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  1. Yes that's it. Sometimes when I am in a hurry I make these silly mistakes. Thanks for explaining how I should have written this I appreciate it.
  2. No I didn't write that. Sorry my bad but English isn't my first language so I probably messed up. I didn't mean I am the person who wrote the article but I have something in common with them which is our dislike about labelling. Excuse me again.
  3. I am not gonna go into specific arguments about everything in this article but - even though I as the person who wrote it don't like labelling - I am definitely not a nerd. I didn't know what D&D was before the show, I am not a fan of science fiction etc. I started watching the show cause I wanted to laugh and I appreciated the science aspect of the show . But I have to admit that seeing these four characters dealing with all these things that make them excited made me really pay attention to them and the things they like. TBBT made me more aware of things I didn't know before. Now I am watching Firefly and I plan to watch Star Wars. I am not a nerd suddenly (when I say that after reading that article I feel like by not being a nerd I am someone cruel who laughs at people ) but I appreciate these four guys and I really like them. That show only tells me that these geniuses are also humans and sometimes people are harsh on them but they do what they want to do anyway and they are happy anyway and I really appreciate that message. But I guess it's about how people see things and everybody is entitled to their opinion.
  4. If I had to choose for someone to leave I'd want either Lenny going on holiday with Penny sunbathing and Leonard next to her reading a book or Pamy leaving for some reason doing whatever cause no matter what they do I love them!!
  5. Wow she is really talented! She has such a beautiful voice. I guess you are pretty proud of her! If I lived closer I'd definitely watch that show even though musicals aren't really my thing. But I am pretty impressed. Gongratulations to your daughter and I hope she will always have the chance to perform and do what she loves the most!
  6. I should be asleep by now but I remembered there was a taping this week and what I found out was pretty amazing!! Oh my God that episode is wonderful!! It's quite the milestone and it feels a bit rushed especially for the reasons koops mentioned but still it's excellent! I love it!!
  7. That's exactly what I love the most about that storyline. The fact that someone who is so uncomfortable with pretty much everyone found a person to be comfortable around and happy. That's pretty amazing. Also koops thanks for the link to Mayim ' s post it was wonderful.
  8. Others have said what I am about to say but since it's about Amy I'll also add my two cents. The make over idea has been expresses before here in the forum and I honestly find it a very very bad idea. I certainly do think some of Amy's clothes are just rediculous and I honestly sometimes laugh with what she is wearing I am not sure if they should go for the make over option. Firstly it's one thing to use a character's poor sense of fashion to create comedic relief and another to make the point that a woman would never get her boyfriend to desire her - even if he said he loves her- if she is not a fashionable woman wearing make up. At this point I don't even think it's about Amy they are not having sex. Cause Sheldon sure have been in the company of beautiful and cute women - an obvious example is Penny- and women who had an intellectual level equal to his own (like that scientist girl Emily Plimpton if I am not mistaken) but he never seemed to even be remotely interested in any of them. Yet Amy with the poor sense of fashion managed to make him love her and kiss her and even talk about intimacy with her. That's probably because he likes her for the person she is. Or it happened to be his taste in women. He likes bespectacled neurobiologists with hair in the colour of mud. Also I doubt that the tptb would go for a make over. The had Priya trying to change Leonard and make him not wear glasses and dress better and it was just a failure and that's actually the point they wanted to make. But if it ever does happen and Sheldon suddenly realize he really desires her cause of her make up and clothes then we are talking about a pretty hypocritical person. He said again and again that he doesn't get all the fuss about sexual relationships and that's probably because he doesn't think good looks a good reason to choose a sexual partner. Only if he realized that big intimate with the person you love can be really satisfying it wouldn't look like he was just a being hypocrite. eta: excuse my mistakes my phone takes many initiatives
  9. Excellent episode. Lenny holding hands while Shamy had big news to say was everything. The line of the episode was once again Leonard's: "please go to Mars". I loved Johnny's delivery. I liked that we got to see Emily again and of course I loved the Shamy.
  10. I haven't watched the episode yet but that popped up on my fb wall. I didn't watch the video and I don't really care about the article but there is a turtle named Sheldon. I thought you guys might find that amusing (sorry if it's OT). http://happyplace.someecards.com/animals/this-tortoise-chasing-a-dog-is-a-metaphor-for-something/ Also I cannot wait till I am able to watch the episode! I am already excited by the comments!
  11. I think Denyy was kidding with the "let it go" theme of the episode before Acceleration. Interesting observation I didn't notice before.
  12. Well in the episode it wasn't clearly stated that it meant as a distraction. Personally I thought Penny was genuinely surprised (though as you said it makes no sense cause that's not something you easily hide especially from people you work with). But I just think it was a poor excuse from the writer's side. I find your conclusion logical but I am gonna stick with what was said in the episode and assume Penny just texted the others when she found out just then. Having said that I think Lio's point was correct even if this was just a distraction. Penny did feel closer to Sheldon after the exercise but not in love.After all they really did take the test and I believe they answered truthfully.
