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  1. I pretty much agree with koops' opinion, but allow me to add a few more words. I am obsessed with getting the characters IC (it's the first thing I ask myself when I'm writing - if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. I'm not pushing a story on the characters just because I want to tell that particular story), so you can probably guess my biggest fanfiction pet peeve is OOC-ness. When I read OOC as a warning, I'm out. To me, it sounds like the author just gave up on the characters to write a story that fits their fantasy. I'd rather read a book, if that was the case. If I'm reading fanfiction, I want to read the characters I love first and foremost. I don't even care about "deep" and engaging plots if the characters are there - but that has probably something to do with my general taste in things, too (see my username ). Having said that, I'm not going Fanfiction Police on anyone and everyone is pretty much free to do whatever they please with their stories - unless it's bashing. That, I really can't stand and wish people would stop. Before anyone thinks I'm only referring to Shenny fics, I am not. I've read a few "canon" stories that like to throw not-too-veiled insults at characters or pairings - or shippers, which is even worse. Oh and Mary Sues. Don't get me started on those. Idealizing a character is the same as bashing to me, more or less. Just on the other side of the fence. Also like koops, I have a pretty selective taste so it's really hard for me to find something I like. That's just how I am. And I agree on what she said on popular Shamy fics (!!). I'm also not the biggest fan of family fics or fics that include original characters just to create conflict. Oh and I don't read AU, either, because I like to read about characters in their settings. See? I'm so annoying I could go on for years. And for the sake of completeness, I won't hide behind a curtain and say I know my way around the kink meme. Actually, if we're talking about smut, I find it interesting how sometimes what someone would consider "lesser" fics get the characters more IC than others. On that note, writing sex scenes and keeping the characters IC is something not many people succeed in (as far as I'm concerned, especially when it comes to Sheldon and Amy - again, I'm very picky), so... if you do, good job! lol ETA: Forgot to add that I'm almost exclusively a reader of one shots (I have exceptions, of course). I like to read "fill in the holes" type of fics or flashes of their lives, usually missing scene fics or fics that add to the original source material.
  2. Pretty please with a cherry on top. :icon_cry: [insert THAT'S MY SHIP gif here] ETA: Wait, I have it.
  3. Yes, yes, yes. That's one thing I always care about regardless of the rest: Shamy vr the world. These two are meant for each other because "[Amy] is more similar to [sheldon] than anyone [sheldon] has ever met". That's what I like about them. They can count on each other because they understand each other when no-one else will. Now give me more of that. Happy taping, Maddie! Hope you get some Shamy.
  4. Sheldon is my favourite character and I agree that they should step back a little from the constant focus they have on him every episode. It's one of the reasons why I'm not too fond of season 3, for example - too Sheldon-centric. And I repeat, I am a Sheldon fan. As much as I am, though, I'd like to see every character take their their turns because I really love them all. OT7 for the win and all that. This whole part. I'm hopeful they'll be back to focus on the others, too, from next season. We have such a great ensemble of characters played by equally wonderful actors, I don't see why waste all this talent and potential. Seasons 4 and 5 are a good example of how it can be done and why it should be done. Everyone gets their focus and everyone is happy. I was watching episodes from the end of S4 recently and thought just how much they had going on at once and every character's story was linked to the other. It can be done.
