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  1. The only thing I need to know is that her last name is now and forever Hofstadter. Mrs. Penny Hofstadter. (full stop.)
  2. I'm hoping The Maternal Conclusion will be a two pronged episode via the title. Some sort of understanding between Leonard and Beverly occurs to put things to rest regarding their relationship's bumps. Also some sort of more acceptable reasoning from/by/about Penny and her decision regarding children. Ever optimistic!!!
  3. It was about a year ago at this time and I just finished watching 11.24. The Shamy wedding. It was wonderful and marvelous. A really amazing television wedding. It was then that I told myself yes. They can write and produce and tape a proper wedding episode. An episode where the only interruption (prior to the ceremony) was shut down immediately by Mrs Hofstater. A wedding a fan can dream of. In considering what Sheldon and Amy were given as opposed to what my One True Pair were not, I decided to just accept Leonard and Penny and their remarkable 12 year journey. From The Hamburger Postulate to The Holographic Excitation, The 43 Peculiarity and The Closet Reconfiguration. All the way to The Bitcoin Reconfiguration and beyond, I’ll always want to spend time with them. I’ll miss the quick looks, the wonderful body language. I’ll think of “it means I wish you weren’t going” and “she loves me!” . How a young woman without wanting to knew about the Death Star what Gallifrey was and Who came from there. I’ll think of a young man who acted heroically without his intended knowing and silently watching someone else receive a reward from her. The looks at each other in that wonderful hallway when they thought things were done. That same hallway where we witnessed at least five Mississippi ‘s and where she finally, finally admitted to herself and to him the depth of her feelings. I’ll always seek them out. Watch them in all of their incarnations. Even the dreadful Seasons 8 and 10 and 7. (I really did not like much of 7–The true beginning of the undermining of L). I’ll miss new stories of them. Of the relationship that I, a now 62 year old man acting like a crazy fan, will treasure for the rest of my days. I’m sad to leave the continuing story Leonard and Penny Hofstadter. Of the personalities and the wonderful friendship of Mr Galecki and Ms Cuoco/Mrs Cook. We’ll always have 2311 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, California.
  4. Happy, happy birthday @Nogravitasatall !!! I hope you have a sparkling day! 🎉🎂🎊🎈🌈🎁
  5. An extremely unfortunate choice at the very end to go down this road.....All in the name of Sheldon advancement.
  6. This is the crux of the problem many Leonard (and to some extent) Lenny fans have with the dominating attention paid to Sheldon (I know, I know. It is what the world wants to see....). The constant kicking of a character. Putting down his job and his success there. Attacking his physical makeup. Poking fun at his ailments (asthma; lactate intolerance). Discussing him in a demeaning way with his mother. Worst of all, the waiting for him to fail in is marriage/relationship with Penny. "Oh! We know how this will end!" "In the future when you're divorced....". I know. Poor Sheldon gets made fun of all the time. With Leonard, there is no payoff. Yes. He has Penny, the girl of his dreams. But as Sheldon has insinuated, it is just a matter of time until they get divorced.....Oh well. Tilting at windmills....
  7. The thing is, it is a plot device to show S & A working together. To have this amazing theory have its creation at their wedding. To show S's growth into a more rounded person. To show that S can be selfless and put another's interest (A's) ahead of his own. And finally, to give S what he longs for most the Nobel Prize, that he can share with A....(my opinion anyway).
  8. Thank you for these updates @April and @Capt. Hilts .
  9. Oh my word! This is beginning g to sound like jr. high school! “He’s better friends with her than you are”. Yikes. They are all friendly with each other to varying degrees. Johnny and Kaley were in a relationship. Now they’re not. Luckily for us as fans of TBBT, they share a deep friendship. Jim and Mayim respect each other immensely and appear to be good friends. Johnny appeared on Mayim’s television show when they were both teens and have a connection there. Jim and Kaley have a nice friendship as well. Melissa and Bill Prady share aspects of their religion on Instagram with each other at holiday times. We are lucky that as co-workers they all get along. I believe this lends to the longevity of the series. Let’s all embrace that as the days dwindle down....
  10. It’s been so long! My last update was in 2015. Those days are over I fear! 😉
  11. Okay. Game of Thrones begins its final season this weekend. Six episodes, meaning the final of GoT will air May 19! Three days after the final TBBT!!! Yikes!!!!!
  12. ...and now they've gone and released a new Star Wars trailer. And the title of Episode IX. Dammit! I'm an emotional mess!!!!!
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