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  1. I agree with that. Aside from a few hand holdings Sheldon never did something physical in his relationship if he didn't want it. The only time I remember him a little bit taken aback with kissing for example was at the first SiK simply because he was angry not really having romantic expectations and turned out he really liked it. I know kissing and sex are different but as I see it the fact the he made the decision and planned the whole thing is what makes him calm and composed. He has been thinking about it for years and as you said probably researched that to the death plus he never had Amy's big expectations. Maybe I am not surprised by that because I always thought that Sheldon would be 100% sure that yes he is ready before they have sex and be really calm like with kiss and even the ILY. On another note I am dying to see promo photos!! I am only happy that there is a week till the episode because I will have enough time to finish my Shamy marathon before the next episode!!!
  2. While I agree that Amy would want a big wedding and she would like all the fuss etc I am not sure Sheldon or Amy would care for a wedding in a church or something like that simply because they are not that religious.
  3. Though I won't be live streaming I will definitely try. I would love to hear first impressions from fellow Shamies asap!
  4. Hey Nick!! There are so many people I missed from here!! Also so many new names! Anyway hope we get to talk soon!!
  5. It's been a long time since I last posted here! Well, I also think that a big wedding is not an option. If there is one it could be as Lio said like in the comic book store or something science related. Having said that though I am quite excited for the episodes to come I still hope for a Shamy collaboration. I'd love to see them both excited for something related to science!
  6. The cuckoo's calling. Just started it must seems interesting.
  7. Hello everyone (and welcome to the new ones)!! I was kind in a forum/show hiatus basically cause I had no time these last few months. I didn't intent to write while on vacation (and my Internet connection is kind of awful here) but I couldn't resist reading the taping spoilers and one thing led to another I always felt that a break up is a possibility but what I personally think sucks about it is that I don't think it was really necessary. And since we know they will be back together it's not even a big shock. I am way more nervous about what might happen to the Amy character than Shamy right now. Sheldon as well as Amy needs to grow up even more but a break up is definitely not the only way to do that. I mean they already were on a very good track especially Sheldon and I don't see why he should suffer and "man up" to grow up. IMO the cold feet scenario would work better or a situation where Amy is having a difficult time and he has to be there for her. That is a sweet and potentially funny way for Sheldon to create empathy and at the same time become the one who has to be strong and supportive. I would prefer to watch Sheldon having to deal with a distracted Amy where he is not the centre of attention in the relationship than him being sad and broken up while he was making steady progress. On the other hand I don't really want to see Amy date other people and hope it won't get to this. Whatever might happen I don't doubt that the writers will be extra careful with the Sheldon character and hope the same will happen with Amy. I wish they can at least handle with a funny and not boring way that break up that for me is not really necessary it feels more of a way to slow things down. Thanks for the people who provided the spoilers and cannot wait for the taping report.
  8. I doubt (and really really hope) this isn't Amy's plan to move him along. I think the Table episode was one of Amy's worst moments. As I said after watching the episode it struck me more of annoyance about his state of mind at the moment rather than the pace of the relationship. I think Amy is just trying to come in terms with the thought that she might never be the most important thing in Sheldon's mind just like he can be in hers. I think she underestimates his feelings for the most part everybody deserves time to think about their life and feelings. As for Lenny I could see more things coming up in season 9. It wouldn't surprise me at all.
