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  1. I didn't see this bit of Word of God from Steve himself in the thread yet (I think?), so here's what he had to say about the fort scene and what happened after that: Question: Color me curious and slightly perverted, but do we know what base Sheldon and Amy went to during their little sleepover on The Big Bang Theory a few weeks back? —Tammy Ausiello: You’re disgusting Tammy. Here’s your answer directly from showrunner Steve Molaro: “They remain safely on first base.”
  2. Sheldon "raised his eyebrows" at Amy once before. It's in the episode where Wil Wheaton is a guest in Fun with Flags. I think it's in the opening scene, but I can't check right now.
  3. If that's the case, that hug is going to help me deal with this "delay" a lot better. [emoji24]
  4. This post speaks to me on a very personal level.
  5. I don't even know how to express all the feelings I'm having right now. Sheldon met Amy halfway just like she did. She couldn't bring herself to tell him she loves him and so he said "I love you, too" as if she did. And all the pressure he was feeling about sex came crashing down with the expectations about prom and he was panicking (and not because he doesn't want to or doesn't have urges, we also have that final confirmation now), but she took that pressure off. And it was simply perfect. They are perfect. I... really don't know what else to say. I'm overwhelmed.
  6. I'm wondering if they're reacting to something Raj said in that promo pic? Wouldn't make much sense for Amy, at least, to look the other way mid-hug. *Proton sigh* All I want is Take 2...
  7. Random observation, but I liked how the "Sheldon taking his pants off for Emily" joke played out. Sheldon smiles at Amy while handing her food in a way that says (at least to me): "I get it, but now it's not the time to talk about this" (and of course it isn't, they're in a room full of people that are quite aware of that aspect of their relationship and have joked about it more than once) and then his expression changes to a serious one as soon as he turns away from her. While it was a bit of a recycled exchange, it's nice to see how Jim and Mayim get to play even these minor jokes that are there to fill the time, really.
  8. I'm Italian, too! Benvenuta.
  9. My guess is that they weren't too convinced on Take 1, then they weren't convinced on Take 2 and maybe they're not even convinced on Take 3; in other words, they'll decide in editing with all the choices available. Or maybe, they're giving themselves a way out in case they're running short on time. I'd rather not have a hug if it's not Take 2, but I'm not sure I understand why they're still so doubtful when it comes to Shamy and physical contact *on screen*. Same old problem. Either way, if they *do* cut it, I hope something physical is coming up during November sweeps. You can't keep these things confined to off screen land forever. Especially not now that Sheldon is more open to physical contact with his close friends and we get to see that on screen. (With that said, I am quite happy with the season so far.) EDIT: Okay, never mind what I wrote, I just read Michy Geary's post. Come on, Take 2!
  10. Not saying it would be inconsistent (or maybe I am, I don't know lol), but ever since Amy hugged Sheldon last time in 6.16 – where he was less responsive than he was two episode before that, 6.14 – he either hugged back or initiated hugs with Leonard, Penny and Professor Proton. And hopefully I'm not forgetting anyone else. Considering how much they are trying to pass off these gestures as "routine" for them now – and people even see them kiss like it's no big deal (even though it all happens off screen) – I think it would be nice to get on screen proof of it. Of course, I'm not implying hugging a friend is like hugging a girlfriend, but, considering how Sheldon is so into it when he kisses her and how much time has passed since we last saw it happen on screen, it would be a nice change and it would provide a contrast for both the other times she hugged him and the way he responds to other people hugging him now.
  11. Completely agree. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to have take one now, in S8. They hug and they hold hands even on hot days, as he said himself in 7.05. And they kissed with Leonard in the room, according to 8.04. It's time to leave unresponsive Sheldon behind. It really is.
  12. Completely agree with this. It's also why I look forward to hearing Jim talk about Sheldon/Shamy, it feels like one of us is talking about it.
  13. That's how you do a *Proton sigh* in style! lol Happy birthday, koops! Have a cake, have some fries, have brownies!
  14. First of all, thank you for the report, Kazzie! I was not expecting Shamy this episode and I wasn't too far off (in fact, I woke up late because I was having a dream about them! lol Talk about a one-track mind). However, I like the small things and, while it isn't the best out of the four so far, that doesn't mean it's bad. Far from it. Leonard's comment goes hand in hand with what he said last episode (and other stuff during the years), so I'm not surprised. As we were saying for 8.03, Penny understands their relationship more than he probably ever will. It would have been hilarious to see his face while they were kissing – though I do understand the writers if they want to keep kisses for Shamy a special occasion or something to be shared on screen only with the two of them. Actually, never mind Leonard, I want to see PENNY fangirl while they kiss! Also yay for the fact that these two are kissing and kissing a lot and when their friends are in the room. Gosh Sheldon, what a hippie you have become. Which actually brings me to my next point: with Shamy, it's always going to be the apparently – only apparently – small things that make a difference. See Sheldon wanting to ask Amy about money (and good for Amy for giving her blunt opinion but not denying him, as far as I understood) or that smile that he gives her with that line. It's a bit of a shame that we won't know about the car scene in 8.03 until the episode airs, but if that's how they want to portray sex jokes with them from now on, it's not a bad road to take. A smile can change the mood of the scene. I may add, they maybe started noticing that people weren't so willing to take jokes at Amy's expense anymore. Maybe. I have no idea where this will lead us, but truth be told I don't really mind at the end. I was satisfied last episode, I am still satisfied. Now, I'll go hibernate while we wait for the season premiere and the next taping.
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