  5. I've been thinking long and hard (no pun intended, I swear) over the last few days/week about what we have been discussing and I think I've reached my own conclusion. This was probably all pointed out before in better ways, but oh well. Looking back at season 7, we have had Sheldon being more open towards others, the way he relates to them and his feelings towards them. Penny (7.01), Mr. Rostenkowski (7.09), he developed a deeper bond with Howard, had a heart to heart talk with his mom... I guess the list goes on. This is all very good and positive. Now, what I think is maybe missing here is that while Sheldon does that with others, the dynamic that was established with Amy in season 6 was that of putting them at odds with each other. Thinking back on that whole season, I think what makes me seriously cringe more than anything is Amy's normalization and putting her as the normal girl with the weirdo. Her line in 6.17 on wanting a normal boyfriend just makes me go ugh every time I listen to it (which is not often, since I don't really watch that season or that episode on purpose lol). What I mean is, Amy was introduced as Sheldon's distaff counterpart. We could say she was even more bold and abrasive than him in the beginning. What made them "click" was the fact that they were similar to each and had the same view on romance, relationships, touching - which would come back to bite them both in the butt later, but that's the beauty of it - and their relationships with their mothers. What was shocking to see was Sheldon, someone that really enjoyed his time alone, first text all Summer long with her and then - thanks to Penny and her date idea - spend every free moment together with her and enjoy himself immensely. Sheldon did with Amy things he wouldn't with others and he did them because he wanted to. He didn't find socializing with her exhausting. Moreover, he listened to her advice and took it to heart (with the occasional I'm-complaining-but-I-know-you're-right). He learned to easily apologize thanks to her influence - actually, he would pretty much do and say anything with her without batting an eye. Having said all this, I'm not implying all of that is now gone, it will never be the same again and blah blah blah. But, if it wasn't for Amy, Sheldon now would maybe be the same person he was at the end of season 3. As much as Leonard and Penny have had a positive influence on him, too, it was really her who set everything in motion. So, when you have Sheldon being more open towards the rest of world plus you show Shamy conflict in ways of not understanding each other's point of view as if they come from two different worlds, that's when maybe I struggle with what's happening on screen. Because, their earlier dynamic (and the one I enjoy) is Shamy versus the world. It's like something got lost in the process. As I've said before, I am strongly positive that this season has been a major improvement over season 6 on this aspect, but sometimes I can still see the writers struggle. It's a balancing act. They need to think outside of the box, like Prady said was their approach to Shamy. As much as sex and physical contact is something they are now slowly approaching, you can't: 1) base a relationship on the physical aspect (especially when it comes to Shamy, that would be a sad irony) and 2) have them divided on things one theoretically wouldn't consider a topic of conflict for Shamy. If Shamy's strong suit is communication and the mental connection they have had from the beginning, having them lie and hide things from each other takes away from it. If Shamy talks about work more than all the other couples combined and doing so caused conflict in the past (4.04, 5.12 and recently 7.05), I can't see them not talking about it for one reason or the other. Generally speaking, I understand the need for plot devices and such, it is storytelling, but when characters are sacrificed (especially Amy, she seems to be getting the end of the stick a lot) to tell a story, that's again when I have a problem with it. Characters should always come first, I think. Meaningless rambling aside, I am very much looking forward to these last two tapings and I am dying to know how this all ends. Just thought I'd share since I struggled with this for a while and it's nice to reach a solution to your internal shipper struggling. On that note, I'm looking forward to have these last two pieces of the puzzle and look at this season as a whole and start theorizing on where we're possibly headed next. (Unrelated, but I was thinking how 7.19 had Sheldon being unable to make a decision on "trivial" matters - PS4 or XBox One. He said he's afraid of making the wrong choice. I'm not sure if we can call it foreshadowing for his career story arc, but I thought it was interesting to have that plot right before his break up with physics.)
  6. Please ignore this post, I made a mistake with the quote function. Silly me.
  7. Completely agree. This way, we could have new plots for next season and see them deal with things that are not relationship-exclusive for a change. If they end up working together, even better! Ignoring it would just be a waste to be honest. ETA: Oh and of course, if this finally brings some work-related happiness to Sheldon I'll be happy, too. Not everything needs to revolve around relationships.
  8. On second watch, I could appreciate the little (and big!) Shamy we got. From the moment Amy came in at halfway point, I felt like a ray of sunshine warmed me. lol I also have to say that this - more than Sheldon taking Penny's words to heart or growing "precious bonds" - seems more like Sheldon wanting to ignore his issues and hide them under a carpet. Denial. Denial, denial. Pretty typical behaviour when it comes to the important things in his life. See: Amy. And see next episode, too, now that I think about it! In the end, the break up process gets him nowhere, just like next episode. Now we'll just have to wait and see (as I hope) if they're saving up Amy helping him for the finale, as much as some plot devices can get very contrived.
  9. Mr. Jim Parsons knows what's up. I know he says he doesn't have any input in the writing process, but they should totally ask him on a regular basis.
  10. He really is. When you hear that interview he did back IN SEASON 2 with Ausiello and he's basically talking about Amy as his potential love interest, you know he knows. I'd love to hear him talk about Sheldon/Shamy more in depth. I'm waiting for an interview like that.
  11. lol I remember that! Gotta love Jim for being so eager. "I have desires!"
  12. Canon is laughing back in the monkey's faces right about now. Laughing HARD. ETA: Guess the joke's on me.
  13. It is! It's like going through the 5 stages of grief. ... No wonder I posted a lot after this last report! ETA: I'm in the Acceptance stage as far as 7.21 is concerned. [pats self on the back]
  14. Now, I don't want to sound like a pessimist, but I'm hoping the last two episodes get on track with what we've seen recently. As Marina said - and I could really quote every word from her post - they did improve from S6 but then plots like these happen and... all the war flashbacks come back to me and I just get anxious and scared of having to go through what we went through last year. Or just not going back to what Shamy used to be at all, which is just a frightening thought. I really want to end the season on a positive note, as it was for a good part. I really do.
