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  1. Just 10 years ago I was being called "Dena the dyke" in the halls of my school. Now, look where we are. #LoveIsLove #Pride #LoveWins

  2. Some people are extremely lucky to have parents like this. Some of us are not so fortunate. https://t.co/cZ8UuibA4Z

  3. I'm bored and I can't decide what to eat. These are my problems

  4. "I ate 3 donuts today. No, I lied it was 5. Wow I'm a mess."

  5. Do you ever just look at someone and think "I know why you're single, but I can't tell you or I'd be an asshole."?

  6. And lastly, me in front of my most visited place in high school; the Dean's office.

  7. She purrs so loud and melts my heart. She bit me in the face about 10 seconds after the video stopped… https://t.co/ZWbjsTD3ur

  8. Goodnight, little Mogwai. I can't move my arm, but that's okay because you look so cute.… https://t.co/l2oUrTEzcS

  9. RT @FemalePains: Caitlyn Jenner: I'm gonna spell it with a C. Kris Jenner: ... http://t.co/jkT6KO3dA4

  10. I mean... just gorgeous

  11. And just like that, bye bye Critics Choice Awards. So sick of Alison Janney.

  12. Dashboard Confessional in Miami next weekend. It's going to be a longgggggg week!

  13. Finally friends. Chloe has put up with so much crap from Mogi and has been the sweetest girl because… https://t.co/DQRZS0kpzS

  14. Much better, little Mogi.

  15. Mogwai aka "Mogi" eating her first dinner. Happy baby. ☺️ #kitten #catsofinstagram #baby #rescuehttps://t.co/nIoh4BuNdl

  16. I realize my last #selfie took away from the awesomeness of my lipgloss. #unfiltered #UrbanDecay https://t.co/ORgE30l1bB

  17. Is this real life

  18. RT @NOTSportsCenter: The NFLPA has appealed Tom Brady's 4 game suspension, saying that punishing the Patriots or Brady in any way is clearl…

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