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  1. Its in the video from the Paley centre. It was in a play a long time ago from what I can gather, I'm not sure which part it's in though m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6-orkCEyjdrVTHhiepWDTaKmqCqebhpQ ^its the beginning of part 3
  2. I'm not going to lie I just want to see Jim do an onscreen sex scene. I don't think it's something he would be new to, I have a feeling he's probably done one on stage, I only say because he mentioned being nude on stage once, although I may have misinterpreted that!
  3. I take it Melissa can't take part this year? That is a shame. Still looking forward to seeing Jim!
  4. Oh I'm sure plenty of women have kissed him on the lips in the past, just not anymore unlucky for us
  5. This is why I watch the Big Bang Theory does he know what he's doing to us?!!
  6. This is absolutely hilarious I absolutely love Jim. He's brilliant
  7. I'm not really sure taking a selfie is difficult, don't think it involves a lot of skill
  8. I personally don't think she should return, I don't really like the character I don't think she's well written as a girlfriend for Raj. I don't think Amy is that well written either though, she is far too pliable to whatever Sheldon wants. The only one who really works that has been written in is Bernadette, she compliments Howard well
  9. A) you don't know they're the same person for certain and you both sound suspiciously like the same person. There's nothing wrong with asking about religion either way and there's no need to jump down their throat.
  10. I don't actually know about his religion to be honest. Carlos, a lot of the questions asked on here and things discussed aren't related to the show. These forums are also for fans of the actors/actresses not just the show.
  11. Yes I think so he's talking about how much he knows about biology and then starts fiddling around in his pants..so I imagine that was going through her head!
  12. Aw that's brilliant, so happy for them!
  13. Aw it's Todd's birthday today, he's 37. Wonder how they will be celebrating?
  14. I'm sure he is, but this sort of thing gets out of hand in the end, and stories like this end up on the front of tabloids, which whether Jim and Mayim have done anything or not, will be humiliating for all of them, but especially Todd
  15. That's awful how is Todd supposed to feel about the whole "Majim" thing? It must be so uncomfortable for him
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