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  1. Such a cute episode! I love the Shamy plot, obviously (Amy called his Meemaw!!), and I appreciate the fact we get some Sheldonette scenes, they're so rare !
  2. lol, yeah he's become quite buff, and I wonder if there is any particular reason behind it like him knowing Sheldon will have to take his shirt off this season... Ah, I wish...
  3. Yes, I think he's terrified of coitus because of that too, possible failure, and not just because of his fear of germs and physical contact, which would seem like a pretext now when it comes to Amy (them kissing, or him taking some of her French fries are proof enough that she's an exception). Obviously the first move towards coitus won't come from Amy, since she's clearly waiting for him to overcome his fears. So now that the pressure eased off, the question is what circumstances could bring Sheldon to make that move, or simply want to make a move or express sexual desires. Let the great guessing game begin ! I don't think it'll happen before the biggest disruption of his status quo ever on the show: Leonard moving out. But the writers might surprise us, who knows...
  4. This feels like another show. It's a new era for Sheldon.
  5. Who was silly enough to say it was buddy love? Do you feel butterflies in your stomach, which is basically what Sheldon describes in this episode, when you're with your friends? Then that's an interesting kind of friendship... lol
  6. Bernadette may be bossy, but Howard is like the caricature of a big baby, and it turns her into his momma. Even Sheldon is more grown-up than him at this point.
  7. Yep, Sheldon/Raj scenes are always great! Favourite scenes in the episode by veeery far. Jim was brilliant and yummy all sweaty
  8. *rant mode on* I'm watching it right now and can I just say something about the food? Constantly having them in front of full plates, not eating and talking for several minutes without eating, is really getting on my nerves because it's NOT REALISTIC, and having something that unrealistic is killing it for me. How many people like eating their food cold?!! And, I mean, it's like that in all the food scenes! How many times are the characters using and re-using their microwave for F sake??!! And don't talk to me about that being because the actors would have to eat all the time becaus eof the number of takes, I am perfectly aware of how a shooting goes, thank you very much. How hard is it to make the characters talk after having finished eating, or at least with a half-eaten plate just like my family, friends and I normally do? No, they have to have full plates in front of them all the time... And of course, all the characters eat at the exact same rhythm; when one plate is full, everyone's is as well, and noone eats when someone is talking, riiiiight... This makes those scenes look so f*****ing FAKE! *rant mode off* Okay now, back to the episode. Sorry, I get angry more easily since I'm pregnant... I guess...
  9. Because for shallow, uneducated people, women who don't kinda look like Barbie dolls are deemed "ugly", that's all.
  10. Do any of you think Sheldon will have to deal with losing Leonard as a roommate earlier than expected? And if the pressure of sex is off his shoulders, maybe that'll translate into him being more open to the idea of living with Amy. I personally think Lenny won't live together before the wedding, and that'll be at the end of this season or maybe even next season. But when that will happen, Shamy will definitely move in together, and that can be comedy gold. I don't see other options, apart from Stuart, lol.
  11. Aw that is so cute that he went to see this very special episode !
  12. I'm so fu**ing happy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I ran out of likes. So basically, Sheldon is having astronomy/physics-related images when masturbating? lol, sorry, couldn't resist.
  14. Your icon is the cutest I've ever seen Sheldon.
  15. That was the sexiest line Sheldon ever delivered.
  16. lol, I love all the drama. I sometimes get pissed at some scenes or pieces of dialogue, but I always keep in mind that "we all know what's gonna happen", as Sheldon said about Lenny : Shamy will live happily ever after, in their own quirky way. So I'm never worried, I just can't wait for them to have more special moments :-)
  17. The phone is in his shirt pocket (which, by the way, is thought to be a potentially hazardous habit by some researchers).
  18. I think it was a bad episode. It was boring for me.
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