how I see Shamy of course and Amy in particular.

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  13. 2 hours ago, koops said:

    I wouldn't want their loss of virginity to go completely ignored because it's something too huge to be swept aside so quickly and I would like to know how the gang finds out. But I honestly more than anything miss them nerding out together so much, that I wouldn't want to see them do anything else but that for a while. Just have cute little B plots where Amy comes up with a new language, they shoot FWF, run some social experiments on their friends, find some new hobby to share together. 9x09 was so huge for me because it seemed like the writers, not just Amy, remembered what is ultimately the essence of this couple that sets them apart from the others, and now that they've put all the hurdles of physical intimacy (and the breakup) behind them and "wrapped up that journey", to use Molaro's words, it would be great to see them relax and spend more time together in the background of other major plots, being cutesy. Oh, and I might be weird, but I'm actually dying to see Penny and Amy have breakfast in their PJs at 4A probably more than Shamy. LOL! 

    Let the other characters have major screentime for a bit, there's a lot to work out there.

    Yes please!! They absolutely should shoot a FWF episode as a couple again! And pretty please let the be the odd couple weirdingweird in everybody out (is weirding a word or  I did just make it up?). 

    But now that you mentioned Pamy in pjs I want that so much!!!! I want my Pamy episode asap!!! :crying:

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  14. 2 hours ago, koops said:

    When you're at that stage in the story, there's a 50/50 chance that things could go either way and it's easy to say with hindsight that freaking out or getting angry over X or Y was silly, but you can only react to the present, really. I am not someone who can just "have faith". And as much as I have liked how it was wrapped up in the end with the Shamy Trilogy, I still stand by some of my original feelings about this whole thing, even now. Bottom line to me is that the writers are sometimes going to do things I don't like, just as much as at other times they will do things I do like and it's up to me as a viewer to decide if it's still worth my time or not. 

    That so much!! Frankly, I still don't believe that the break up was necessary and think that it was ill timed. I was really anxious about how tptb would handle this. Turns out they did so in a way that was fine with me. Especially the Aquarium episode when she realized that she can hurt him too, what was the she really wanted and that she cannot come in and out of his life as she please. It turned out to be a lesson for both of them. Even the fact that she wanted to be with him first and he didn't was a great lesson for them. So, it's actually more about each step they take and that's what we are going to judge.


    As far as Dave is concerned I never really hated him. True, I didn't care about Amy dating but more because I didn't want Shamy making up to be because she couldn't do better. But she had other dates and Dave was ok. In his first appearance admittedly he was hilarious. Plus now he is hardcore Shamy shipper so what's not to love?? I wish we could see more of him!

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  15. 34 minutes ago, koops said:

    Having missed out on a lot of discussion, I'm sure this has already been said before, but the episode that mollified my rage about the breakup was actually the Aquarium one. And I think Chuck's statement is equally applicable to both, the whole "you don't know what you've got until it's gone". That is really what that episode was all about for me, with Amy coming to remember that it's Sheldon and has always been only Sheldon, and I loved that she asked him back after a completely platonic date and not knowing about the ring nor demanding anything of him. I SO desperately needed to see that in order to be satisfied with a reconciliation. In the same way, I think it was necessary for Sheldon to turn her down there, because that put him in a very interesting position, one where he has Amy back in his life, as a friend, and he doesn't need to be her boyfriend to have her back, and yet... he's not satisfied with that. It doesn't take long before he does a 180 on it and is pounding at her door, and that's because he wants it all with her. There was so much speculation in the past by some over whether Sheldon really wanted that relationship or was just in it to keep Amy in his life and because he was used to it and he didn't like change. If Earworm doesn't answer that question loud and clear, I don't know what does. He wants the entire package with her, he wants the romantic part of their relationship back as much as their mental connection (besides the fact that during the breakup he was torturing himself worrying about her being intimate with another man, if one needs any more indication of what his desires are with her), which makes their consummation, even this soon, make so much sense. Sheldon is eager to have it all now, just as Amy is eager to have everything he is, and not what she thought she needed him to be. 

    To paraphrase Zack, "Happy Shamy, happy life!"

    *floats on a cloud throwing confetti*


    Yes this is it, this is exactly this! I know I had my issues with the season finale but with that episode they definitely nailed it! Jim and Mayim did also an excellent job conveying all  this sentiments!!

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