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  1. I think it was awesome in the latest episode He sang with great feeling and dynamics. I think when big bang theory finally hangs up, they should end with a song like this. What do you guys think ?
  2. Hello everyone, Isn't this show too much about characters now and less about jokes. For example directors try too hard to show that Sheldon despite his peculiar personality cares for his friends. Ok I get it, no need to drum it to my head all the time. I mean the episode where Sheldon helps Raj when he has lost his job is a subtle nice way to show that he cares for his friend, but lately directors are trying too hard to show that Sheldon misses leonard. The point is the characters are developed a lot now, and to be honest the last few episodes have done nothing for their further development. So I think directors must take a break from character development and concentrate on creating some funny situations and concentrating more on old plain good jokes. This is not saying not to develop the characters, but they are already developed a lot no need to concentrate on them too much. Others would have difffent views, just sharing my thoughts. Thanks
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