  9. I just watched the season finale mainly because of real life but also because I really didn't want season 8 to end. And that's funny cause it never happened to me with any tv show but I guess it's probably cause I enjoyed season 8 so much that tried to extend it as much as I could. Also I wanted to take some distance and clear my head and not participate in discussions in order to take see things more objectively. The first thing I have to say about this episode is that - apart from the dramatic moments - it was truly funny. That's definitely a plus on my book since I laughed a lot throughout the episode and really enjoyed it as a comedy. I still want a finale with no drama and I am positive that these writers are more than capable of pulling this off and still make it finale material. I really liked the Howardette in this episode totally in synch with no arguements and them making fun of Raj was gold. The Emily-Raj/Howardette-Stuart scene was hysterical. Though I believe Raj should break up with Emily (or at least be sincere about finding her kinda creepy and maybe not suitable for him) and that Howardette should ask Stuart to leave (maybe I am too suspicious but he seemed to manipulate them in order to stay) I totally enjoyed their efforts end up in complete disaster! I expect these will be resolved in season 9 but Howardette singing happy birthday to Stuart David Bloom was just hilarious!!! Also hat's off to Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco for their performances. Penny was just hilarious and she probably got some of the best lines of the episode!! As for Sheldon although I had read the taping report I was taken aback by his attitude. He of course had his usual arrogant streak but he was really sweet being genuinely happy for Lenny and kinda confused when they were trying to convince him (and probably themselves) that they are not avoiding setting a date. Poor Sheldon looking so lost lol!!! As for Amy though I stand by my first impression that she was overreacting (and the way it was played wasn't really helpful. During the first shamy scene she was way more agressive than I expected). But I guess I could find reason behind her behaviour if I count that incident as the insignificant thing (IMO let me add) that brought in surface something that was already there. Personally, I would still prefer a different timeline about that and I have said before so I won't expand on it and I could see it as a matter of can or cannot I be with someone who has certain unchanged behaviours rather than the pace of the relationship. It's just that it seems fine to me especially in season 8. Maybe it's Penny's line about not having sex yet which sounds natural coming from Penny's lips (no jugdment here just people having different priorities and it's perfectly fine) but I got the impression from Amy that her problem was Sheldon's state of mind at the moment and not that the make out came too late in their relationship. I would like the writers to stress that a little more but we do have a brand new season 9 ahead for them to make wonders with that path they chose. I am not the most pleased viewer in the world but I am positive that there is potential for very nice things so I will be waiting!! For now I totally enjoyed the make out, got so many feels from Sheldon trying to contact with Amy and got heartbroken with the both of them looking so sad. Poor Amy feeling so bad for asking a potentially ill-timed but deserved break -that I could accept could come off as aggresiveness at first cause she didn't know if she really had the right to ask for a break or if it means her love is not enough, I can totally see her struggling with that (and I can totally unvalidate myself but I am still trying to wrap my head about it now that I watched it ).Also poor Sheldon he was so compassionate and though he was lost in the most part of the interaction (or any interaction in this ep ) he kept calm just trying to understand and having the dignity to allow her the break she needed in a civilized manner after she explained - a courtesy she didn't receive in season 7 finale. I left Lenny for last cause that was what made me really scratch my head. I mean ok I understand that Penny can forgive a kiss (especially if it turn out that Leonard wasn't such a willing participant) but I cannot see why bring something like that up now. I mean if the writers wanted they had other issues to touch - not having much in common, work - but they had to go with infidelity?? And I get that there are different opinions about if a kiss is cheating (by the way IMO it is) but why even get involved with anything even remotely connected with cheating?? The only thing I can think of is for Penny to realize that Leonard is indeed a desirable man but didn't that happen in season 6? Anyway I was really sad for Penny cause if they do get married her wedding night will also be the night she learned Leonard kissed someone else. And I may sound overemotional but it's kinda sad your wedding anniversary to be a reminder of that. So while I was excited for them and liked very much the idea of eloping and getting married now I hope they won't go through with it so we can get an exciting Lenny moment at their wedding (eta: could I have said anymore times because or cause???? Sorry if that's a bit tedious.)
  10. @Lio sorry I just saw you asked about what part bugged me. It was the "all I've got" part cause I think it's unfair to Sheldon. I just used the distracted part to identify the line sorry for the confusion. You know I don't mind that Amy said something I didn't like or I didn't agree with it's that I am kind of worried that sometimes it looks like Amy is right by default (not sure if I used that phrase correctly but I'll take the risk ). Can't read now all the comments you guys wrote bug I will definitely come back to check the out.
  11. @Lio I also had the feeling it was their first make out. I've read many people think they propane are doing it for some time since they seemed more comfortable than the last time but this line actually made me also think it was the first time. Guess that something that may be never cleared up. As for the rest of your post while I agree mostly with wow I can see your reasoning. Actually I don't think your opinion is much different that the people who objected on some things (or at least some of them). Personally what annoyed me the most was that line about the distracted make out because no matter what it was written in for it's a bit unfair about Sheldon. Now these things are said in an argument and it's understandable I just wish that before this is resolved there will be acknowledgement about Sheldon's efforts. In the end I think it all comes down on the way they will handle it. The more I thing of it the more I feel that in the end I didn't dislike season's 7 finale that much before I saw that they didn't really resolved this (may I add in my opinion cause last season finale can provoke quite the debate I am not willing to make). For me this finale is much better anyway but if they really manage to convey all these things you describe next season then I wouldn't be surprised if most of the people who aren't really sure about the finale will be probably really happy. I think it mostly is about what is in the future wit this one rather than a line Amy said that can or cannot be a plot devise (but highly unfair in my opinion). Anyway I think that when we see the episode we will probably reevaluate many things. What I will give them without watching it though is the fact that the scene when Amy asks for some time is made without shouting and stuff like that. Simple and emotional and that's it were the audience will sympathise with both of them.
