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  1. They are unique because the physical aspect of their relationship is not a big factor for now.  It's almost like watching two (very intelligent) 12-year-olds roam about that aren't really sure what to do with themselves.  You see the love there, but in a different way than by them sleeping together, holding hands all the time, etc.  As Sheldon said, it may not seem like it, but what they have is extremely intimate, regardless of how many kisses they share or how many times they have physical contact.  He's just not ready for that yet.  Amy adores him so much that she is willing to wait for him.  I find that to be quite lovely.

  2. well, it didn't bother me but I can see how some of you wouldn't like it.


    Anyway, hopefully the writers will get a hint like they did with Amy's remarks regarding Penny and they will stop it.

    I thought it was hilarious!  Since the audience laughed, I'm guessing they agreed.  I can see why some people wouldn't like it, but I'm glad I'm able to still laugh at most of the jokes in this series. 


    P.S. If any of you talk to this Marina character, tell her the next time she calls me a "fucking asshole" and a "piece of shit" that she will not only have to answer to me, but she will have to answer to my *gasp* wife as well.  :dancer:

  3. I don't know if its the writers timing or Mayim's delivery, but the line about they will have sex before Sheldon and I was so funny.. and honestly, when I read the taping report, I thought "not again"!! But it really didn't sound annoying or desperate ..it just was to laugh for!!!

    This is why there is no point getting agitated over taping reports!


  4. Wow I thought a week off from new episodes would be easy, when you think about how long you have to wait in the summer, but boy was it difficult. But we are finally here. Can't wait to start talking about new episodes again tonight. :)



    Also yay 100th post!!!

    Congrats on your 100th post!

  5. BACK OFF, BOWTIE!  This was a great episode all around.  I get why some people didn't take a liking to the "Penny can't use a glue gun" story, but I found the physical aspect of it hilarious!


    More of Raj in his Koothrapanties thrusting his hips with that light saber belt buckle, please!


    When Amy made the revelation that Raj and Howard were to have sex before her and Sheldon do was so funny! Especially since Howie's own wife didn't seem to disagree with the statement.  That bromance is so amazin'.

  6. My favoruite scene with Sheldon was when he demonstrated that he had mastered the "Big 3" social skills.  There's the coy smile (ADORABLE!) and Amy's reaction to it, the friendly chuckle (cracks me up every time), and the vocalization of sympathy, "Awwwwww" that was so robotic and hilarious.


    My favourite line by Amy was in Penny's apartment "They're gonna have sex before Sheldon and I do. I KNEW IT!"

  7. Everyone calm yo tits.

    It's too fun and easy to get under some folks skin around here.    :dancer:

    Whoa whoa whoa. Let's not bring Texas into this. Y'all need to slow your horses. It was a just a playful gesture and nothing more. To me it was cute and not demeaning in any way. It was not malicious nor was there any intent to harm behind it.

    Amy was hardly submissive. She had just demanded Sheldon apologize and he did it with no questions asked. That's a big deal. Drunk or not. Then he playfully smacks her butt and asks for a beer. How could you blame her for liking it? To me, in that scene (and the whole episode), she's wearing the pants and calling the shots. That's not submissive at all.

    Yes, but some people take it VERY seriously when a guy such as Sheldon slaps a bum such as Amy's.  The world is getting dumber because of it too.  It's a tragedy all around really.

  8. Or have them fetch one for you. It depends on who is headed to the kitchen.


    Or whose leg is broken.


    Frame in the form of a request and then say please.


    You aren't drunk Sheldon.

    Nah, I fetch my own beers.  I'm a feminist.  Making my wife fetch me a beer is just plain rude.


    Because it's classic misogynism and sexism and a shockingly high number of people have absolutely no issue with it whatsoever.


    It's a "what is the world coming to?" kind of thing.

    It's supposed to be a joke though.  Just because you don't find it funny doesn't mean others won't.  Some people have a broad sense of humour, others don't.  And just because we find it funny doesn't make us "in the wrong" or whatever.



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