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  1. 1 minute ago, FileXxX said:

    I highly doubt they wouldn't have found out about it by now. And Penny would certainly not be called "Hofstadter" if their marriage was void. And since Vegas weddings are official, their wedding needed to be registered and that would cause conflicts if she was still married to another man at that point. They wouldn't even have to re-do their wedding. They could just sign the papers and get over it, because nothing changed at all.

    Yeah, I have to agree. I find it really hard to believe Leonard made any kind of oversight, given how upset he was. 

    I doubt they would redo their wedding. 

  2. 54 minutes ago, Esteben Feynman said:

    I think if this next episode is about a Lenny fight I am thinking it's leading up to a living arrangement switch. It'll come out that their problem is them living in 4A, which is causing them stress. I think they're showing it get bad before it's addressed. 

    I think so, too. I really don't think anything good is going to come out of Zack making an appearance, at least in this episode. I think it will eventually lead them to sorting out their issues but it's going to be bad before it's good, just like when Shamy broke up. Not that Lenny will break up, I think they've come way too far for that but drama/conflict seems to be the writer's "go-to" for solving issues. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, JE7 said:

    I call BULLSHIT! And since you seem believe that since she is a woman she can do no wrong and he as a man can do no right talking to you is an exercise in futility, so I wont do so anymore...


    I never said she could do no wrong, but I do think her "behavior" is grossly over exaggerated. If you'd like to show me where I said she could do no wrong,  then please do. I'm simply confused as to why everyone is so angry with her when this has been consistent behavior for her character for years and also why "#freeLeonard" is now a movement, as if he's a prisoner. 

  4. 1 minute ago, JE7 said:

    And some apparently feel that since "he cheated" he should happily take any shit she feels like giving him and support whole heartedly anything she wants or does for the rest of his life and consider himself lucky she even looks at him

    He is, honestly. Cheating is one of the worst things you can do to a person. He's lucky she even considered taking him back and marrying him because most women would have kicked him to the curb like yesterday's garbage. 

    I also don't see Leonard being forced to be with her. He has free will and can leave her if he so chooses. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, JE7 said:

    So that gives her the right to belittle, humiliate and ignore the needs of her husband? Which is what she has done all season

    I'm asking what she has done that so awful? I personally don't think she ignored "his needs", whatever the hell that means. I also don't see how she has belittled him, maybe I'm watching a different version of Lenny. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Tonstar17 said:

    You can't compare Shamy to Lenny. Two very different relationships and lenny are allegedly married. What season 9 Penny is doing is way out of line and is disrespectful to the man she claims she loves. Sorry I think Leonard will be better off without her.

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    I'm confused on what she has done to Leonard that he'd be better off? Last time I checked, he cheated on her and she didn't walk away from their relationship. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, kazzie said:

    Are we really jumping off cliff's based on assumptions because a certain character has been cast? To Which we have no idea what his involvement really is yet?

    Granted, I can understand the cause of concern, But I really think we should calm down the rage quits until we know EXACTLY what's going on. 

    IF, and I stress IF. It is some kind of a bump in the road for Lenny... Then it might lead to better things. Look how things went down for Shamy in the last year. And we all know Lenny are endgame.


    We were also all told to calm the fuck down because everything was going to be fine and now it is. 

  8. 1 hour ago, April said:

    RE - Engagement:

    I have no idea how the show will do it but I agree with others that I don't think Sheldon will need a push but just does it whenever he feels the time is right.

    I've posted something like this before in this thread many moons ago (sorry for being repetitive) but I still like the idea that Sheldon is planning something nice to propose, like a romantic day out with Amy (because he's that kind of big ol' hippie now!) giving him several opportunities to pop the question, but in keeping it with the "Sheldon gets interrupted when he wants to say something important about relationships" thing he gets accidentally interrupted several times by whatever funny B/C/D-plots the rest of the gang is involved. And not gonna lie, I found the way Sheldon got increasingly frustrated during the Valentine's FWF hysterical so I'd love it if the whole scenario would go down like that until he's utterly defeated and exhausted by the gang's shenanigans. But then after a long day he'd end up in a trivial and domestic setting with Amy, like talking about their day over a nice cup of tea, and it's only then that suddenly everything seems perfect and he's able to ask her...

    Okay, is ridiculously specific so it certainly won't happen that way. lol


    38 minutes ago, Maddie said:

    Yess!! Like an episode that's otherwise a completely different plot. Like Shamy are doing research analyzing a brain to see if yadda yadda. Like the whole episode is nothing to do with engagement or anything. And then it happens just like that. In a quiet moment where they are just doing what they love, what first brought them together. And I can see Amy being like, "what?" and he gets down on his knee right there in her lab. In lab coats and goggles haha. And he would say something incredibly sweet and Sheldony and of course she would excitedly say yes and they would kiss and embrace. I would die. I just think it happening in a sciencey setting would be so beautiful and perfect for them.


    My gifs won't post, this is tragic. But just picture an ugly cry gif here:   :'(

  9. 41 minutes ago, JE7 said:

    No one is arguing there is a purpose to the Amy charecter only whether she should get a storyline because she is just as important as SHELDON, she's not

    I see Sheldon and Amy as a unit as well as Lenny. I think at THIS point in the show, they wouldn't be able to continue if they lost one of the couples or characters 

    The argument is pointless. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, JE7 said:

    She could be a seldom or never seen stay at home mom and the show would go on just as it did before she was introduced. It has nothing to do with whether the charecter is liked but are they essential to the core premise of the show as that is what TPTB are clinging to

    She has a purpose but is that purpose one that can only be fulfilled by that specific charecter and I think the answer is no Penny could get a new friend, Sheldon could revert or get a new gf and the show would carry on

    They could just kill off Penny and carry on with a new gf for Leonard. 

  11. That last line was like a knife right into my heart, even though I know what's coming. 

    Not gonna lie, I teared up. The pain on Amy's face was so crushing, my heart was breaking for her. Kudos to Mayim. 

    Now the agonizing wait for December 10th begins... 

  12. Dear lord, I seem to recall the reason why I stopped posting here. :icon_rolleyes:

    I don't understand what gender or sexual preference has to do with who you ship. If it did, I guess I'd have no ship at all. 

    I really cannot wrap my brain around the constant competition between ships. I'm not a huge Lenny fan, but I do enjoy their cute and funny moments. I don't understand why one has to be better than another. There's a line between having a debate and being childish. 

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