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  1. I can't fault them for not wanting to write a third pregnanacy story line after two years in a row of them. It was short-sighted, or perhaps laziness on their part to not be able to artfully come up with a way to write around one of Melissa's pregnancies. So here we are with an odd way of dealing with what was once thought of as a sure thing: the "smart and beautiful babies". My opinion is this is going to last more than 3 or 4 episodes. The quickness in which Penny jumped on Bernadette in their scene at the pharma company in 12.3 said to me that there is something more afoot than a young woman not wanting children. Time will tell......
  2. What I am afraid of, given the past attitudes and personalities of these characters, toward him, is that Leonard being teased by Sheldon and Raj and Howard regarding someone else raising a child with his DNA. I can picture merciless teasing....Not to mention more teasing of him regarding Penny's refusing to have his child. I really can see TPTB going in that direction.....
  3. Happy, happy birthday @djsurrey ! I hope you have a fantastic day! 🎉🎂🙌🏻🌈🎈
  4. I'd like to think that for Leonard it is not only fathering a child (someone walking the earth with his contribution of dna) that has meaning, but having a child and raising it with Penny...
  5. Ummm.......A sperm donor does NOT need to have sex with a recipient. Why do we even need to go to this place?????
  6. But it will be interesting to see Penny's reactions and how their comments are received. I think this subject has "legs" and will be their arc carrying through to the finale....
  7. "People change their mind all the time..." Sorry. My wife will be proud.
  8. I think this is key. What that (those) conversation(s) are like.......
  9. hokie3457

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Hahahaha! Well, there you have me!
  10. hokie3457

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Perhaps this is a little unrealistic and maybe even sexist, but I could see Penny on occasion “sprucing herself up” a bit in the morning for Leonard (even putting on earrings!). From the banter and eye contact we can see that she was a little frisky.....oh well.
  11. I'd like to think that they are invested in the characters as far as continuity and history is concerned. That the “work product” here means something bigger than a paycheck. I just think that for the sake of a laugh TPTB overrule any pushback....
  12. I bet they get the feeling that they are supposed to act like "good little soldiers".....
  13. Thanks for posting and thank you Nicole! (It would be beyond nice and appropriate if Nicole and Roxanne got some recognition for being the hosts of The Big Bang Buzz podcast!!!!)
  14. It wasn't a whim and it wasn't a marriage. She thought she was on a amusement park ride. She considered it "fake".
  15. It is impossible for me to agree with you more!!!!! Thank you so much!!! Sounds like a fun episode! Thanks @Tensor and thank Nicole for us. Glad she got to go for season 12!!!

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