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  1. I don't know it felt like cliffhanger to me. Of course I knew that Sheldon would come back but what we got was a big combustion of the status quo which pretty much is restored. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't like for everything to change over summer. And anyway TBBT don't work that way. I knew that so I didn't expect anything much different but I won't blame people who thought that the show will come back with big changes. Also the was the question of what will happen with Shamy. And if I recollect correctly the first episode was advertised as the end of the biggest mystery of tv. Now it could be mada as a funny thing but I think people really didn't know what to expect after season 7 finale.
  2. Well I don't think they shouldn't break up and there are some people who wouldn't object to that in the Shamy thread. It could be beneficial for the couple if handled well. Having said that a ) it feels like a pattern cause Howardette did it and Lenny did and it has happened before and b ) I don't know how much sense it would make now cause they seem pretty happy at this point. Sure in 8.01 it could happen and it could actually be pretty good. So, it's not like that they shouldn't break up cause it would ruin the essence of Shamy or something but at this point at least for me it would be more interesting if they stick together and see how they handle their relationship.
  3. I think Lionne's point is that the author basically is twisting the facts in order to show that his preference is the correct way to go. At least that's my read on it. Anyway it's hard to determine the "facts" cause e.g. reason #9 that they do not have chemistry is not black or white. I quite like their chemistry so what "fact" is valid? Basically these are that person's personal preferences and that's ok but in no way they are facts.
  4. I actually know a lot of people who think that their style works while it doesn't...probably including me Joke aside I agree with what you wrote. Most of the times I adore her style. I don't have a similar one and don't think I ever would but she is incredibly cute just the way she is and I love it that she loves herself and doesn't make drastic changes. Part of me wishes they could maintain her style without cheapen the aesthetics but another part of me adores how clumsy her attempt to dress up for Vegas partying is!! I mean she can be nicely dressed and true to herself she did it in the last episode. But that's not a date night that's Vegas baby!! When I think of it like that I find it endearing.
  5. I agree that it's a positive thing that Amy dtesses the way it's comfortable for her. I actually love her style in general. My problem (can't talk for others) with the outfit isn't the lack of skin display. The problem is that it seriously hurts my aesthetics. But that's a really personal issue so I get that others might like it. I like that it's fitting cause I see no reason to add padding but it could be prettier as far as I am concerned. And tbh I don't think there are many layers going on there. I kinda missed them... eta: ok there are layers but I didn't notice before Still don't like it tho
  6. Okay totally random thought about Shamy. I could imagine a scene in which Amy says something completely unrelated to sex but Sheldon gives it a sexual meaning and kind of snaps at her (a bit like when she suggested they could go for a walk) and she goes like "this so isn't about sex!!" and he's like "it isn't" and kind of confused. I won't pretend that I don't like it that Sheldon seems to be thinking about sex (not necessarily doing it but it's on his mind in general) but I think it's time he understood that Amy doesn't always try to see his "bathing suit" areas or referring to sex. It could be a LOL moment if she went like "actually you bring it up way more than I do" and he realizes it (and maybe try to deny it). But personally I think it could be a good way for the "ugly" side of it that creates conflict between them to tone down a little. Anyway that could very well be wishful thinking. Having said that I enjoy both the moments it comes up and it's obvious and the more subtle monents but I suppose the dynamics could shift a little and make things even more interesting.
  7. God that photo will definitely give me nightmares...
  8. Lol I really don't like Amy's clothes!!! But I love Bernie in that photo!!
  9. I know the current discussion is about Raj and Penny but I would like to back up a little. It's about the latest episode and the Lenny vs Shamy thing. First of all I would like to say that I found that episode really funny and I laughed very much while watching it. About the competition I think the conclusion is that different relationships have different strenghts and weaknesses and that's not really a way to determine if a relationship is successful or not. I think that in part both Sheldon and Leonard were correct. You can measure whether a relationship is better than another but not by assigning random numbers. So, it feels a bit random to me when people say ''Shamy is better than Lenny cause they have common interests'' or ''Lenny is better than Shamy cause they have romance''. Because that's what is important for us and not what works for them which is the point. Having said that I will also add that of course both relationships are imperfect cause sipmly there is no such thing as the perfect relationship. And yes Amy at the end was longing about all that romantic stuff Sheldon never says (though we don't really know if she'd like it if he would) but we also had a whole episode of Penny longing for the comfort Shamy seems to have and how they enjoy the same things (though we also don't know if she'd like it if she and Leonard shared more interests). What I got from this is that what they already have does work for the both couples and they naturally have a few more milestones to reach. So, they are both successful in my book. As for which one is best well that's really hard to say. I think neither is ''best'' just we as viewers like the one or the other better than anything else thus classifying them as ''best''. As for the finale I liked Leonard's line cause he really grasped the best part in Lenny IMO which is doing this scary thing together (him being with a beautiful girl and her being with a smart guy at first and now the marriage) knowing that if it gets tough they still have each other. And I also liked Sheldon's line about her being happy* cause it concludes what was shown throughout the whole episode which is that they are both happy. Amy might wanted ''romantic lines'' but she is the kinda girl who thinks binding is better than hot, who enjoys very much so parallel play (which I also find a sign of being comfortable and intimate cause not many things are more awkward than when someone you're not comfortable is next to you and you're trying to do what you're doing knowing that they are there wondering if you should talk or ignore them etc) and she flashed happy and excited smiles all the time. The poll is definitely funny but I think both of these relationships are good and working for the people involved but they also have room for improvement. *Also Lionne wrote an interesting post about that in the Shamy thread but I don't dare make a summary cause I will probably kill it Sorry!! Anyway that's just my opinion thought I'd share
