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  1. Only 17 & 1/2 weeks until Season 11. I wonder what (if anything) is in store for the Hofstadters????
  2. Helllllooooo....(listening for the echo!) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Extremely subjective. In TBBT, Leonard over the last three seasons has become victim to what I like to call the "Richie Cunningham syndrome". Ron Howard played this role on the '70's show Happy Days. The show was from his point of view concerning him, his family and friends as high school students in 1950's Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Then. All of a sudden, the world discovered the character of Arthur Fonzarelli or Fonzie; "The Fonz". Fonzie took off like wildfire and the television show followed suit, making Fonzie a breakout character similar in many ways to what has occurred with Sheldon. More and more episodes included Fonzie until he began to figure heavily in many, many stories. The term "jumping the shark" originated with an episode featuring Fonzie doing a daredevil stunt where he in fact jumped over sharks on water skis. Leonard's character has been diminished greatly. IMO, the reason people now find him "boring" is because he has no stories being told, or if they are told, they are done so briefly. We heard all about how sad both Howard and Sheldon were when the project was termed "finished" early----what about Leonard? It was his original idea that morphed into the project. Why wasn't his reaction explored more. Leonard is boring? What about more focus on his upbringing? We all know how reprehensible Bev treated him. That can be fleshed out more. His wife could seek to find out more about that relationship. We could further explore his relationship with and his feelings about his father and how that effected his youth. He has a brother and sister. We've met Sheldon's sister and Penny's brother. Why not one of Leonard's siblings? There would be much, much to explore in either of those relationships. Those explorations could also include Penny. I could go on and on. Once the character for whom the series' point of view went through is now just an afterthought (we all remember the episode where Sheldon discovered that Leonard was the center of their group....). The Big Bang Theory is very close to "jumping the shark". There is a way to keep things fresh without the same old same old.....Expand the horizons.....
  4. So well said @bfm ! I've been thinking a lot about what is going on; the current status of Leonard & Penny. One thing that has occurred to me is that TPTB (in this case particularly Lorre & Molaro) are doing a sales job. For the past year, they have been marketing Young Sheldon. This is an all-out sales pitch to the public. Have interest in the character of Sheldon Cooper rise even higher than it was by putting him front and center in nearly every episode of the "flagship" television show, whetting the audience's appitite for more. The new show is in development and just to make it even more exciting let's have the person who created the role be involved as an executive producer AND he can even be a narrator. He's telling the story!!!! We can have the network put it on the schedule right after our extremely successful show and BINGO! Lightening can strike twice. To make everyone talk about it even more, let's do a five minute trailer (I can't remember seeing a trailer that long for a new television show....). So at the expense of the history and really, the integrity of The Big Bang Theory, this is what we receive. A marketing ploy. Any thoughts???
  5. I would love to give you all my likes available from now until the end of the hiatus! So many good points and ideas here 5Miss! There really needs to be a broadening of the horizons for TBBT beyond what it has been the last two seasons. The total focus has to be shifted and brought to all the characters and this would be a step in the right direction. It will give "closure" to Penny's career situation and it would add a place for all the characters to meet and interact.......
  6. Do you think part of the seemingly "low league" Leonard having more dates than "top league" Penny could have been a devise to show her pining for him even though she would (again this word) seemingly be more available to/for date/dating?
  7. Ahhh! The gif where Penny is about to romance his pants off!!!!
  8. Agree with your rant! The rest of the television world is taking chances. Shaking things up while (let's face it) TBBT is staying "old school". What do they have to lose? I think by taking giant steps out of the old school would result in energizing the actors; maybe even the writers. "Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'; Plannin' and dreamin' " as the old song goes....
  9. Spot on @Jonny . The brief trailer showed us a likable George Sr.; a likable Missy; even a likable George Jr. What will happen when we see MeeMaw? Will she be as awful as she was to Amy in Season 8? In the end, I think we will end up having to view the prequel separately from TBBT. The space/time continuum is going to take a hit I think....
  10. There is so, so much more to be explored with the nerd now that he has the girl. The thing is people have to be willing to go that route. To think about and write storylines that would tell that sort of story. We have seen the girl experience growth and knowledge about treating others in a more respectful way. We could see the nerd learn to not look down on people of lesser intelligence (he has somewhat, but can go futher). We could look at the couple grow together and mature and live their lives as a happily married couple instead of bickering; instead of witnessing writing that goes for the quickest, easiest laugh. This television show is more than well-established. It has reached the point where it is now (wait for it---) legendary. Now is the time to flex some storytelling muscles. To show us something that we have not seen. Is there a chance of being cancelled in the next two years? Hardly. People (TPTB) need to become brave. People (TPTB) need to expand their horizons. The Big Bang Theory is a 2,000 pound gorilla. Perhaps it is time they act the part and take on all comers. Make Raj bi-sexual and bring us along on his journey. Show us Halley being a toddler running around and touching Sheldon's things (wouldn't that be a hoot). Show us why Penny calls Leonard the love of her life. Show us that he didn't wear her down, he made her comfortable admitting who and what she loved. It is time for TPTB to grow a pair. People whine about OITNB winning awards? The star of Transparent has won the last two Emmy Awards for best actor in a comedy? Pull up your pants and be big boys and girls. Take them on!
  11. The prequel is going to be a very interesting project. A five minute trailer (although for a trailer for a television show, 5 mins is pretty long) does not give us much, but what we have seen was extremely interesting, given what we know from Sheldon in brief descriptions of his family. George, Sr. in particular for me, is going to be fascinating to learn about and witness as a character. The scant view we got of him makes him look like a typical sit-com dad---not as villainous as he has been painted. Of course, that could change. We have met Missy as an adult. For me, on TBBT, she came across as a caring sibling who knows her twin very, very well. The little girl version which we had a brief glimpse of, again had a lot of the typical (in most cases younger) sit-com sister: snarky and smart alecky, like Joanie Cunningham from Happy Days or even Darlene Tanner from Roseanne. Again, this is going to be very interesting. It may turn out that we will have to leave behind our pre-existing knowledge of the Cooper family. Time will tell. Standing by......
  12. Actor

    Pretend you're at the eye doctor's: "do you like no. 1 or no. 2? No. 1? Or no. 2? 1? or 2?"
  13. I am so interested in seeing the characters of George Jr., Missy and especially George Sr. fleshed out. From the trailer we get a small glimpse of each of them and you can see the parts of their characters that Sheldon has described, even if only briefly. BUT we also got to see just a tiny bit more. The scene toward the end of the trailer where George Sr. explains why they moved was touching (as what it resulted in) and gave a kinder picture of Sheldon's dad than what we know from TBBT. These ancillary characters are what is going to draw me in......
  14. Sort of wish in The church scene she would have said "I had him tested!".
  15. Loved the scene with Sheldon's father.