  13. I thought the episode was funny. My favourite part was Howardette. I also liked the zombie story cause we got to see Emily again!! I wish it was a bit more cause it felt a bit rushed. I also liked the Shenny scenes. Admittedly they were quite sweet and I agree with Lio that it didn't come off as harsh on the Shennies as I imagined. The staring was awkward but that's how it was meant to be. Favourite line Amy saying she would dine with the janitor!! Also (like koops told once I think) I totally imagined Sheldon proclaiming his love for Amy. Like with a loud voice he goes like "I Sheldon Lee Cooper proclaim my love for Amy Farrah Fowler". Also the explanation of the word pontificate(that was the word right?? And imagine it came from a Greek word lol) and how happy they were about it and Leonard ' s respond lol!!! For me it was a good episode I enjoyed it.
  14. Thanks Chloe that was nice to read :-)
  15. That episode sounds really great!! I love the Shamy interaction!! Thanks for the report!!
  16. Cecilia

    Obit: Moyrani

    Thanks Lio for opening that thread and providing information and a space to for us to express our condolences. I didn't know Moyra personally, maybe talked to her once or twice but I feel like I knew her from sides and the little comments she would write lately. I appreciate her modest character cause she never claimed the credit she deserved but she kindly provided us with information and tickets just to make us happy. It's pretty devastating and I can only imagine what her family goes through right now. I know they are hurting from the loss of a wonderful young person but hope the thought that people all over the world think so dearly of Moyra and send them their thoughts will make them hurt a tiny bit less... Chloe your words were truly beautiful and they moved me so much. My condolences to her friends also.
  17. Oh my God I had no idea!! That is so so sad!! :-( :-( I know some people were friends with her and it must be hard..I am really sorry..
  18. I found that article explaining some things about 7.10 .It has major spoilers for those who haven't watched season 7 so you've been warned. http://m.etonline.com/tv/159184_the_mentalist_boss_on_unexpected_death_jane_and_lisbon_romance/ About this episode..It was pretty sad and I liked Vega and Wylye..It was such a shame what happened but I guess that was her story arch and it is interesting at least to me..Considering they only have half a season I think they do the very best they can and it is good.But for me they needed a whole season to address all these issues smoothly and have a nice ending.But at the end of the day I am quite pleased with the show and season seven.
  19. I think I get why they chose a storyline like that. If it's sweeps but they don't want to move too fast they used the good old Shenny pairing to attract some casual viewers as someone suggested. It's a popular pairing and they are pretty funny. And if they can put the romantic Shenny to sleep once and for all it's all the better. Also the laundry room scene last year indicate that they can write funny and never-gonna-happen Shenny very well. Having said that I would prefer to reinforce Lenny and Shamy rather than disprove Shenny. But that's just me and I think it will be funny . Waiting for the taping report to have a better image of the episode. Thanks to those who are writing it and gave us the spoilers!
  20. That!! Now just let us see them on screen working together please!!
  21. Oh sorry!! The new season is on in America so I thought it wasn't a spoiler. But it seems like it's just you and me in that thread so I won't spoil you anymore! Yeah when I noticed it it reminded me of TBBT too.
  22. I just have to say I am pretty pleased with the new season so far! I know many fans conplain about the lack of kisses and I have to admit it strikes me as weird cause this is a new relationship and sometimes it would make more sense if they kissed etc but personally I adore the feel of intimacy that exists between them even if they hide their relationship. Sweet looks, smiles and all these in a casual way. I know more will come and I love how they explore things like commitment or job related issues.
  23. Still I am not sure that would be so bad. As I said everybody needs their space. I am pretty confident that season nine will be Lenny. Now I understand why Lennies are unhappy totally but I wouldn't dare talk about other people with certainty. I am a Shamy shipper and I know I wouldn't mind and knowing some shamy shippers I am pretty confident they would understand. But I cannot speak of everyone. In any way there was no comparison of relationships. Just possible shippers reaction.
  24. But I am not comparing them. Some other poster suggested to "put the shoe on the other foot". So, aren't we talking about the lack of intimacy what makes some Lennies feel disappointment about this season?? I believe we are and whether we like it or not Shamy always was pretty subtle on displays of intimacy. It's a fact that many times we were satisfied with just looks, we even have a term for that. So, the original question of the poster was how would the Shamies feel if that happened to their ship. I think most of them could handle it. I know I would. Now if you want to adress the comparison issue and whether that's correct or not maybe you should try with the poster who actually suggested it. Even though I think they didn't mean to compare the relationships but the way the shippers in each case would react. Now if you think I implied anything bad about the Shamy relationship as a whole you are mistaken again. I thought we were just talking about the physical aspect that's the only thing I am talking about. This isn't a comparison of relationships but of the way the shippers would react about the lack of intimacy. My guess the reaction would probably be different cause the relationships are different.
  25. Well I think the "put the shoe on the other foot" is kinda moot. Mainly, bacause of the reasons nickelette gave. We are used to having very little things so we work with what we have. Also there is a possibility that season nine will be Lenny season and we will get two plots out of 24 while Lenny gets the majority. Personally, that's what I think will happen and I am ok with that. Everybody needs their space. Having said that I get the "why not even a kiss" thing especially as a Jisbon fan (ok different show but no kiss ) but unfortunately that's the way it is. Shamy has made me more patient
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