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  1. Always stronger

  2. Rolling my eyes into the back of my head. People are so offended by every damn thing. https://t.co/NliQ9s5G19

  3. Girls in their 20's acting like they're in high school... I do not understand it.

  4. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. Feeling okay today! Now to deal with the insurance company.

  5. RIP car. You couldn't compete with an F350 driving over the top of you. Thankfully it wasn't my mustang!!! http://t.co/NjztOLwWDT

  6. RT @WomensHumor: Why do I wake up tired and go to bed wide awake?

  7. RT @TheFunnyTeens: my tweet wasnt about u... but if the shoe fits then lace that bitch up and wear it

  8. I want to see a kiss or I'm strapping myself to the seat and refusing to leave the taping
  9. Also, selfishness is the most disgusting trait that one can exhibit and shows a true character flaw. This has been a PSA.

  10. Chloe's insides

  11. RT @ThatsSarcasm: do u ever just wanna choke a bitch

  12. “@SHERjohnLOCK: this is disgusting http://t.co/rCi63FV4Sh” this bitch needs a foot up her ass

  13. RT @WomensHumor: If you believe you can go in the bouncy castle, then you CAN go in the bouncy castle.

  14. RT @etnow: OMG! @MarthaStewart is AMAZING right now. She's slaying on #BieberRoast. http://t.co/viZJxHdqSb

  15. RT @TheTweetOfGod: "Scientology" is a combination of "scient-," meaning "science," and "-ology," meaning "science." And it just gets stupid…

  16. RT @FunnyVines: I gotta log off after seeing this.. http://t.co/LmcZ8P5GLI

  17. Obama is coming to down for the weekend... awesome.

  18. RT @billprady: Question: Can Jews in Indiana refuse to serve customers whose clothing mixes linen and wool? (Lev. 19:19)

  19. RT @BuzzFeed: 26 “The Office” Quotes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time http://t.co/QX5rRHZMRn http://t.co/NdJmoqpgrp

  20. RT @THR: Uber Responds Faster Than Ambulances in NYC: Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Solution (Video) http://t.co/5Ui7OUANzC http://t.co/noolEXqX1s

  21. RT @ComedyPosts: I have to be successful because I love expensive shit

  22. “@ThatsSarcasm: when your mascara is $23 there's no time for crying” I relate to this on an extremely deep level

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