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  1. It was contrived because none of this was alluded to last season ... then suddenly this woman appears out of nowhere as someone Leonard cheated with? And Howard and Bernadette supposedly knew the entire time? NAH ... just not buying it.
  2. This episode had some good moments (Leonard's dream was funny and interesting ... That he would subconsciously see Sheldon as a rival is a new character twist!), but I still find the whole Leonard-cheating thing to be totally contrived. So ... I can't buy it. I still think Leonard and Penny make a horribly dull couple. Hope they get a speedy divorce. And Sheldon's obsession with Amy, now that she's wisely dumped him, is seriously off-putting and kinda out of character. I just don't see him as the girlfriend-stalker type. I also got the feeling that the writers couldn't figure out what to do with Bernadette, Howard and Raj. The Bernadette-keeping-the-affair-a-secret plot was weak and unbelievable. First, she would have told Penny. Second ... But Who cares? Hope this season gets away from the dysfunctional relationships and back on its nerdy track soon. The previews for next week look promising.
  3. Doing something that gets you arrested IS blowing off work. Yeah, I could see them driving by the ranch to get a look at it, but then I could also see them being stopped at the gate, apologizing and then moving onto their gig as planned. Yes, I did watch the episode. And I have my take on these characters... you have yours. Yours is no more valid than mine. And in my opinion, Leonard never would have driven through that gate. This is the same guy who, last year, couldn't buy a scalped ticket for fear of getting into trouble. And when, in the past, Sheldon would get in trouble, it was usually because he was a naive, childish, social idiot. Walking up to James Earl Jones in a restaurant ... or walking into Stan Lee's house ... he didn't know he was doing anything wrong. In this episode he clearly did. Totally rubbed me the wrong way, especially the tazing part. I don't find that funny at all, especially given how police brutality is a serious problem in the U.S., and lots of innocent people have been physically injured by tazing. And Shelnard's lack of remorse, after it was over, was appalling. It's one thing to do something stupid and feel bad afterward ... quite another to be proud of invading someone's privacy just to say you did it and got a glimpse of their stuff. Ick. And as I realize my unpopular opinion could create a distressing discussion for many, this will be my last post on this thread.
  4. Excellent observation. I completely agree. Totally agree. But with each passing episode, Bernie is becoming more and more unpleasant. On the other hand, if Howie wanted to end up with a domineering shrew who resembled his mother, he picked the right girl.
  5. Wow ... I know I'm in the minority, but I hated this episode. Why? Sheldon and Leonard blow off work to STALK a celebrity, break the law and then end up congratulating each other for having had an "adventure". The characters I thought I knew would never have crossed this line. And I hate to think young people watching this episode would see thus and think it's acceptable thrill-seeking behavior. Very, very disappointed in the writers for having gone down this road. In all 8 seasons, this is by far the worst episode they've ever aired.
  6. I tend to like any episode that isn't relationship focused (and there are fewer and fewer of those, sadly), so this one sounds promising.
  7. While I appreciate your trying to keep on top of personal posts, the reality is that you can only remove posts after the fact. It doesn't stop a few folks from being downright nasty to anyone who doesn't like Leonard and Penny as a couple. Happily, most folks here can hold an intelligent debate without getting personal. In the future, I will do my best to converse only with them.
  8. Several personal attacks made against me for voicing unpopular my opinions have happily been removed by the moderator. But just today another poster who held an opinion similar to mine was accused of not watching the show. It's in this thread and was posted in the last 24 hours. I'm sure you can find it.
  9. Um...I think we all know it's a TV show. And the writers can do whatever they want, of course ( even breaking them up, which they may still do!) We're all here sharing our interpretations of the story. That's all. And your interpretation is no more valid than mine. I think we can certainly agree on that at least!
  10. I never said I thought Leonard wasn't happy (although now that you've brought it up, I don't think he's as happy as he thinks he is.) I thought the bed sheet painting was a huge clue. Remember when they first looked at the artistic fruits of their lovemaking and were shocked at how boring it was? That spoke volumes. Penny and Leonard are acting like a bored old married couple without yet being married. Doesn't bode well. But Penny most definitely isn't happy. Remember when Sheldon asked her who she'd want to be alone with? Unlike Leonard, who unthinkingly said "Penny", her response was "Robert Downey Jr." Even Sheldon pointed out she didn't mention Leonard. So ... she's obviously bored with him. Totally takes him for granted. Not good given they're not even married yet. There's many more, but those are two examples that immediately come to mind. I'm sure I'll think of more after I've had coffee! Thank you for the civil response. It's much appreciated. Oops, missed the obvious one...Penny not setting a wedding date. If you're a woman in love ... and the object of that love wants to marry you ... you're setting the date, buying the dress, planning every last detail, and counting down the days. But ... she's not in love with him. She loves him dearly. But she's not IN love with him. I think she keeps hoping she will be. But the heart doesn't want what the heart doesn't want. Anybody remember Aiden and Carrie from "Sex in the City"? That's totally Leonard and Penny!
  11. Thank you. Your incredulous response to a perfectly reasonable post totally proved my latter point.
  12. Well, I sure got this one wrong. This had to be the lamest episode airing this season. Both plot lines had potential but ended up being very weak. The whole "everybody knows Bernadette sounds like Howard's mom except for Howard" gag has been overdone. And the Sheldon/Leonard professional rivalry was resolved too easily. Plus ... it wasn't funny OR touching. I felt like this one was thrown together at the last minute.
  13. Nope, it's not just your opinion. It'S definitely mine as well. Leonard and Penny are easily the most lackluster couple on TV. I think a lot of people probably agree, but are too terrified to post it here. As you've seen by some responses you've already gotten, there are folks here who go ballistic if you dare voice your opinion on this subject. They will claim that their opinions are based on "fact"... while anything challenging those opinions must only come from the most vile of blasphemers. Bottom line ... there are fans of this show that believe it's destiny for Penny and Leonard to be together. Their union is sacred. And if you dare suggest otherwise, then you can't be a TRUE fan of the show. Nonsensical, isn't it?
  14. Maybe Raj doesn't need to be part of a couple. What's the finale of this series going to be ... the entire cast gets to line up two by two and board an ark before Pasadena is destroyed in a flood? "Hooray! They're saved! Thank heavens they all found somebody!" Blech.
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