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  1. Yes that's what I thought. I bet that scene will be very funny with Lenny trying to make up all these crazy stuff. That's a scene the facial expressions are pretty important imo and I love these scenes!
  2. Yeah I thought of that too. It would be more logical to use Leonard's toothbrush and a little less gross. Also why would Amy take of anything while he is asleep? And how would Leonard know? Okay maybe Penny told him but still it sounds like teasing to me. Also maybe a way from the writers to warm us up in the idea.
  3. Well I believe that Sheldon would be willing to tolerate Penny if he could still be Leonard's roomate. And for all we know maybe Penny happened to have fresh sheets the times he slept on her bed. We know she can do laundry properly . Anyway I don't think Penny is dirty but messy. For example the food is clean but then she would do the dishes the next morning. Sometimes people do that but I am not sure Sheldon could stand it. Also he may have noticed her many pair of panties on her bedroom floor when he desperately needed a shower after sitting on the chair she collected from the garbage but flew the apartment horrified cause there was a band aid. Many things could have happened. And we seem to forget Penny here. As I said I think he could tolerate her (he would be a pain in the ass about it but he would) I am not so sure Penny would ever put herself through living with Sheldon.
  4. That ep has Amy and electrodes and no one could fail with that. I love it that she help him with that!! In general it doesn't sound like the most original episode but it could be really funny. Emily or Cinnamon will be for sure!!! Also I've been thinking the "while you were asleep Amy took off her..." comment and I am not sure if that really happened or Leonard made it up. For example I doubt that Penny would ever use Sheldon's toothbrush.
  5. @Tensor I thought they were snaky. She lost her temper especially with the bird situation while it wasn't even her business to make Sheldon like the bird. What I am trying to say is that while it's not very pleasant to watch I am not that surprised that Bernie behaves the way she does this season. Penny can be sarcastic but I wouldn't expect her to snap at people with no reason more than Bernie. So, if I get it right the argument here is that Bernie's change was more dramatic than Penny's. I just don't see it that way so it's easier for me to assume that the OP also doesn't think so (or doesn't care about other characters). I genuinely didn't all know all these things (except for the drinking thing that was mentioned in the original post) tho I suspected them. I believe there is a huge difference between a real person and a character that's why critisizing a character is allowed. Also I take it more of an attack to the writers than the character itself. The OP said ''Penny seems reduced to'' and ''Bring back the compassion, animation and insights of the other Penny!''. Doesn't that mean that they thought that Penny was portreyed better in the past while now she became something not as good?? I know my English isn't the best but I am quite sure that the ''other Penny'' is meant to be someone the OP liked thus my interpretation of a disappointed person. @skull I don't think I put any words in your mouth. I am not sure what ''try to make someone stupid'' means and if it's a phrase but if you mean that I implied that you tried to make someone look stupid about their opinions then I believe you are mistaken cause I never said anything like that. If it's a phrase and I am unfamiliar with it then excuse me. Also I didn't say you attacked the poster but you accused them of attacking the character which is different. I never implied that you offended the poster just that I found the part of your answer that says ''Or is this just a singular attack on Penny?'' inappropriate and unfair to the OP. At least until we know more about that person's views. And yes that's my interpretation of your comment I see nothing wrong with it.
  6. But Leonard and Penny never actually took the test. And how could Penny and Chardonnay take a test?? I would think the fact that Leonard said she had a bit of a drinking problem more valid argument tho I think he was just teasing her. Also Sheldon once wondered what to do with a washed up experimental physicist and suggested Leonard should teach history where he wouldn't have to create things.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion but anyway I think Bernie had more of a snarky personality with the "pet the bird you big baby" and making Sheldon brush his teeth etc. Yes now it's way more obvious and some other trais like her being naive are being toned down. Tensor I have no problem with people bringing up examples and I never said so. I have a problem with people being accused of attacking a character because they failed to bring up examples. Because at the end of the day that person just didn't want to talk about other characters. Isn't that the OP's right?? Isn't that why the titles involve only Penny's name?? Also maybe I should have known but I have no idea why comparing Penny with Chuck Lorre is such an attack. I genuinely do not know. But I find it possible that the OP just views some things a different way than say you that you think that Bernadette fits the characterization more. As I said I believe that the OP is wrong and I actually think that Bernie is way more snarky than Penny and as I said this season Penny hasn't even been drunk. But I do think that the moment someone says something bad about Penny people are going to claim that it's an attack to the character. I believe it's the same with Sheldon and some people are biased.You know everything is a possibility but that comment surely wasn't the worst kind of comment we have seen about pretty much all the characters so I choose to not see it as an attack to the character until there is proof for the contrary. And I think it's pretty unfair to be accused of doing thay especially if the OP turns up to be a person who liked a character pretty much but now is disappointed with the way that character is.