  12. I know your comment was in general I just thought I should clarify what I said in my original post. Also I can't speak for anyone else but I felt the lack of the Amy character merely cause I am fan. What I am trying to say is I am not sure if more Amy would have made the previous episode better cause frankly she could have some not funny lines or not interesting storylines etc. Same with this one she could have made it worse in general. I think that mainly fans would really notice it and be bumped she wasn't there more. For example if Raj wasn't there at all in an episode personally (and that is me and just me) I wouldn't be too bothered. Would I have noticed yes but I wouldn't think twice about it. Were there not moments that I found Raj hilarious and his storylines laugh out loud funny?? Of course there were!! I am just not a fan. Hoped I managed to give you at least some insight about why people missed Amy and I think it doesn't really have to do with whether it was a good or a bad episode but that they like character and enjoy seeing her. Of course there are probably other reasons but that's what I could think of. Hope that was helpful.
  13. I guess it depends on each person's tastes. Amy is the main reason I started watching the show so one can easily understand why her absence was a turn off for me. Don't get me wrong I adored the episode I just missed her. So to answer your question the episode might or might not be better with her. What I know for sure is that for me it would. I could be very wrong here but I was under the impression that Mayim couldn't be a bigger part of the episode not that Amy just didn't fit in the storyline?? Anyway I definitely don't try to take something away from the episode or the characters and the storylines that made it so wonderful.
  14. Very good episode!!! I loled a lot and I loved Howard - Sheldon and Penny - Leonard!! Both pairings literally shined!! Amy's absence was noticeable but it's absolutely understandable the reason why.
  15. Me too. I thought it was four of us (all Shamies may I add) but it turns out we are more!! eta: I didn't know what episode was on and I caught it right on time for the ILY!!!
  16. Agreed. I think that it makes more sense for Amy to be at a loss and not be sure if the progress in the physical stuff was made cause he really truly wanted it or because he gave in to her desire for it. It is evident that he likes it (I couldn't imagine Sheldon doing something he doesn't like anyway) but does he like it enough as much as she does? So I could very easily imagine that Sheldon not really wanting it and doing it for her is a deal breaker for Amy hence the reevaluation. What I didn't at all was the "all I get is distracted make out" cause frankly it's not. Even if she only meant their physical progress we are talking about a person who didn't understand how Penny wanted to break up with Leonard yet she drunk from his soda. And now he goes in for more. I understand that it hurt her but I hope that she made the decision to get some space to think about what's really troubling her and realize that if Sheldon doesn't go with his whole heart into the physical side of the relationship then can she put a stop to it and say "hey never mind I am staying here even if my needs are not met" or is she going to break up? But most importantly I hope she learns how to talk and communicate with him in that area too cause as wonderful their communication in general is I find it very fitting that the bad communication happened about something physical. As for the pace thing it seems a little forced tbh and as wow says I think they could have achieved exactly what they did,the essence of the episode, but in a bit more graceful manner.
  17. Tbh I am quite positive that it won't last much and things will get better if not in the first episode then soon enough. I keep my fingers crossed for a satisfactory resolve of this issue. After reading about Amy being close to tears and how Sheldon will be confused and hurt and I am feeling for both I would so much like a happy finale once having them be happy...
  18. I really like that explanation about where Amy is coming from. I really cannot wait to see how this plays out in the episode. But I admit that Amy's line about the distracted make out is a bit frustrating after that season. Actually that was my dream scenario for season 8 opener. Exactly that. Amy calmly saying that she did a lot of thinking while he was away and she thinks they should reevaluate the relationship. But at this point she should know that he is committed to her and that surely isn't nothing. I adore Amy but that line could be really hurtful and I think she should apologise. Not for wanting some space it's her right after all but for saying this. Anyway that finale is definitely better than the last one for me. I keep my fingers crossed for an interesting first episode after that that will help us understand Amy's state of mind a little bit more and how come Sheldon started thinking about an engagement. I'd really love to know more about it. As for the break I guess it's a couple of days with no talking. If her real problem is that she wants Sheldon to want her and feels afraid to ask then she will realize pretty soon that the only way to know is to ask. So if this really is the case (which I hope is) even if she decides how she'd react if he did everything because she wanted to she still needs to ask. I believe that this could play out great in the long run and Amy could have a great growing moment. I really really hope the writers don't miss out on this opportunity. If something's bothering her she needs to talk and she needs to have confidence in herself. As for the engagement I am really curious as how this will play out. I didn't expect it and tbh I am pretty pleased with their level of commitment this season so I didn't expect this at all.
