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  1. OMG OK I was not expecting that ... And I also want to kill Ramona but well, that's not the point here. Did I just dream or what (Hello alllll )
  2. Hello everyone, beem a really long time since I posted on the forum, hope you guys are doing great. I have been spoiler free for almost all season 10 so I am really excited about the finale. 9 minutes before it starts ! Oh and is that just me or the chat disappeared? See you later
  3. I'm team Sheldon since this season. The writers are one year too late to make Amy's character react this way.
  4. I don't think they're going to be together again before season 10 (unfortunately) :-(
  5. I'm not talking only about Shamy but about the entire show, even if of course, my first thoughts are going for this couple I shipped for years. And yeah well, they are going to do with Shamy what they've done with Lenny for years ... I'm a huge fan of drama, but for a show like BBT, drama shouldn't be the main way to make things moving forward. Once again, this break-up thing, the way Sheldon reacts with Amy, everything is one year too late. Maybe you're satisfied to see how things are evolving right now, I just can't be happy about how things are becoming way OOC ... But no offense Phanta, we are here for a long time now, and I understand your pov ... Maybe I'm just done with this show since the last episodes of the season 8 (that disappointed me a lot already) and I have difficulties to just leave. Probably next year Hahaha, no dirty things, I promise
  6. Dirty, dirty, dirty Really guys, I don't know what to think or to expect for Shamy this season, I wish I would be able to use a tardis just to rewrite the first script of this season myself And I don't understand how some of you can be satisfied of waiting for a happy ending, knowing that in-between, there are ~ 40 episodes to go before the end of this show. Can't you see that the writers don't seem to know where they are going anymore with our favorite characters?
  7. OK I'm really confused ... I wasn't expecting that at all for a premiere. I do think the break-up part is coming too late in the show, it would have been logical at the start of season 8, when Sheldon left for more than one month. Amy was pissed at him and she has forgiven him a bit too fast. But since, they exchanged so much that I'm feeling sad that things are going that way now. What the heck Stuart is expecting telling Amy to find another guy, is he still interested by her or is it just a friendly advice? I really don't know what to think right now ...
  8. I started to write fanfics 15 years ago, I think it was a way for me to write missing scenes - I'd have loved to see - in my fav TV show (Buffy) Few years after, I started to write poetry, and I even tried to write a book but I gave up after few pages. I was reading lots of books when I was a kid, I think I always loved how easy it can be to picture how characters may look like ect
  9. I'm not surprised to read your reactions here and there, to me, it was a really good episode. I loved the Shenny part and it can be weird coming from a strong Shamy shipper, things are clear now, Shenny exists as friends not as a couple. The writers seems to give a reminder to people who forgot that nothing will ever happen between Sheldon and Penny. They are both now commited in their relationship. It doesn't mean that they can't be close friends. i'm impressed to see how Sheldon grew up this season, he opens up a bit more each episode and I love him that way. So, no problem for me with the Shenny plot till they are both on the same page: brother and sister = ok for me. Loved the first scene with Shamy, they seem so comfy together now, they're not afraid to express how they feel about each other and they even flirt even in front of the group. Strong couple, love how they evolve together too :-) Also loved the Zombie puzzle thing and the scenes with Bernie and Howard. I laughed a lot and I realize that being unspoiled for these kinds of episode is the best way to actually enjoy them and be surprised. I love the show and as a Shamy shipper, I'm gonna be patient and see what the writers planned. I'm ready to be surprised
  10. OMG guys, this is way too much for me ... I need the new episodes like NOW ... and I need dirty Shamy asap ! Thx
  11. I just watched it and I do get why she's upset ... but I think you're right, she shouldn't involve herself in big things like this. She has the right to say she disagree, but make an entire article about it, it's a bit much.
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