  10. I hope you get to go!! And if you do don't bother about TR just enjoy the taping!!!!!
  11. Michy thanks for the report!! It's pretty logical to forget some things it's already very kind of you to remember the episode and write the report for us!! :)
  12. I loved the epidode!!It's pretty high on the list with my all time favourite Shamy episodes. And it was so funny I was laughing throughout the whole episode!! Awww I just woke up andfound out about the Shamy hug!! Way to start the day!! Hope they keep the second take!! I would like to know the audience's reactions when they realized that in the second take he returns the hug.
  13. Oh God I so ready to cry only by seeing a couple of photos!! But these smiles!! Can't wait to watch that one!! Cute happy Shamy FTW!!!
  14. No. HYE had to stay up all night to finish a project?
  15. Well wherever you'll go you in my country you will probably meet a Maria and a John. If you could choose your name what would it be?
  16. Lol at first I that rach meant texting and that it was a typo...I feel a little stupid now but anyway it is interesting. @Marina I like your interpretation! eta: does anyone know how Amy reacted to that. I would expect her to be a little confused cause Sheldon does bring up sex in some random times. eta2: reading the TR now.I thought that he replied that to her sorry.
  17. ''My architect''. It just was so good. It was cool to learn new stuff about something I am really interested in.
  18. I just watched the episodes!! Oh they were so funny!! I still cannot believe season 8 is on again!!! I liked the second one more. But they were both pretty funny. Excellent way to open the season!!! Mayim, Jim and Simon were amazing!! @notch your sig <3 Go team Amy!!!!
  19. Now that is why I love Shamy and why I love talking (or to be more precise writing) about them. They have their science, and their quirkiness, and their views about romance and friendship and their arrogant streak and all these bits that make them who they are. And nearly everything is unfamiliar to me so they are a big mystery. But something really draw me towards Shamy. The truth is I was amazed by Amy at first and then I realized how precious Sheldon and their interactions are. I came into this ship not really knowing what to expect and ridiculously excited about an experiment with the gang as human guniea pigs, a karate chop and a hand hold having probably unrealistic expectations from these odd balls cause I simply never knew characters like them. I was trying to predict what might happen and then what I would like to happen and realized it was so difficult cause they have so many unknown apsect on their personalities and I enjoy so much just the prosess of finding them out. I've watched all the episodes and read IC fanfic, OOC fanfic, fanfic with IC bits that made it so hard to realize what I really wanted for the show based on these particular people Sheldon and Amy are according to the writers. And I have talked a lot here with people and I've read even more and I think that slowly I truly manage to get something of their personalities and who they truly are meant to be. I still don't know what I want to happen next and mainly how that would happen I just know that as long as they are interesting and manage to amaze me with their personalities and their unconventional relationship I will be here. I am not trying to diminish anyone I just imagine Shamy as that cool riddle that unravels in front of our eyes but only some get the beauty of it. Not in the sense that other shippers or non-shippers are less than shamy shippers it's just that different people like different things and if you are willing to give them a chance and put your own personal views on the side you see that they have pretty brilliant things to give. They complicate things so much into their head sometimes but most of the times their love gives me the comfort that something simple as that could happen. They have all these push/pull dynamics but for issues not fundamentally important for the relationship. But for the things that matter they grow so beautifully with no traces of manipulation or kicking back. They have their bumps true but everything they do they would do just for each other. Simple as that.
  20. "Natural Sciences". A movie about a 12-year old girl wanting to meet her father. Very well given. It was simple and not too dramatic. The girl was amazing!!
  21. The Gospel According to Jesus Christ - Jose Saramago I just love that book. At first I was a bit reluctant and thought it was boring but the more I read the more I couldn't let it go!!!
  22. I don't have one. Do you enjoy visiting the zoo?
  23. Cecilia

    True or False?

    True-ish. I will go to the movies on Saturday cause there is a movie festival these days but I will be at the university all Sunday. TNP has watched all Harry Potter movies.
  24. Just watched "10.000 khm". It was very good and quite realistic about long distance relationships. Good acting and directing!!
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