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  1. Does Sheldon talk like that in the real world? I don't know if I'd believe that one or not.
  2. *sings* Sha-la-la-la-la-la my, oh, my! Look like the boy too shy, he ain't gonna kiss the girl...
  3. Howie and Bernie are my favourite couple! I was so sad when I joined the forum and didn't see a thread dedicated to them. Thank you for starting this
  4. *sings* "And he'd probably still live with his mum."
  5. I called him djpessimist because when you read the tone of the thread it's all find and dandy until you read his post. I said it with a smile on my face in jest, so I suggest you stop taking it so seriously.
  6. Just watched this epi again, and it may be my new favourite of the season. There's just too many positive feels going on!
  7. I think Penny keeping the test was supposed to be odd because it was supposed to be funny. After all, she hasn't kept ALL of them!
  8. Lighten up, will ya? It's all in jest! Keep the spirits up on this thread
  9. The episode was so good I don't even care what djpessimist says! SUCH. A. GOOD. EPISODE!!!
  10. To all of those who were spoiled and complained that this scene wouldn't be enough, blah blah blah... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  11. I love that after Sheldon says "...cuz all I can think about is how I want to kiss you..." you hear an audience member go "WHAT"
  12. That was almost as sweet as the song!
  13. I cried! I had no idea a Howie song could be so sweet and moving.
  14. I got a bit misty-eyed during Howie's song to Bernadette. Lenny was awesome. Shamy was awesome. Raj was awesome. I'm going to go cuddle now.
  15. It's finally Thursday! Ecstatic about tonight's epi =)
  16. I thought Kaley/Penny said "emzyme" and not "enzyme," but maybe I heard wrong.
  17. Besides the amazin' monkey scene with Sheldon in Amy's lab, I think my next favorite quirky Sheldon moment is in the scavenger epi when him and Penny are together and she comes across the map coordinates behind the poster. It's very quick, but his face when he memorizes those numbers was spot on, because that's exactly how AdorkablyMe looks when she memorizes long numbers! It's hilarious
  18. Only on the whiteboards! Absobloodylutely
  19. Silly me, I must've cracked a fruity and forgotten that just because the term "neuroscience" has the word "science" in it doesn't actually mean it's science. The word "science" has lost its meaning to me now. Is it even a word? Science, science, science...
  20. Oh, did you miss the entire bit with Dr. Fowler and her experiment with the monkeys, too?
  21. Dr. Fowler is awesome! I'm one of those that has liked her character since the start. I do remember at one point last season yelling at the television screen for her to "grow a pair of metaphorical balls already!" But she's just so amazin' that the feeling didn't last long for me. Definitely loved when she called Sheldon a "jerk" this season. That's love, that is
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