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  1. I don't think I'm going to make it. My heart is going to explode. I know there was a lot of talk of this episode being filmed out of order, which I don't really understand, but anyways do we know when this is going to air?
  2. I woke up and thought it might have been a dream BUT IT'S NOT!!!!!
  3. The only way I can describe how I feel right now:
  4. Knowing Mayim's past with hinting at amazing Shamy episodes, they both probably die in fiery car crash.
  5. I have no words. Gonna go talk to a pizza about this.
  6. Sorry to derail any current conversation, but I am coming out of hiding because I was listening to Pandora tonight and this came on and my Shamy feels were kicked into high gear: Ouch, my heart. Carry on...
  7. I hate to see Shamy broken up but I am glad Amy is not caving into his tantrum. He's gotta learn somehow. Thanks for the info Michy!
  8. That's when I calmly unplug my tv and place it into a fire.
  9. Thanks to everyone that gave us info I really don't see how they could ignore everything that happened in this one episode. There is too much lingering to just leave it for a few episodes. I think we will definitely learn more and possibly get a bit of resolution in the next episode. I will reserve my table flipping until then. I really do believe this will be a good thing for Shamy, it's just going to suck. Honestly, idk what the hell the writers are doing with Lenny.
  10. It will be a good thing for Shamy in the grand scheme of things, but dealing with them being apart, for however long, is going to suck.
  11. This is malarkey. Lenny don't even have a proper wedding and Shamy breaks up "officially"? Poo poo, writers.
  12. Thanks all. Seemed like a fun panel, can't wait to see the video.
  13. The next 30 days are going to be brutal.
  14. Just 10 years ago I was being called "Dena the dyke" in the halls of my school. Now, look where we are. #LoveIsLove #Pride #LoveWins

  15. Some people are extremely lucky to have parents like this. Some of us are not so fortunate. https://t.co/cZ8UuibA4Z

  16. I'm bored and I can't decide what to eat. These are my problems

  17. "I ate 3 donuts today. No, I lied it was 5. Wow I'm a mess."

  18. Do you ever just look at someone and think "I know why you're single, but I can't tell you or I'd be an asshole."?

  19. And lastly, me in front of my most visited place in high school; the Dean's office.

  20. She purrs so loud and melts my heart. She bit me in the face about 10 seconds after the video stopped… https://t.co/ZWbjsTD3ur

  21. I am coming out of hiding for a moment. I really hope they take their time to work out Shamy's issues, even if that means they are broken up for a few episodes. As far as Sheldon proposing, I just don't know how I feel about it. It came out of the blue. I hope they save that for a while.
  22. Goodnight, little Mogwai. I can't move my arm, but that's okay because you look so cute.… https://t.co/l2oUrTEzcS

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