  8. I think the difference is that the OP thought didn't think that Penny is a snarky person. While now he thinks she is. Bernie is more but she always was. For the OP the noticable change is on Penny. As I understanfld it that's targeted against the writers who changed Penny in a way the OP doesn't think is suitable for her. For example everybody can be annoying (and they have been in genaral) but we could agree that most of the times Sheldon is the annoying one. So if anyone wanted to comment on Sheldon being annoying they should also mention how Leonard,Penny,Amy,Howard and Raj are annoying and to what extend or else it's an attack against Sheldon?? I happen to disagree with OP's comment in general. But I just find the mention to other characters completely unrelated to the conversation. Maybe the OP cares only for Penny so he only talks about her.
  9. What do you mean she hasn't drunk at all this year? Only in the Christmas ep at some point she was drinking and she was drinking in the double date episode. If you mean she haven't been drunk then I think you are right I don't remember any instance when she was drunk this season. But I am not sure how the OP's post is an attack to Penny. What I got is that the OP likes Penny in general but is disappointed with something in her character lately. Why should they also mention Bernadette in order for that post not to be considered an attack?? If the OP doesn't really care about Bernadette?? Anyway Bernie always had that dark side going on and while I personally sometimes this season wish she was sweeter it has nothing to do with people's feelings about Penny. The way I see it Penny was always that loving caring person and I also believe that the times she was deprived of these characteristics are more of an instance of lazy writing from the writers (or maybe a direction thing?? I wouldn't be sure) than actually Penny's character. I never thought she was an alcoholic tho. These are just opinions not attacks and one shouldn't have to mention the whole cast just to prove that simple thing.
  10. When you say nope I suppose you talk about whether an asexual relationship is a relationship with no sex. Reading your above post I understand that with your OP you mean why Sheldon needs to want sex rather than do it cause Amy isn't asexual. I maintain to my belief that plot wise it could happen. I am not sure if a person with Sheldon's personality would do it tho. Sheldon usually doesn't do what he doesn't want to do and even if he loves her it's his right to finally not put himself in a situation he doesn't really want to. As for the rest of your post. When did I say that you implied that they do not love each other?? When did I say that love and sex is the same thing?? What I asked was whether the term "asexual relationship" meant a relationship that one or two people are asexual or if it's a relationship with no sex. I didn't involve love to that I just wanted to know your definition. I already knew that love and sex are two different things. Also I think that you can be sexual and be in love with an asexual and never have sex cause you love them too much. But I don't see how that is related to my post. And no thanks I don't want to go to AVEN and read any comments. Also I am sorry about that but I feel a condescesion in your tone. I don't know if you are a native speaker and I am certainly not so that could be it but I feel that especially with that post of yours and figured I should let you know. I am not accusing you I am just mentioning it so that you'd know how I feel if you're interested.
  11. I think that whether Sheldon is asexual or not is something only the writers could answer and I am not sure even if they agree with each other. I could buy it any minute that half the writers consider him asexual and the other half don't. But the original question wasn't whether Sheldon is asexual or not. The question was why can't Sheldon and Amy have an asexual relationship. I am not sure so excuse me if I am wrong but with the term "asexual relationship" we mean a relationship with no sex right?? The OP could help with that. So, supposing that's what it means my personal answer would be that plot wise they could. Sheldon, although seems like he is working towards that way, could very well never get ready and decide he won't do it and in the prom episode it was established that Amy wouldn't leave him over that. Now if we are talking about the reasons that lead the writers to alter the "Sheldon is attracted to no one" we all suspected to "Sheldon is attracted to Amy" then what I think is that the thing the writers want to explore on the Shamy relationship is the physical aspect. Maybe because it's the aspect they are less familiar with. Just like Lenny and commitment. Anyway I think it will happen between them and I feel it was very well presented and quite smoothly. I personally believe that Sheldon was depicted as asexual (tho never labelled) and that demisexuality is probably his thing. Also, I don't doubt that he is attracted to Amy. So, bottom line personally I would be perfectly ok if Shamy never had sex cause I love the intimacy they already have, their quirks and their communication but I also think it would be very interesting to watch those two navigate through something like that. I also believe that the majority see it the same way but I cannot speak fot others so that's just an assumption.
  12. Yes that's what I thought too. Also, I always thought it was a conscious choice because he thought that if he ever became interested in sex he would probably lose some of his intelligence.
  13. Wow that's wonderful!!! Thanks for posting Maddie!! Can't wait to see more!!
  14. Bernadette singing Christmas songs and Sheldon trying to stop her was a highlight for me!! Loved Bernie in this ep.
  15. I watched that divine Christmas ep with the Christmas tree as the backround and then all these beautiful things happened and I can tell you it must be heaven!! I just cannot get over how great my babies are!! And they are happy and Amy manages to make Sheldon like Christmas and I just can't...Shamy exchanging gifts, Amy's ILY, all the things Sheldon knows (likes) about Amy and did I mention the gift giving??? Sheldon's lips moving while listening at that adorable message ???? Amy's face of happiness!!!!!
