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  1. If you think it would help you, by all means do so. I know this sounds silly and I should get a life and blah blah blah, but I was mad for TWO days after an episode aired this season because I was pretty much against it (not saying which one just because it's irrelevant) and thinking about it right now makes me cringe. So yes, do it if you think it would help. We all want to be more happy than angry at our ship.
  2. This is probably going off topic, but I agree that what made me like Sheldon and Penny interactions up to S5 is slowly fading now, either because they pair them up to moan about their SOs or something just feels... off. In the same way, I'm sad we don't get a lot of besties scenes anymore. I know many people were getting bored with the lesbian jokes, but Amy and Penny's friendship was a huuuge thing of S4/5 for me and I'm always grateful they did it this way, just like Penny being the most vocal in her support of Shamy. Some would say their friendship evolved, yes, but we can still show it, right? We could have Sheldon/Amy/Penny scenes and have them make sense. Hell, the four of them have dinner with each other A LOT, I'm sure they do a lot of stuff together - as much as I laughed at Amy's comment to Leonard about them spending more time together and her thinking "it's weird", why wouldn't they? Sheldon and Penny do, no-one thinks it's weird. I feel like I'm going back in circles, but things like these only put doubts in the back of people's minds without any proof of what they're even hinting at, especially since it's something we know they have been strongly against in the past. So what now? I remember Amy being with her bestie and her boyfriend and thinking it's the best time of her life. That I liked. Not this unfounded jealousy that makes no sense and only makes me wish they would go back to write Amy in a way that is always consistent or without throwing bones at people here and there. We have Shamy, we love Shamy, let's stick with it.
  3. Precisely this. Leonard (and then Amy) have always been the ones doing the "heavy lifting", whereas Penny would either get into an argument with him (I'm not saying without reason) or just ignore him (and that's okay). She obviously took care of him during the Summer as Leonard asked her to (we saw they went shopping for groceries together and that's fair) in the same way he asked Sheldon to look out of her and they got closer, but - and here comes the big but - Amy was there, too. We haven't seen what happened. I mean, he has a girlfriend, I'm sure they did most things together as a couple, right (in S6, they both mention Shamy going to the bank and grocery shopping together, so that's not even a stretch)? I find interesting that especially this season, wherever they have a plot with them, Penny has a problem with Leonard so she can't be with him. In the past, most of their plots revolved around either them getting angry/not understanding each other or being forced to stay together by the circumstances. What their relationship amounts to is that of two siblings that love each other, but would rather keep distance since they mostly get into arguments/don't understand each other's way of living. And since this is really what we're talking about here, is Amy then supposed to feel jealous of Leonard, too, since he's Sheldon's best friend? Is she supposed to be jealous of his mom? His meemaw? Everyone around him? Let's just say someone didn't bother to check because Amy as the Crazy Jealous Girlfriend just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Amy. Jealous. Of the people she feels are like her family? And Leonard, you too - what are talking about? You're the one living with the guy! lol Anyway, I'm off with this, I'm strongly feeling I'm not making any sense anymore. Just like this episode.
  4. The one thing that I find ridiculous above others in what they have Amy say is that they felt the need to specify that she feels jealous of Sheldon and Penny's relationship "not in a romantic way". I would have never guessed! Thanks for telling me, I thought this was suddenly turning into a love triangle! (That's sarcasm.) If anything, Sheldon has always been the one that wanted first Leonard and then Amy out of Penny's influence (mainly because the world revolves around him ). So, again, this just doesn't make any sense. I hope and pray this line is never brought up again or it's just... well, meaningless drama. With no evidence to support it. With that said, and a bit more seriously, I'm just going to disregard it and move on, personally. The group (including Penny, the biggest Shamy shipper of us all) has pointed out repeatedly the impact Amy has had on him. I'm just a bit sad to see Amy once again used as a plot device, maybe, if anything.
  5. I may be wrong, but I remember reading in a Hollywood Reporter (?) article that they only did a "demonstration" at the taping to give the audience an idea of what it was going to look like once the full effects were done.
