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  1. Aww the pictures are adorable...I can't wait!!
  2. Awwww you made mine too!!! Thank you sooo much Chloe!!!!!! Damn it I cannot change it right now...Penny's card is the best!! And of course Cinnamon is cute like hell!! Thank you Chloe they are all amazing!!
  3. I loved the balance of drama and comedy in that show! Also great performances. I would definitely watch it again.
  4. I don't think I have watched every episode but I enjoyed that show.
  5. Just saw that. I am so sad you're in pain Lio. Hope you're better soon.
  6. Maddie this looks amazing!! Well done!! I'd be glad to see more!! You are very talented!
  7. Omg that's one of the Christmas songs I hate but your version is talking straight into my heart..
  8. Can't speak for others but at least for me there is no desire for Amy to be smarter as a means to prove something or have some kind of satisfaction. I just think that a storyline like this could be funny. As others said IQ doesn't really show who is smarter in general (or at least that's what I got). And a difference of one or two point probably is not significant. Sheldon just takes it for granted that he is smarter and it would be funny to shake that a little. Also it would be consistent with the theme of Sheldon embracing things changing this season and letting his caring side to show if against all prediction he ends up being proud than jealous. It's not a need to make Amy look better or put Sheldon down just a potentially funny and sweet storyline at least for me.
  9. Well I don't really care whose IQ is highest but I admit it would be funny if Amy's was higher one or two points but she didn't think it was important to mention it. It would also be really if we got to see Sheldon coming in terms with that because he loves her even though he cannot stand it if he is not smarter than everybody. I remember how his class with Howard went and IMO that was purely his fault cause Howard genuinly wanted to learn. So, since Sheldon is growing up this year maybe something like that would make him a little more humble. Maybe not. I just wouldn't mind or ruin the character for me or the premise of the show etc. It could be made funny if handled well. As for Penny I agree with you guys. She is a smart person. She is the last on a list with a bunch of some genuises- that is if the last place is indeed her place. I assume it is but you never know.
  10. I love your gifs!! They could be endgame or not but Emily can be reallt charming and sometimes her creepiness can be funny. I like Raj when he is wirh her. Most of their scenes are lovely. I am interested to see what will happen with them.
  11. Tbh I don't really like that pairing but I am not eliminating the chance of them having something good. And maybe there are teams with more than two people. I would also like that.
  12. If we have couples mixed going shopping I would wish for Amy and Howard to team up. Guess who watched the Scavenger Vortex last night...
  13. I agree with that. Also I think that Amy taking the pressure about sex off him made him realize that it's ok to say it. I think he knew for some time but was a bit afraid of Amy's reaction. Remember she only suggested living together if he cannot live on his own and he thought she only wanted to see his bathing suit areas. So, when Amy told him that no she won't pressure him he had no problem to say it.
  14. Well thb I think that TBBT use bright colours for some of their sets. I remember that was one of the things I noticed before I started watching the show. I suppose for the apartment it's there to match Penny's bubbly personality as other people said. I am not saying aesthetically these are my favourite colours but they kind of match the cheerful character of the show. Now I am really used to it and I like it more than before.
  15. Every time I think of that scenario I try to hide my excitement but end up looking like this
  16. Oh my God FwF ftw!!!!!!!! You always deliver the good news Chloe!!!! If Shamy is presenting FwF then I should probably send you a gift or something that's how precious fun with flags is for me. If we ever get counterfactuals or or harp again I will probably cry!
  17. I really loved this episode. I won't say much about Shamy cause I am obviously very very happy with what happened. This was a really funny episode I really lolled at that one. I liked Emily tbh she was funny and relaxed. I also liked that Bernie stood up for Howard (and that voice just made my month and will always be a way to cheer up when feeling blue along with the ILY). And of course I loved Lenny. Lenny's and Shamy's photos were phenomenal!! Penny was just soo beautiful and just delightful throughout the episode! Leonard was so relaxed with her. I also missed a kiss there tbh. And I loved that they had a decent prom. So glad for Amy!!! Instead of dancing with a mop she danced with the man she loves and he loves her back!! All in all the perfect combination of funny and sweet!!!! They totally nailed it both the writers and the actors!!
  18. Okay I haven't been posting much lately because I was busy but I couldn't miss the opportunity to talk about the best episode ever! I could never imagine Herb garden would have such strong competition!! I cannot believe the perfection of Shamy in this! Everything clear they love each other and they are ok with it. I loved how Sheldon calmly said it going all "I won't deny I have feelings for you" while she struggled to say it and probably agonized he was going to dismiss her etc. Sheldon has grown and not only he knows how he feels but he has no problem saying it!! Also based on Amy's reaction I am with koops on the cold feet scenario!! Perfect ep really funny and sweet!! I loved Lenny's and Shamy's prom photos!! Bernie reaching new levels with her squeaky voice was just a huge bonus! I'll take this ep as an ILY from the writers! And I love them too!! eta: Interesting interview the one Jim gave. Thanks to the person who translated that!!!
  19. No, I didn't mean that you said that. But you did say that the writers will change Sheldon from asexual to sexual to fit the public view of normal. So, my argument is that if Sheldon was written as asexual he would still be cause that's not the important thing on the show. I think the writers deliberately didn't state with clarity what "his deal" is so that they could have options in the future. Sorry, I didn't understand what won't be interesting for "normal" people? Anyway to answer to your original question Sheldon and Amy could have an asexual relationship but the writers happened to want something else about them. From my experience from that forum I know that many people like them regardless so if they kept them asexual but interesting and funny they would be in this ship. From my experience from people in the real world well they just don't really care as long as the show is funny.
  20. Beautiful picture!! They look so in love and that's amazing! I also loved Howardette's photo.Thanks for posting!
  21. Sorry but I don't think the success of the show relies on Sheldon's sex life. If the writers decided to write him asexual from the start I doubt they would change that now. If they did things out of pressure they would have made Sheldon and Penny an item and they told so. They had requests but never wanted to see that one through cause they were telling a different story. It's the same now. Actually this is the story they want to tell no pressure or anything else. And I am not saying that you don't have legitimate reasons to suspect he seemed as an asexual character. Many of us thought he were including me. I am just a little surprised and maybe offended that you would think that all these people that make this show a success would turn their televisions off if Sheldon was asexual and happy. Believe me I understand that people can be mean and judgmental but nowadays things are a little better right? And I think that's why all these people responded to your message cause you're saying something about the people who write the story and the people who enjoy it while basically you know neither of them. And I am sorru but you are the only one who is referring to labels concerning sexual orientation. Without even knowing our orientation. Unrelated to the show that makes at least me nervous like I have to choose something to be and I cannot be something else cause the label comes with a little box and either you fit there or go find another box. Anyway I think this is also another reason people responded to your post. They made Sheldon's story quite consistent and believable and I am sorry if that ruins the character for you but I doubt he was changed to fit in a specific model.
  22. I agree with that. In this instance I don't mind that much cause he was in pain and it cheered him up plus while Lenny lied to him she told him the truth. But in general I think you are correct. Thank you Gadget Girl!! Hope you had a lovely time! I adore the part that Amy says "I AM weird".
  23. Cecilia


    I've watched five or six episodes of season one but then I stopped it cause I didn't have enough time. I plan to start it again when I can cause I liked it. Having said that I prefer Sherlock but they are both very good.
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