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  1. That was the cutest thing I've ever seen.
  2. Do we know if anyone is at the taping tonight?
  3. Yeah, I have to agree. I find it really hard to believe Leonard made any kind of oversight, given how upset he was. I doubt they would redo their wedding.
  4. I think so, too. I really don't think anything good is going to come out of Zack making an appearance, at least in this episode. I think it will eventually lead them to sorting out their issues but it's going to be bad before it's good, just like when Shamy broke up. Not that Lenny will break up, I think they've come way too far for that but drama/conflict seems to be the writer's "go-to" for solving issues.
  5. I never said she could do no wrong, but I do think her "behavior" is grossly over exaggerated. If you'd like to show me where I said she could do no wrong, then please do. I'm simply confused as to why everyone is so angry with her when this has been consistent behavior for her character for years and also why "#freeLeonard" is now a movement, as if he's a prisoner.
  6. He is, honestly. Cheating is one of the worst things you can do to a person. He's lucky she even considered taking him back and marrying him because most women would have kicked him to the curb like yesterday's garbage. I also don't see Leonard being forced to be with her. He has free will and can leave her if he so chooses.
  7. I'm asking what she has done that so awful? I personally don't think she ignored "his needs", whatever the hell that means. I also don't see how she has belittled him, maybe I'm watching a different version of Lenny.
  8. I'm confused on what she has done to Leonard that he'd be better off? Last time I checked, he cheated on her and she didn't walk away from their relationship.
  9. We were also all told to calm the fuck down because everything was going to be fine and now it is.
  10. Lenny will be okay. It's just a tiny bump in the road.
  11. My gifs won't post, this is tragic. But just picture an ugly cry gif here: :'(
  12. I guess I must be too simple-minded because I don't see anything wrong with the show right now, except that they are kind of in a pre-finale "lull" and I assume that will pick up by the end of the season. But what do I know?
  13. ...Just what. What the hell has happened to this thread?
  14. I've spent many a night reading some good Shenny fanfic. Works of art, if you ask me.
  15. I see Sheldon and Amy as a unit as well as Lenny. I think at THIS point in the show, they wouldn't be able to continue if they lost one of the couples or characters The argument is pointless.
  16. They could just kill off Penny and carry on with a new gf for Leonard.
  17. That last line was like a knife right into my heart, even though I know what's coming. Not gonna lie, I teared up. The pain on Amy's face was so crushing, my heart was breaking for her. Kudos to Mayim. Now the agonizing wait for December 10th begins...
  18. Dear lord, I seem to recall the reason why I stopped posting here. I don't understand what gender or sexual preference has to do with who you ship. If it did, I guess I'd have no ship at all. I really cannot wrap my brain around the constant competition between ships. I'm not a huge Lenny fan, but I do enjoy their cute and funny moments. I don't understand why one has to be better than another. There's a line between having a debate and being childish.
  19. thank you so much, Kerry. And to your friend, of course my heart was beating so fast reading that. I might actually die when this airs.
  20. Lol. Sorry I have a job and life? You aren't harshing my buzz :D
  21. Keep on hatin' I'm going to watch it over and over and over again
  22. Everyone in my life is at this stage after last night. lol
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