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  1. Thank you Chloe and TheShamyShipper for the report and info!! :)
  2. Aww they are so cute!! Melissa is also cute!! Nice pictures with the boys too!
  3. I liked the episode and I definitely prefer no hug than take one but I just cannot understand why everything is off screen. Sheldon hugs Leonard and Penny and claims that he hugs Amy but we are not seeing it. I don't think that hug with Raj's joke would charge the episode emotionally. Of course I liked the episode and it was really funny I just think it wouldn't be such a big deal if they let it in. Anyway prom episode makes up for that but I won't pretend I am not disappointed cause the little moments is what I love about Shamy.
  4. Oh the beauty!! That is a revealing dress for Mayim's standards but still elegant. I am loving it!!
  5. I think she does understand her character. I also believe that Amy wouldn't mind if he never told her ILY and she does understand his quirks pretty well. She just doesn't have high expectations from Shamy. Maybe she just doesn't care that much which is fine cause this is her job she doesn't have to be a fangirl.
  6. The weird thing is she looks pretty cute on that photo. She sure looks good in red!!
  7. D&D scene between Amy and Sheldon. Maybe they will find a way to give us a little more insight about that even if many things happened since then.
  8. Are Amy and Bernie an option? I got Amy in another quiz but now I got Raj.
  9. A bit OT but that reminds me of Sherlock Holmes!! And in order to get in topic again I personally don't think there is something wrong with the way the storyline went. I think that the writers deliberately left the "what's his deal" question open because they didn't want to write themselves into a situation they might want to alter later. So, yes it crossed my mind that Sheldon is probably asexual but I was never certain. I think the fact that Shamy became a success and people liked them was a factor for the writers in order to make the decision and put the sexual element in their relationship (or at least imply that it will become sexual some day). They needed more storylines and a way to drag this out and at least for me they managed to make it interesting. Also they did make the shift gradually cause if I am not mistaken they started exploring the theme Sheldon/girls since season three. Having said that I would not object in an asexual relationship between Shamy (and admittedly one of my favourite is seasons 4-5 Shamy) just having them be quirky and playing their games and doing their world changing science but for me they are just as interesting now. I just disagree wirh the opinion that Sheldon was asexual. It was an unclear matter and he very well could be asexual if they wanted it.
  10. Just finished "The Little Prince" and it definitely became one of my favourites!
  11. To be honest even though I hate to have to wait I don't mind that much if this is a Halloween episode. Just hope Chloe gets to see the ILY!!!!
  12. Lol I voted for Amy too so make that 3 guys But anyway everybody's vote has the same significance I suppose.
  13. I don't know Herd Garden is like THE episode..If that happens I don't know what to do or how to handle my feelings!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I would also choose Amy. I don't like women in general (just saying nobody has to care) but I like Amy. She is very clever and I also think she is interesting and just so damn cute!
  15. That would probably be Howard for me. He is pretty funny and I like that but I like him after Bernadette wayyy better so we could never date cause he would be married Second choice probably Leonard.
  16. Oh new people welcome!! Shamy brings us together Probably someone has already mentioned that but I think it's also important the fact that Amy didn't think he felt the same way. She probably knew he was fond of her (screensaver/ I like you just the way you are) and that he cared for her (fish guts) but she didn't actually know that he loved her and she didn't even believe it. And I think the mixed signals she's been getting from time to time from Sheldon has a lot to do with that. I like that cause it gives sense to the fact that she pushed for intimacy not only cause she wants that (which she does) but also because she thought that was a way to figure out his feelings. Probably same with living together. I think I like it that they stressed out the fact that Amy knew nothing about his feelings until he told her. And I am so incredibly glad about my favourite neurobiologist!!! <3
  17. You know I wasn't crazy about the slap, not that I didn't like it but I was excited way more about everything else. The truth is I laughed me eyeballs out with the two other spankings but it is the third time it's happening (plus I am a little tired of fan fics about that and who can blame the people who write it if it is always brought up). Having said it is true that is gives context to the two previous spankings that he is being flirty with her when he does it. I actually don't think that he seriously considered sleeping with Amy that night I think as others said that he really liked her with her dress and he couldn't say because everyone kept talking about sex (well except Amy) but after the pressure was off and he realized that being a little flirty wouldn't result in Amy jumping his bones then he just let himself free and showed his attraction in a way he thinks it's flirty. So, even if I wasn't crazy about it I recognize that it is important for the character and storywise. I hope it isn't cut cause I think it serves it's purpose. Anyway thanks Jamie for letting us know!!
