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  1. Okay, just for the record: the way You're arguing is still just polemic! (Despite the ad hominem argument expression, wich I actually like.) What should I do from now on? Write "the character Leonard (dito for Penny, Sheldon etc.)" every time I write something about one of the cast, so You can't say "nananaa, You did it yourself!" ...or should I make that "the fictional character Leonard" to minimize the risk that someone of someone accusing me of being hypocritical again, beacause I so clearly want to discus the character of Leonard there (sorry, of course I mean the fictional character Leonard!) This is just stupid. Okay, I do understand the urge of fans to make their fictional heros seem more real. I'm not a stranger to that urge having been a fan to so many movies, series, comic books etc. myself in the last few decades, but most of the discussions in this forums just go a lot too far for my taste. Perhaps I should just have written that. And then leave the forum, which I still might do anyway now. Not so much because of that little fight we just had, that would be childish. Fact is, as much as I love TBBT, most of the discussions in this forum just don't interest me. I just wanted to put this straight, I'm sure You won't miss me too much! (I wouldn't if I was in Your place.)
  2. Ouchouchouch, ooouuhh that one really hurts! Hurts soo much! What is this? Polemics for beginners? What argument would You bring next? "Your mom..."?
  3. I never thought I was supposed to side with anyone! For once, they're not real persons, and secondly it's still a comedy, not a social drama! Don't get me wrong, I think You're eabsolutely right there, but: OF. COURSE. HER. WEIRDNESS. IS. EXAGGERATED. FOR. THE. JOKE!!! It's a comedy, for cryin' out loud! That's how comedy works! All characters are exaggerated, from Sheldon to Dr. Gabelhauser! They need to be exagerated to be funny! But they're not real, no matter how much You wanna side with them, or how much You claim that You know a guy who's perfectly the same as Sheldon or Howard or whatsoever! Because You don't! Believe me. No matter how strong the similarities are, normal persons don't act like that! They just don't! But of course You all know persons who are in a way like those characters, like self-centered Egomaniacs like Sheldon, unemphatic parents like Bev, pathetic loosers like Stuart, and so on. It is vital for the show that can build relations to the characters by either identifying themselves with them (that's why Leonard is usually more "normal", reality-based and a little less nerdy like the rest, so viewers can identify more easily with him) or identify other characters with people they know or are familiar with from their every day life experiences. You know, all that talk here about social structures and relationships reminds me of the good times in the early seasons, when the only steady couple in the whole show were Raj's parents! In a way it was much funnier then.
  4. I don't think Sheldon would ever have troubles with telling someone "I am mad at You" and being afraid of being rejected. First, plainly saying "I am mad at You" would definitely typical for him (as weel as the childish revenge scheme). Second, he is so self centered he would never believe that one of his friends or his girlfriend would ever find any reason or even want to reject him. I think this was more about growing up, getting more committment into a serious relationship and how to behave in it. S1-Sheldon only would have to been told "This is social protocol for relationship situations like this." and he simply would have done it. A propos serious: What they all didn't get about Indiana Jones: The movies, from the first one on, weren't meant to be serious adventure movies, they never have been! Indiana Jones was designed to be a satire to classical movie and pulp fiction adventurers like Allen Quatermain. He is an Anti-Hero, and being that, it would perfectly fit for him being victorious in the end although he failed in almoust everything he tried to achieve. And even his final failure in bringing the arch to his country, but failing to display in the museum, fits to his role as anti-hero. He might have the reputation as a hero and acts like one, but in fact he is more of a loser. But it's true: a real nerd-fan would never admit this! To the fans Indiana Jones is an adventurer, he is tough, cool, he is a badass archeologist, he is a hero, and that would be it! I once spent an four-hours-cardrive with one kind of that nerdy fan species... four long hours in a car going on and on about Indy here and Indy there, and that killed the whole franchise for me far more effectively than Amy would ever be able to! So, just for that, I enjoyed the episode immmensly! I just could have watched the firs and last part (with the middle in the cafeteria):
  5. I just love the guys trying so herad to find any peice of evidence that would disprove Amy's destruction of Indiana Jones - and failing every time!
  6. OH NO, HOW COULD SHE!? I think, just for the last part of this preview clip (Amy's evil to-the-point-analysis of Indiana Jones' role* (and Sheldon's priceless reaction)) this will gona be my all time favorite episode ever, no matter what comes! :dancer: I usually try not to watch Sneak previews, but this was totally worth the spoiling!! (*I think I have to try this one on one of my nerdier Indy-addicted friends, too, before the episode airs! :D )
  7. All right, I think I saw enough! No need to go through the whole unaired pilot! (And: Oh, yes! Sheldon did it!)
  8. The idea would be great for a special episode though. A whole episode seen completely from Sheldon's point of view, something like that.
  9. Oh, I would so liked to have seen that one! I there anything of it anywhere to be found?
  10. Ah, of course! Now I got it! Thanks. I'm not so sure about that. I watched The Guitar Amplification not so long ago and I clearly remember Leonard complaining about Penny obviously believing she is out of his league and acting like it. (In his opinion, that is.) But agreed, that doesn't have to mean that he believes it, too - though I wouldn't be surprised if he did, at least subconsciously. He always had low self esteem. And he clearly behaved like it on The Guitar Amplification.
  11. Where did You see that?! There wasn't anything after Leonard outing her to his collegues, or did I miss something? Having the time his life, bein on a party, surrounded by people who think he's cool... AND being drunk, that would anyone prevent from doing the clever thing! BTW I think it's a pity that this part doesn't get enough attention after his trip: Leonard being the centre of the party, bein surrounded by people who seem to think he's cool, that should have done something to his self-esteem. But it obviously evaporated the moment he shaved his beard off! Ok, he is and always was the centre of his nerd-group back home, but let's be honest: they never thought that he was cool! Obviously no one ever did! (...except maybe Sheldon's assistant.)
  12. After so long a friendship Leonard's reason for being in love with Penny can't be just her appearances. She's not just a trophy girlfriend for him, Leonard is usually not portraied being so shallow. Well, at least not completely. I still love the last scene when he is a total ass showing off with his nude-scene-actor-girlfriend in front of all his drunken collegues! :D BTW, I love that Reinhold Messner-Look on him, with that beard! Is there a name for thet, too? Reinhard? Leonhold? Or Grizzly Hoffstatter? ... Grizznard Adstatter...?
  13. I always wondered about Stuart's business abilities. One time he seems being able to ripp of easily his customers ("Like shooting nerds in a bucket!"), next time he doesn't earn enough money to pay his rent or warm water! It seems to me, the writers just use it any way that would provide a joke. (Still always funny nontheless! In any case Stuart is one of my favorite supporting recurring characters.)
  14. Oooh, I can't wait! I simply love Sheldon's payback plots!
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