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  1. RT @FemalePains: Caitlyn Jenner: I'm gonna spell it with a C. Kris Jenner: ... http://t.co/jkT6KO3dA4

  2. I mean... just gorgeous

  3. And just like that, bye bye Critics Choice Awards. So sick of Alison Janney.

  4. Dashboard Confessional in Miami next weekend. It's going to be a longgggggg week!

  5. Finally friends. Chloe has put up with so much crap from Mogi and has been the sweetest girl because… https://t.co/DQRZS0kpzS

  6. Much better, little Mogi.

  7. Mogwai aka "Mogi" eating her first dinner. Happy baby. ☺️ #kitten #catsofinstagram #baby #rescuehttps://t.co/nIoh4BuNdl

  8. I realize my last #selfie took away from the awesomeness of my lipgloss. #unfiltered #UrbanDecay https://t.co/ORgE30l1bB

  9. Is this real life

  10. RT @NOTSportsCenter: The NFLPA has appealed Tom Brady's 4 game suspension, saying that punishing the Patriots or Brady in any way is clearl…

  11. I love this way too much. She's an asshole. https://t.co/Xakz3rSltv

  12. Why does Anne Hathaway look photoshopped into this picture?

  13. The Raj/Emily and Howard/Bernie plots will be a complete surprise for me

  14. RT @girlposts: this was a much better fight http://t.co/YXqDfXmJaK

  15. The finished product. Using my new #LoveInParis #NYX eyeshadow palette. AMAZING. #makeup #fotdhttps://t.co/hcxqtJMQtn

  16. RT @FemalePains: When you check to see if bae is still mad at you http://t.co/PGRGn0rV9a

  17. The cuteness... I'm dying

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