  16. Yeah sometimes people post false synopsis.
  17. I am not a Lenny expert so I will take your word for that. Still I think that Leonard and Penny do spend nights together cause that's how their relationship works. I don't think they stopped that I just think it wasn't on screen. I just don't see Penny or Leonard to willing to give up that kind pf intimacy of waking up with your SO. I remember that before Sheldon left Penny spent at least one night in 4A (when she haf the discussion about Sheldon's work with him I think). Also I think that they did spend the 45 days Sheldon was away together so I just don't think it's rational to stop it. Maybe he spends less nights there but I wouldn't buy it that easily that they don't spend any nights together. Also if they did it's only like a couple of months opposed to many nights all the years they are together so I figure Sheldon doesn't have a problem with Leonard spending time over at Penny's as long as he is his roomate. I just think that the problem is that Sheldon cannot get used to the idea and when he does and decide that it's for the best he will ok.
  18. @Phanta sorry I cannot quote just the part I am interested in from phone. Well, I doubt that not once Leonard stayed over at Penny's even in the morning to do all those things. Actually ,with exception of getting ready for work since his clothes are in 4A I think he regularly eats breakfast with Penny and spends his morning there (especially if it's not a work day) just like we have seen Penny do multiple times in the guys' apartment wheb she wakes up and pours some coffee and makes breakfast etc. Also Lenny often have dinner over at Penny's alone so I guess there are some days he hardly spends any time at 4A at all. So at least for me they are pretty close to living together even now. I think it's mostly the idea of not having Leonard as a roomate that bugs Sheldon the most. Of course that's used to also add comedic relief to the scene. But in relation to people claiming that's regressing from Sheldon's part I don't believe it is and my previous post is the reason why.
  19. Well we know that Leonard spends some nights in Penny's apartment and probably Sheldon is ok with that. So why did he sleep on the couch this particular night? My guess cause he was being emotional and while needing reassurance that Leonard will be part of his life he also thought he should compromise so there he is ok with Leonard sleeping over at Penny's but he is on the couch. Sheldon in reality isn't the emotionless person he likes to think he is. When Leonard was away he went over to Penny's cause she was missing him and that was an obvious excuse. Did he think he had a nightmare because Leonard mixed up the CD cases?? Of course not he saw the Cracken eat him up but he wasn't going to admit that! My point is that this is why Sheldon seems mature in this ep. He doesn't need an excuse anymore to express his feelings. He stayed over at Lenny's cause he needed reassurance that he is welcomed in their home. There are no excuses no anything. I am not sure how that has to do with Amy. I actually think it doesn't and if he is not ready to live with her it's his right and it doesn't mean he doesn't love her or she is not important to him. About the question whether Shamy fans would be bothered if Lenny or someone often interrupted them. I can only speak for myself. I am not sure I guess it may bother me sometimes others I wouldn't mind. What I do know is that from times to times there is something about Shamy that might bother me but comparing to what I like about this ship is not enough to turn me off. Also this thread becomes all the more difficult to read. I don't really want to leave it cause all new spoilers are posted here first but still I find all these ship wars inappropriate since there is a shipping lanes thread. It's pretty sad cause I feel that people (of every ship not a particular one) try to put other people or ships down and I find it pointless and annoying.
  20. I think they took out the Shamy hug a few eps ago and it was a third take. I am not sure though. But I hope it stays in. To the people attending do you remember which take was funnier?? Thanks to the reporters sounds like a funny one!!
  21. Actually I think birthday is bigger than name day. Maybe it's a recent thing but people usually have a party or provide dinner or something on their birthday while it's just a drink or a coffee on name day and they don't always get presents. Anyway it's always nice to share those things about our cultures but it's getting kinda off topic. So I was thinking about the S/A/L/P plot and thought that maybe Amy will be more on scenes with the ''big three''. We had a double date and the whole interaction about Leonard's surgery and now this. Maybe I am totally wrong but anyway I like the interactions between these four.
  22. I am not sure about other countries but at least in Greece usually we get our names after a saint and the day they are honored the people who have that name also celebrate. For example today it's a celebration for the girls named Ann. Hope that is helpful!!
  23. When was yours?? Happy name day anyway Do you speak Greek in general?? What you wrote is quite correct! Good spelling and panctuation (lol I am not sure how to say that in English I mean the sign above α). Many times not even Greeks use them
  24. Χρονια πολλα Miss Purple!! I am excited about the taping but tbh I am even more excited about the new episode!! I cannot wait!!
  25. This! I don't doubt that it could be very funny but I wouldn't mind something more original about the girls. Penny also likes paintball and I kinda have the feeling Amy would like that too. Or they could have a video games contest. Anyway I find shopping so boring I am probably biased
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