  15. Ah ah, Cecilia, I like your way of thinking. Still, ita on what koops said. I personally have a really hard time with headcanons because it feels like I'm giving the writers excuses or free passes, and I find it... just plain wrong on my part. lol I repeat, personally. If anyone else feels more comfortable by dealing with problematic aspects of something with headcanons, more power to you. I get through details, get angry, pretend to ignore, rinse and repeat ad nauseam. I also find headcanons and interpretation to be two separate things, but that's me. I also agree that Amy strangely missing so far from the helping process is... well, strange. Maybe they are leading to a resolution in the finale (we can only hope!), but still it is tiring to see storylines about these two only concentrated on "relationship" stuff. (And now I'm off, I'm sneaking this post from work and it took 45 minutes to write. Not sure it even makes sense. Bad me, bad bad.)
  16. If I may come back to my previous post as an apology (that was way too snarky and I needed to take a moment to breathe before posting - but maybe fandom is too serious business for me to handle, I don't know), I'll say that Amy wasn't doing anything "wrong" in Indecision. If anything, I would love to see any other girlfriend or any other person in that same circumstance. Point is, Sheldon is not a special snowflake that needs to be treated with gloves just because - and I'm the first one to be annoyed when Sheldon gets the free pass with/from characters, fandom or writers alike. I love Sheldon, that doesn't mean he can't be insufferable. Who knows how long he had being going on and on about consoles before Amy did that - as someone that gets on very similar tangents in real life with people that couldn't care less about TBBT, just to name an example, I thought that was a very understandable and reasonable reaction. Some would say funny, but... Now, maybe - well, not maybe - the problem is that we see her being supportive on something as trivial as consoles and then annoyed/bored on Sheldon's work issues in 7.21, but I'll just say what I said already. I think who wrote the episode wanted to get to a point and probably didn't give too much attention on how they got there and let's leave it at that. That's the only conclusion I can jump to. I can't start to believe to see Shamy not discussing work issues, which they did countless times before, and this coming right after an episode where Amy is nothing but supportive. They needed conflict, I get it. Still, it makes little sense to me.
  17. The world revolves around Sheldon, we all - starting from Amy - just need to comply. Poor baby. [eyeroll] (This coming from someone whose favourite character is Sheldon and who is as much as annoying as he is.) EDIT: I simply think it's absurb to find something bad in Amy's behaviour in Indecision. What else could she have done?
  18. That's really my problem with the scene and the execution. As I've said before, I'm willing to disregard it as lazy writing and a VERY poor choice of words on the writers' part - as I just find the episode as a whole to be quite honest - but I can't take it for granted nor apply a headcanon on it. I'll probably just follow what I did with The Table Polarization and ignore a good portion of this episode for the sake of my sanity.
  19. I am too feeling a bit sad/discouraged/left in doubt/pick a word on why they didn't mention the EC thing or the D&D game - especially the second, it unwillingly leaves the taste of bandage in my mouth (wow, that was a weirdly phrased sentence, I'm sorry ) considering what happened in the second half of S6 and la di da. It IS a big deal - I mean, we could endlessly discuss on how it went down, but Molaro did confirm they consummed the relationship via D&D there. They were looking each other straight in the eyes as they described actions... I'm still left with this weird sense of intruding into someone else's life when I watch that scene because it was very intimate. Doesn't matter that they didn't touch, things were said - and what things. I am not holding onto the hope of ever seeing it mentioned again anymore, but I feel like it is a wasted opportunity. I, for one, will always count that time as their first time. I can imagine them alone in that room, vulnerable but willing to try. They chose to not follow that up in S7, but I do find it strange because of the importance of the act. Guess we'll just have to apply headcanons, each to their own.