  6. Agree with everything that has been said so far. I took this episode's writing as very heavy-handed - they had the psychic scene in mind to carry us to whatever they have in mind for the last two episodes of the season as far as Sheldon/Shamy are concerned and they took what I consider a lazy and inconsistent road to get there. It's a shame, because this episode follows some very well scripted episodes and I agree with koops that Prady should be consistently involved with Amy as he once was. Call it pick and choose, but I'm refusing to take what is being said in this episode as the truth - or at least, I'm taking it with three spoons of salt. I can't believe the hypocrisy in Amy's behaviour nor I can't believe her jealousy towards Penny (??) or that Sheldon is supposedly more comfortable with Penny or Leonard than her. Just take a quick look at who Sheldon was before Amy and you get a pretty clear picture imo. Leonard firstly and then Penny are important in his life as well, of course (especially Leonard, remember how Sheldon was when they met?), but "negating" what Amy has brought in Sheldon's life in favour of a episode plot point/throwaway line is cheap. Well, I know that's not the case. One episode is not going to change what I've seen in four seasons. I understand that the writers of this episode needed to get to a point (the psychic) to set up the rest, but... I can't swallow something that has substantial proof to the contrary and comes literally out of the left field at this stage. What I'm actually hoping right now is that the last two episodes are more in line writing-wise with what we've seen just a few days ago, for example (or what immediately follows, from what I can tell from the report Proton sounds great and I like the idea of Sheldon's subconscious talking to him through Amy/Leonard via Proton far more compelling. So far. We'll see the episodes, I guess). That's clever and subtle and follows the basic rule of storytelling that is show not tell. Not this. ...woah I'm sorry for the rant. Grabbing a hot beverage, excuse me.
  7. Amen to everything, especially the highlighted part. And the cold feet scenario.
  8. Oh, that's a very interesting theory, koops! Didn't think about the control issue that much. I'll have to now! I think that's the beauty of how much the first SIK really opened so many roads for Shamy; they could go in so many directions with it and from here I'm not sure what I want the most - well, okay, apart from the Amy-freaks-out scenario, that's pretty much my life goal these days. Maybe this could relate to what the psychic said, too. Letting someone take control (especially when it comes to intimacy) it's a great sign of trust, it's commitment, it's giving in. Hm.
  9. I didn't touch on the controllers line in my previous posts, but at the risk of repeating what others have said, I thought it was there for a double meaning purpose as soon as I heard it and didn't detract at all from the kiss - in fact, Sheldon kisses her even harder after talking. And after (before? Have to watch again! ) he says "Well they do", that flirty smile is even more confirmation. I don't know, not every kiss is going to be extra dramatic or powerful or impactful (even though for me this is surely the last two), and as koops said, the simple fact that this kiss is out of sweeps speaks volumes. The writers are saying: "Here, have a kiss, these two do that now". I'm sure we'll have more in the future and maybe one is coming at the end of the season that is more "plot driven", but I am enjoying this one immensely as well. I like that it's casual and that it's there in the middle of the episode, 30 seconds, boom done. As for not confusing fanfiction with the show, I totally agree with Lio. There is lots of material out there and different strokes for different folkes, but I fell in love with Shamy after randomly watching on YT the famous "You're a vixen, Amy Farrah Fowler" scene. I will sound cliché, but that scene spoke to me. Sheldon and Amy speak to me. I'm not here to see them get down and dirty (well, as much as the next person, let's say lol), I want to see them grow together and their daily interactions with each other. As long as this happens coherently (and we're seemingly back on track now), I think I'll be fine. I really am now.
  10. Another thing to consider for comparison's sake: - SIK I, Amy is so stunned her eyebrows are high all the way through the whole duration of the kiss, her face is tensed up, etc. (She follows it with "That was nice.") - SIK II, Amy smiles and - well, I think "takes it all in" is a good way to describe it. She is way more relaxed and her face at the end is so telling, she's in bliss. (And Sheldon pats her and leaves with that content smile of his.) She's the one to shily - such a lovely detail - remind him about it without really mentioning it. So, I don't see neither repulsion (?) nor I think this all a cunning strategy from Amy - actually, let me stress how I really don't think the second option is even to consider. IMO, as always.