  18. Okay kind of off topic but I reread my post and it's full of typos,missing words and grammar errors. I applaud all of you who managed to make some sense out of it and hope you could excuse me. I would like to believe that Shamy feels are responsible for this but I would just lie to myself Anyway back to Shamy ILY feels...
  19. Well I know I didn't write much (just because my heart couldn't take the feels) and probably you have said all by now but I am gonna say it again anyway First of all about the body part I thought Sheldon meant his heart ,as kerry said, but Tomashina's explanation makes sense too about the alien organ. But I think it's more something about being in love with her rather than him wanting to mate with her alien style. Anyway I just want to scream from the rooftops that I love everything about the ILY!!!! I just can't believe how these writers can always top themselves from one milestone to the other. Don't get me wrong I the SIK but the I can't stop thinking how they didn't treat the ILY like "a win" for Amy cause you know sometimes she deserves a win. They left out the kicking and screaming and the fights and the drama and we got an amazing declaration of love!! Also Amy was so subtle this episode towards Sheldon and she just said he is handsome not expecting to hear it back (see a theme here ) and they had Lenny instead to bring up the sex issue. And I love that this was the plan cause it can be tied with last season. Back then Amy was bringing up sex and that's why he put so much pressure on himself cause he probably thought that sex was important enough for Amy so she could leave him or cheat on him. But hopefully that all belongs in the past and Amy didn't even mentioned it even though he knows he looks sexy and he had to ckech in the mirror twice. And when he freaked out it was Lenny who triggered it again so that made it easier for him to believe when she said what we already knew. Amy is there for the long run with or without sex. The pressure is off and he said it in a way to also soothe her. So,that wasn't just "a win" for Amy as other people said it seems like the restoration of their balance one that I personally mamy times felt missing. And hopefully Amy will still avoid the sex jokes cause if she brings that up again I don't know what to assume about her character. Amd finally that scene left me with no itch needing scratching like e.g. the D&D. That scene fir me needed an aftermath that we never got to see and I always was very confused about why after that talk that Sheldon was so clear that he tries but it's hard for him she kept bringing up sex. But now everything is clear and there is no taking back on many levels. For the next taping I would expect sonething subtle between them. But I cross my fingers for a super hot kiss so that Chloe could have a proper panic attack
  20. I don't really like dressing up so no. Also we don't have exactly Halloween but something like it. I don't think I ha a favourite beverage but I love tea and cappucino latte.
  21. Aww I loved the King's speech! Great actors!! Still haven't seen 12 years a slave but I will definitely will!
  22. Maybe she didn't actually have coffe. Imagine a post like "Having a pumkin latte with a dynamite lady who has a cup of tea". Or tepid water cause that's what she usually has on dates.
  23. I usually don't have favorites (movies,songs etc) but I have to admit that the movie "Mary and Max" holds a special spot in my heart. It's bittersweet and touching with great aesthetics.
  24. Unfortunately, I didn't think that episode was very funny. I usually laugh a lot and I didn't this time. I wish the boys storyline with the comic book would be main story cause it was interesting. Also I liked the Shamy in this episode. Not too crazy about the oily duck thing but the good overshadowed the bad and asking her opinion was a pretty good scene! Leonard had a couple of good lines but besides that it was a really bad episode for me.
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