  20. Absolutely, koops. In a sitcom where every line could have a weight due to how it might make you laugh/whatever the effect they're going with, keeping the lines consistent with who these characters are should be a priority, possibly even more than in other shows. Unfortunately, it's not a new problem and will certainly come back again sometime. Unfortunately. Going for a line because you need for it for the story you want to tell doesn't mean that line is going to fit that character. Agree on what you said on the dynamics, too. One of the things that made me fall in love with Shamy is how these two were the only people that truly understood the other (a connection, shall we say? ), even and especially when for the rest of the world they were just being "a couple of weirdos". The opposite can be said for Sheldon and Penny, and - apart from the light joke which was a nice throwback - can't say I have really enjoyed their interactions these past two seasons because I can't buy them being so in line with each other (not to mention when they just complain about the "meanies" aka their SOs ugh). In a sense, a similar thing could be said for Leonard and Sheldon's relationship, too. But this is way off topic. On the other hand, I think the Shamy dynamic is currently better than what it was last season, and I'm grateful for it: not too fond of that Shamy. I think sometimes they still fall in the trap of not having them communicate (their strong point) or make us feel like these two just DON'T get each other to create conflict - which makes little sense, when we think how these two even clicked in the first place. Perhaps the bottom line here is that we need more Bill in every episode. I'm just a bit confident this is a one off case and we're getting some wonderfully scripted final episodes. I know you can do it, TBBT.
  21. That's the thing, really. No-one here is implying that Penny isn't an important person in Sheldon's life and viceversa, but on the other hand, saying via Leonard and Amy that what they have with him can't possibly match the "connection" their SOs have with each other is waaay too much - simply because we have canon to support this. This is not Bernadette complaining about Raj and Howard. Also, completely agree on what koops said on the "surprise factor" they seem so keen on using recently. It's not foreshadowing, it's just lazy. That said, this episode comes out as a sore thumb after some very good ones. It's not like I have lost all hope or anything, it simply displeases me to see this show go with these poor writing choices when they have shown time and time again just how good, clever and subtle they can be.
  22. I'm not worrying about Shenny shippers, I'm worried (not sure if that's how I really feel) that the writers had to go out of their way, their story and their continuity to have Leonard tell Amy that (paraphrasing) "Penny's relationship with Sheldon is something they both can't have", which is just ridiculous. Leonard is Sheldon's first and best friend, he's the one that got him out of the - honestly miserable with those depressing chairs - state he was in 3.22's flashback and Amy is his girlfriend and look at how far they've come since they met in that coffee shop. Implying Penny has the "magic touch" with Sheldon is also wrong - that would be his mom, if anything. I'm bothered that they're not saying things for what they are. Maybe casual viewers will hang onto that, maybe they won't - I know a few people that will, because that's what they choose to believe. And when it's the characters telling you that, you are being served on a silver plate.
  23. Ranting heals your soul, or so they say. (They really don't say it, don't check. ) And yes, even Leonard is completely out of line here. I could quote from a multitude of episodes where Sheldon says/the plot proves otherwise. This is just so... troubling, sad, and anger-inducing, even. Disregard seasons of material to throw this in for no apparent reason other than lip service. I need to facepalm. So hard. EDIT: Oh and I know Penny is and will always be the number 1 Shamy shipper like she shows again in this episode. Still. Did someone in the writers room feel the need to compensate? More importantly, why? I know the easiest answer is "fanservice", but that doesn't work for me. I'd rather have the writers be consistent.
  24. THIS. "A connection"? Sheldon and Penny? Since when?! This is exactly what I'm talking about when I say I'm annoyed about the inventive use of tell not show here. This is: A, lip service; B, not true; C, again, since when? Did I miss something? If you're trying to sell Sheldon and Penny as BFFs that have a "connection", try harder TPTB or don't even try. I know the one person Sheldon has a connection, and that's Amy: "Amy is more similar to me than anyone I've ever met", etc. Trying to sell Sheldon and Penny as a meeting of similar minds that found and understand each other is not only pushing it, it's simply not true. They have always been at odds, that was the funny thing about them. Now I need to go and look at some of their old scenes because this leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. EDIT: Ah, how I miss the good old times when they would just mock the Shenny idea altogether and not throw breadcrumbs... I'm sorry, but a fanbase/shipper group (including us) doesn't have to be "kept happy". They chose to believe non-canon, let's not imply things that are not canon just to keep a minority at bay.
  25. I could just quote koops' post and be done with it, but I completely agree that I'm not willing to headcanon away something that I can easily disregard because it doesn't make sense with Amy's character OR what we've seen - pet peeve of mine, but I really don't like tell not show, especially when it's forced down your throat like this. And I'll say again this episode's writing pales in comparison of the couple we've seen before to me. Just like I ignore Amy's words in 6.11 and pretend she never said them (passing out at a frat party? Really?), I'm going to do the same. Sorry for the brutal honestly, but I really can't reconcile with what the writers went with here: it was lazy to me, pure and simple. As always, imo.
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