  11. I really think this approach to Shamy kissing is just so clever on TPTB's part. Sheldon is basically devouring Amy's lips this second time lol while she takes it all in, with a what-is-happening-i-like-this-so-much-don't-know-what-i'm-doing approach. Not only this is very sweet and telling (that IS Sheldon kissing Amy), but like koops said, shows how she's pretty much all talk as it was showed in the past as well. It is a very good thing for me. They come from the same place. This is their first relationship. And seeing Sheldon so eager is just a pleasure to watch, at least for me. He wants her as much as she wants him. Considering how much and for how long I've been crying for this to actually show on screen, I am literally on a cloud.
  12. Oh my cOD koops don't share my secrets! brb dying of laughter Seriously though, it's one of my favourite things about this kiss: Sheldon is just so damn CONFIDENT of what he's doing, knows Amy likes it (the way he leaves says it all for me) and I love every second of it. I did notice today while giffing just how much Sheldon "presses" his lips and face on her, especially after he talks - you can tell from miles away just how much he's into it.
  13. This was a great Shamy episode and that kiss is all of my life right now - and for the rest of my days, probably. (Sorry if that's all I have to contribute at the moment but I'm blacking out, my heart can't take all this Shamy goodness without having a meltdown.)
  14. New one shot, set after The Anything Can Happen Recurrence's tag. Spoilers. The Night Time Infusion
  15. Happy Birthday, Lio! Hope your weasel army is celebrating their Queen.
  16. We are all needy babies greedy babies. I'm so excited as a whole for Shamy, these two months leading up to the airing of the finale (and everything in between) are going to be - crossing my fingers - amazing!
  17. That is literally how I feel right now. Happy 500 pages and oh my cOD we're about to hit 10k posts!
  18. Aw thank you so much! Thank you for leaving a review, too.
  19. New one-shot! Missing scene from The Relationship Diremption. The Affection Intoxication
  20. Random thought before I jump in with my... even more random thoughts about the report (thanks to mena, happykitty and Dana again!). I was just talking with someone who used to be quite active in fandom until November-December hit and we got the negative flu. I am happy to say now I am so so very glad I stuck with TBBT and now the results are showing. I am frolicking in a field of sunflowers. With the sincere hope my heart doesn't get crushed abruptly in these last three tapings of the season, sincerely yours. That said, as a Shamy shipper and needy baby greedy baby I am always more than excited when Shamy is sneaked in when they're not the main focus of the plot. I was surprised by this episode, again very positively. It's refreshing to finally see again TPTB so willing to develop Sheldon episode after episode, casually with a steady flow, as it should be. This episode confirms my renewed love for TBBT and my hopes for the finale are possibly way over the alert levels right now but who cares. Another thing that is refreshing to see and one thing I have been crying for is Shamy casually touching like it's no big deal - of course, it still is to us, but. Amy taking a drunk Sheldon to bed, tucking him in and leaving is so sweet. Even sweeter, is Sheldon waking up the next morning wondering where Amy is and wanting to apologize to her. Can't wait to see this in action. As for the rest, I think the one night stand with a geology book (!!) of all science books will leave me forever laughing. And I agree with what some of you have said - while this isn't foreshadowing for anything happening soon, I still think it will be a sort of testing the waters kind of thing for the audience to "accept" this sexual side of Sheldon (not that there's any need from the vast majority, at least from what I can tell - we all know what happened with the SIK). I mean, a one night stand and a walk of shame with Leonard making clearly sexual comments? How much more obvious can you get? Love it. Lastly, a drunk Sheldon bragging to Hawking about "kissing girls Amy" is both adorable, funny and a bit naive from Sheldon. Uh, Shelly, that took you some time, you know. Jokes aside, the fact that Sheldon is just so HAPPY about kissing Amy makes me happy as well. Everything's good in Shamy land. EDIT: koops, that bit about Sheldon maybe sort of perhaps expecting Amy to stay the night makes my heart explode.
  21. Thanks for the report Mena and the various spoilers we got in chat and here from happy kitty and Dana.
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