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  1. I wouldn't like that either.. I think that the best scenario would be for them to be at work and Amy saying how brilliant she thinks Sheldon is or Amy saying something really clever that will remind him why he is so fond of her. And then in the spur of the moment he leans down and just kisses her without him even expecting for that to happen. And then he totaly freaks out and leaves running!! Or it could happen at home when he sits on his spot and she is right next on her spot (I sooo want Sheldon to actually say that this is her spot!!!) and she makes a really clever remark about his beloved star trek-wars things and he just kisses her.. But I wouldn't want it to be because he is trying to gain sonething or to resolve something between them...I want him to want it.. But I prefer a dream instead of Sheldon being forced to do it.
  2. You said Tara but all I could read was tiara! Ok it is quite late here (or if you prefer really early :-p ).. If you don't mind me asking who is Tara. I searched a little and if I got it right she is a writer..Does she write episodes with shamy as the main story??
  3. I am with the spoiled team too. I watched everything in order this summer so pretty much everything was spoiler free(although I had seen sporadiacally enough episodes). Now it is much more fun finding out about something and trying to predict what it means or what will happen. But I think , as someone already said, that if there is a Sheldon initiated kiss we will find out about it but with no details until the episode is aired.
  4. Thank you very much!!!I will!!!
  5. How could I get the sides too,please??
  6. I read that story about a week ago. I found it while I was searching for a shamy fiction and by the time I finished it it had already been six a.m. I didn't realize that until it was overl!! And the weird thing is that when I started reading shamy fics I told to myself that I would read only the ones that would stick with the characters! I've read fan fiction before (different show though) and I really liked the ones that altered the characters (especially the well-written ones) but for some reason I was convinced that it couldn't work for shamy. Well I was absolutely and utterly wrong about it!!!!!!! And that makes me reallyyyy happy!!! I came across your story and I was intrigued by the description so I gave it a try. After reading this one I am convinced about what I already knew. In order to write a story that presents the characters being different than on the show IT HAS TO BE GOOD!! And you did it. I have to admitt that I find really interesting your Amy. She is quite fragile on the inside but she is the only one that knows that. She is one of those characters that want to be understoond by others but are too afraid to open up. Of course her health problems are a very big deal but I really think she is strong enough to finally live a normal life. Still I don't know if it is wise to stop taking her medication without consulting a doctor but maybe she has to go through that by herself. Well I really want to say something about Sheldon as you present him. I find him quite fascinating!!I think that his is even more mysterious than Amy mainly because we see things mainly by her point of view. But for Sheldon we know only what he told. I understand exactly why Amy finds him so attractive!! The one thing that puzzles me is that their attraction is being expressed in such a physical way from the beginning. Sheldon said that he didn't have a wonan in four years but is aware that Penny has a thing for him. She is a good looking woman but he never tried to be more than friends with her. I mean they could be friends with benefits(not sure if Penny would go for it but he could have tried). That tells me that Sheldon is not superficial at all and wouldn't waste his time on someone he didn't find worthy. But he only knows Amy like two days and he already made a move. At first I thought that he was attracted to her and found her mysterious and interesting but that's it. But as the story went on he said that he wouldn't let her go. And I know that he said that he never liked and will never like Penelope and I believe him. But I just can't stop thinking that Penelope has assets that we don't know yet. Penelope is already doing a lot of damage on Amy just by existing. I think it is only logical that when she starts acting it will become worse!! And this is the moment I realize that I should stop(and probably sign up on FanFiction )! Well the truth is that I tend to write too much and over-analyse things. You are very lucky because I can't write that easy in English. I would have said a lot more! Next chapter can't come soon enough! I congratulate you for what you've done here!!I wish that you feel better soon!!
  7. Second that!!!!They are both really funny and interact very well with the other characters too. Not only with their partners which is important because the writers can just mix them up and come up with a hilarious combination. I think they came just in time to give a fresh breath to the show. Mayim is such a talented actress!!I really think that she deserves the recognition!!!!
  8. I have to go with Leonard's mom vs. Sheldon's mom too.I wonder how Sheldon would react to such a thing.He told Leonard once that he is jealous about his childhood and he thinks really high on his mother but at the end of the day I think he would defend his own mother (if an arguement takes place). I would also like to see more of Kripke.After his colaboration with Sheldon he has become nicer to him but it would be funny for Kripke to start teasing him again and Amy putting him in his place.They could also bring back Shamy's fake sex life but I think I would prefer for Amy to stick up for Sheldon rather than have them fighting.Except they make it reallyyy funny!!! I read about the "bitces be crazy" mailman!!!A brilliant idea!!! I also liked Zach. I don't know how he could fit in the show and if it would be interesting for Sheldon to get jealous again (although this is the only thing that could happen in a relationship and actually applies to Sheldon). Either way Zach was really funny!!!!!
  9. Thank you!!!I think I will ( there is a topic where shippers are mixed up and there aren't flying knives and bloodstreams - although I haven't read every comment.. I've seen worse so I'll defenitely enjoy being here!!) About Lenny on the bright side things could have been worse. Thankfully they got past all that in a reasonable amount of time (yet again I watched all 6 seasons within the summer...so I suppose all of you that kept watcing week over week might have a different opinion..and of course you would be right!!)
  10. No more Amy?? And in capital letters?? As far as the character concerns I think Amy is one of the best things that happened to the show. Amy is my favorite character and this is because she is smart, she is funny and a really nice person! She missed everything a teenager would have lived but she wants it all so desperately that one can never predict what comes next from her! I like the way the character has evolved and we can expect so much more! Next to Sheldon she is clearly somewhat socialized and capable of change. Next to everybody else she is well...a little better than Sheldon (I mean as a social human being not as a character). Now considering Amy as part of a relationship with Sheldon...Well, of course I love it!!!To begin with they are absolutely funny which is the main purpose.Besides that what they have is extremely sweet and the fact that they are not intimate yet is a big asset for the show.I have been reading things about the shamy and I realized that most people (including me!!) are waiting for anything initiated by Sheldon (maybe a little more than hand-holding though ).And this is because it would represent how much Sheldon has grown with her and maybe for her.But all that in their own slow-paced and weird way. That is the beauty of it. They make progress but they still remain themselves. I am so glad that Amy stayed!!I loved her in every single season and have great expectations from her in the future!! @sarah7 I love your profile image!!I just love those moments when they look at each other and it becomes so obvious that something huge is there!!!!!!
  11. Hello everyone!! I'm a new member and I thought that this isn't a bad topic to start posting. To start with I like all the characters on the show and I think the couples as being shown are very well suited! Of course there is a certain couple that is my favorite and and that could only be the shamy!!! What is interesting about them is that they are so alike (they both are intellectually compatible and socialy awkward) but still quite different in the way they approach certain things. It's definetely something quite original (or at least I haven't seen something like that before. Usually, it is about opposite characters getting involved in a romantic relationship which often works). Other than that I really like Howard and Bernadette. I love the way their relationship has evolved and I really think that Bernadette was a gift for Howard. Leonard and Penny are nice too. They did have funny and sweet moments. Although sometimes that whole on-off thing can be a little tiring the fact is that they both have grown into the relationship(at least to a point) and that I would definetely want them to end up together! I know that post does't say much (at least not more than you already knew) but as I said this is only my firts post! Also, please keep in mind that English isn't my native language and excuse any mistakes.
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