  19. I am happy for the make out but I am going to agree with Sheldon on being upset about going from kiss face to angry face. I kinda expected the what it seems to be their first make out would make them happy not angry and fighting. I don't doubt they will be okay and probably engaged but still I am a disappointed.
  20. Yeah I also think they went for the shock value. Because the make out is great and all but Amy needing "space" doesn't really make much sense. I wonder what the exact reason is. As Marina said I could believe that she may be scared about physical stuff cause that has yet to happen. She was the one to talk about living together and family etc. I just can't think what made her wanna take a break. Thanks for the info!!! Hopefully when we know more it'll make more sense.
  21. Wow that press release I didn't see it coming!! I honestly thought the sleepover was the Shamy finale for season 8. I really try not to get very excited. But I just cannot believe this is going to be bad or at least season 7 finale bad. I am leaning closer to a living together proposal because honestly we heard a lot about it this season and then we had Sheldon being all excited about the sleepover. Maybe he suggests that they could have some sleepovers until Lenny get married and then they live together. Maybe something completely different. I still think that the possibility of angst and maybe something a bit dramatic in the bad sense might happen - like Amy going away for work or freaking out about something and ends up taking a step backward etc - but I think that if there is a cliffhanger it won't necessarily be a bad one. I am trying not be terribly excited but staying positive. But I still get why people worry and I don't find it absurd or that it's negativity. The way the summary was phrased can be interpreted in a good and a bad way and tptb could give us a bad surprise. I just honestly don't think so cause this season Shamy is going very well and I don't see a reason to change that. So for all the people who are worried I don't think you are thinking unreasonably but I hope you are terribly terribly wrong. I keep my fingers crossed and hope for the better but try to keep my excitement levels as low as possible.
  22. This season I am really happy with the Penny character. At first I couldn't imagine how Penny could do anything else than pursuing acting but I think the storyline she got is also interesting. I know people love Penny and as someone who loves her character I understand why many got bumped that she gave up her dream something she was passionate about. But the reason I appreciate her new job is that she had the courage to make that difficult decision. She left her home in order to become an actress, she paid for classes, played some small parts basically did many things to become the star she wanted but she just couldn't. I realize it may seem sad cause it's like leaving her dream to do something boring like selling things. But it needs a lot of courage to realize that what you are doing no matter how much you want it might never happen so maybe you should try doing something else. I liked that Penny took the chance and found something that she actually likes cause people can like two things and be good at them and be passionate about them. So I don't see it as Penny leaving something she loved in order to do something boring but profitable (still I wouldn't judge her) but I see it as her discovering her abilities and other things she likes. Now if she ever decides to give acting another chance I wouldn't mind. I would like for her to follow her dream but I wouldn't exclude the possibility that what she lives now may be a dream for her. As for her hair and short hair in general. Although I am not a fan in general(only because I feel that short hair needs a lot of attention to look good and I am just to bored to do that) Kaley looks very good with it in my opinion. Her face is really beautiful and especially her eyes and short hair draws attention on her face and that's a good thing for me. I also liked her long hair but this is a nice change for me.
  23. That's very interesting Irene thanks for posting. For anyone interested in Greece we use the word mathematics and there is no abbreviated form of the word. We use it as plural though (e.g. We say "Mathematics are..." ). Personally I prefer the word math at least when I speak cause I like the way it sounds better.
  24. Thanks for the taping report Dana and Happykitty. I liked the way Penny helped Leonard and tried to make things work for him. I am also happy about the Sheldon-Howard scenes. As for the boring thing well I am not sure if it's such a bad thing when someone has an opinion about an episode that hasn't aired yet. I mean why are we here anyway?? Since it was posted respectfully and clearly stated as an opinion and no more than that I think it's cool to say whatever. And if the episode turns out to be funnier than that person expected all the better right? If not that's a shame. But sometimes I find the reactions about people's dramatic reactions wayyy more dramatic if that makes sense (it probably doesn't..at least I tried ). Anyway it seems a little rude to say what people should say or judge or find boring as long as it is stated respectfully. Just my opinion about it.
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