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  1. loved yesterdays show. Funny show.
  2. ITA she was. I want Raj to have a girlfriend but so far I'm not a Emily fan.
  3. I normally love the big bang theory but I didnt think Monday's show was all that funny compared to other shows .
  4. that sucks for you thanks again for the help take care
  5. love all the fanarts everyone has made
  6. LOVED yesterday’s show. It rocked. Too funny. I loved seeing them imagine how their lives would be like without Sheldon and poor Stuart always feeling left out in everyone's stories. And Sheldon was funny too with his phone calls about his sister giving birth. Thanks again to everyone who helped me find the clips of yesterdays show Take care
  7. Thanks so much it works.CTV is a Canadian channel so it works for sure if you live in Canada I just didnt know CTV played The Big Bang Theory clips on their site. Off to watch yesterdays show now. Again thanks so much for the help and everyone else who tried to help you all rock :)
  8. I live in Canada so sadly it doesnt work for me but thanks for the help anyways I hate that I missed the show because the big bang theory is my fav show
  9. I missed last night show sadly does anyone know where I can see the clips? I tried on youtube but could only find the promo's.
  10. I think the show was okay but it wasnt the best show of the season thats for sure.
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